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How to Stop a Vizsla Dogs Nail from Bleeding

All animals need proper care so that they have a happy and comfortable life. The Vizsla dog breed is no exception, and although it is not an animal that requires great care, it is essential to provide it with the necessary care so that it has an excellent quality of life. 

how to stop a vizsla dogs nail from bleeding
How to Stop a Vizsla Dogs Nail from Bleeding

Like many other dogs of different breeds, these canines have a problem, bleeding from the nail. Generally, these animals’ nails do not require much care, unlike their coat maintenance or grooming. However, incorrectly cutting their nails can cause them to break or become damaged. 

The Importance of Cutting the Nails of Our Vizslas 

Grooming is an essential aspect that we must properly provide our pets, whether bathing them, brushing their fur, or cutting their nails. 

Many people think that it is unnecessary to cut dogs’ claws, but they are totally wrong. Long nails in dogs, especially Vizslas, can represent an awkward situation when doing hunting activities or just walking. Besides that, it is something that does not look good in terms of its appearance. 

Caring for the claws of these canines will help keep their paws healthy and pain-free. One of the most common mistakes dog owners make is cutting their nails too short. For that reason, you must know the ways to stop the bleeding of your Vizsla dog’s nails

How to Stop a Vizsla Dog’s Nail from Bleeding 

Staying Calm is the Key 

Most people do not know what is internally in dog nails. That is the main reason why the claws of these animals often bleed when they are improperly cut.  

The center of each claw contains blood vessels and nerves, which, when cut, cause bleeding and great pain for our Vizslas

As owners, we must remain calm in these situations so that our pets do not get upset and thus avoid panic. The bleeding may probably be heavy, but there is nothing to worry about it. 

Styptic Powder to Stop a Dog’s Nail from Bleeding 

It is widely used in these cases, and it is very efficient in stopping a nail from bleeding. Applying this substance to the affected area will help relieve the pain that your Vizsla may be feeling thanks to its function as a topical anesthetic. That’s because the styptic powder contains benzocaine. 

It should be noted that this substance is not only useful in calming pain but also in stopping bleeding, and this is mostly due to its content of ferric subsulfate. This powder helps to properly clot the blood, thus preventing the attack of bacteria. 

You have to apply the styptic powder carefully for a few minutes on the wound using a soft applicator, such as a swab. It is recommended that you do this until the bleeding stops. 

There are also styptic pencils which you can buy in most pharmacies. These products are special to stop your Vizsla dog’s nails from bleeding. Using a styptic pencil is very simple since you just have to dip its tip in clean water and then apply it by rotating it through the cut of your Vizsla’s nail. 

You may feel that you are not ready to stop the bleeding. In that case, take your Vizsla to a vet, and he will take care of correctly applying the styptic powder on your pet’s broken nail. In fact, these specialists have professional tools that are usually more effective. 

Home Remedies Also Help to Stop Your Vizsla Dog’s Nails from Bleeding 

People widely use this method since not all of them have the possibility of acquiring styptic powder or a styptic pencil. The use of products such as baking soda, flour, cornstarch, or sodium effectively stops bleeding. All you have to do is completely cover your Vizsla’s cut nail with one of them and then apply light pressure. 

Once you’ve applied some baking soda, or any of the products mentioned above, to your pet’s claw, check to see that the bleeding has stopped. In case that does not happen, you must repeat the process for a few minutes until the wound stops bleeding. 

The Application of a Bar of Soap is a Good Option 

Using a bar of soap represents a more basic but no less effective method. All people have soap in their homes, so many of them can carry out this process. 

Before using the soap bar on your dog’s affected nail, it is essential that you get it for the necessary time until it softens. That will allow you to easily position the claw of your Vizsla on the bar and quickly push it to embed it in the soft soap. That way, you can apply pressure for several minutes (about 5 minutes). 

You don’t need to use the entire bar of soap. Only a piece that is the necessary size for your pet’s nail is enough. 

A pet owner trimming Vizsla dogs nail
A pet owner trimming Vizsla dog’s nail

Take Your Vizsla to the Vet 

You may not feel able to treat your dog’s nail bleeding yourself, or you just tried some of the methods mentioned above, and they didn’t work. In either case, go to the vet so that he takes care of everything. 

The vet is a specialist who is used to this type of situation. He will evaluate the severity of the bleeding caused by the nail’s bad cut and determine the best method for its healing. Generally, they use more advanced and effective ways, such as the use of styptic powder. 

When trying to stop the bleeding from your Vizsla’s nail, it is most advisable that the pet remains rest for 20 or 30 minutes after applying the treatment. However, we know that Vizlas are very energetic dogs that cannot stay calm for a moment. An excellent way to prevent this from happening is by giving your pet its favorite toys to keep them entertained while the necessary time passes. 

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