Clothes For Pugs and Accessories: Canine Passion For Fashion

Happened to own a wrinkle-faced pal? Then you must’ve already purchased some Pug outfits for dogs like sweaters, hoodies, as well as raincoats to keep your fur baby nice, warm, and dry. A Pug is one of the short-haired breeds in the canine world. Therefore it, by all means, needs to stay warm during colder months. And that’s where clothes for Pugs and accessories come in handy. A lot of pet stores like Petsmart and Petco sell cute canine outfits, but they don’t always have the best selection.

Besides, shopping in person may not be too safe since the global COVID-19 pandemic took our world by storm and caused a lot of damage. That’s where online shopping comes into play, from the safety of your home. Let’s take a look at one of the most popular shopping websites and see what they can offer for your beloved flat-faced pal. 

clothes for pugs and accessories
Clothes for Pugs and Accessories

Clothes For Pugs and Accessories

  • Gooby Fleece Vest Dog Sweater: This extremely warm and cozy Pug sweater features a convenient pull-over design, plushy fleece texture, and a leash attachment right on the back. Your pooch will surely love how it feels up against its skin and texture is super important when it comes to wrinkled buds as their derma is very sensitive. It is water-repellent to keep your pooch dry during snowstorms and its ability to retain heat is outstanding! It comes in a variety of sizes from XS to XL, depending on your dog’s chest circumference. If you look at the picture of the chart with measurements, you will see that a Pug falls into the L-size category. However, don’t solely rely on the chart. Instead, physically measure your bud to see what size might fit it best. In case a Pug is under or overweight, a pet parent needs to know exactly what size is going to suit his/her fluffy companion.
  • Haokoo Dog Life Jacket Vest: got a Pug who loves water? Then this life vest is your go-to item to have fun in the sun stress-free. You can easily put this item on your practical clothes for Pugs and accessories wishlist. No more worrying about your precious bundle of joy if it swims too far. This colorful vest will not only help prevent canine drowning but also aid in spotting a furry swimmer in the water. It comes in a variety of patterns and sizes to suit any picky mutt. It is made of nylon and is pretty sturdy to prevent rips/tears. It has mesh parts to help a pooch dry quicker on land while providing excellent ventilation on hot days. An owner has to measure his/her wrinkle hound’s chest to select a perfect jacket that fits like a glove. Even after it gets delivered and you discover it is smaller than expected, the vest has adjustable buckles to expand itself for a proper fit.
  • Fitwarm Tie Dye Dog Hoodie: one of the highest-rated Amazon Pug hoodies for dogs! This stylish and cute canine sweatshirt will be able to keep your bundle of joy toasty warm as well as extremely fashionable! Your Pug will be the envy of any dog park it attends for sure! It is made of 100% cotton, which is a great choice for a Pug’s sensitive skin. It is very durable while being easy to wear. Just pull it over your fur baby’s head and stretch all the way to the back. According to the measurements chart, a Pug will be happy with an L. Yet, it is highly recommended by a manufacturer to take correct measurements and go by your dog’s real size. Some pooches might be a little more obese (and with Pugs, it is a common occurrence since they love food). In between sizes? Go up then. What is cool also about this hoodie is that it is cut in the front a little higher, therefore making it easier for a pup to go potty. As far as colors: you can choose from blue, azure blue (which is almost like turquoise, my favorite color), black, and red. 
  • PawPawify No-Pull Personalized Dog Harness: for all of those stubborn pals on the go who want to have it their way. This training tool allows an owner to have an enjoyable walking experience with his/her dog and to take full control of the situation. If your four-legged is known to be a puller, this harness will change things up a little while not choking or hurting a puppy in any other way. Comes in a wide array of sizes from an XS to an XXL and can be customized by putting your bud’s name as well as your phone number on a patch attached right to the harness. So even if a little mischief decides to take off for a solo adventure, it will hopefully be reunited with its parents in no time! You will have 13 color options to choose from, which is very convenient and accommodating. Not only that, all the shades are divided into 3 series: classic, camouflage, and pattern. Hence every pet parent can choose the one that is the most appealing to him/her.
  • Oakzip Pet Car Booster Seat: in case you are traveling with your pet a lot, this dog carrier is a must to have! It comes with a headrest strap to prevent this seat from moving around as well as two pet seatbelts for added protection while on the road. The carrier is completely foldable, compact, and made out of high-quality PVC for easy cleaning. It is a perfect size for one pooch, yet it can fit up to two small furry creatures! It all depends on the breed: mutts like Chihuahuas and Pugs can get away with riding together. Taken they are not overweight and get along well. An owner can choose between 3 color options: a paw print, a grey one, and a pink one. It even has a front storage pocket to carry poopy bags or some of your baby’s favorite snacks.
  • Winsee Collapsible Dog Bowls: another great travel Pug accessory you won’t regret purchasing. Comes in sizes S and L to fit any dog breed and even has an attached non-slip tray under the bowls for those messy eaters. By the way, Pugs fit right in when it comes to making a mess. As far as colors are concerned, you can choose between grey, black, blue and pink. 
pug clothes and accessories
Pug Clothes and Accessories


Whichever clothes for Pugs and accessories you choose from the list provided, you won’t regret your decision to invest in your furry companion. All these items are highly rated by other Amazon buyers and come in handy on your fun journey together, wherever life takes you. Just remember to always check a pal’s sizing to make sure you are getting the right kind of product. Even if you are not fully satisfied, Amazon has a free return policy for most things you buy there.

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