Chihuahua’s Front Leg Problems: Learn About 4 Limb Issues Tiny Dogs Suffer From And Ways to Prevent Them

If you own a Chihuahua you might know a thing or two about Chihuahua’s front leg problems as they have a very fragile, tiny skeleton. Sometimes they can be either doing damage to their legs themselves unknowingly (through high-jumping and wild running) or while playing with their human and/or canine siblings. It is true about any pooch, but the toy breed dogs are more susceptible to bone injuries than their larger counterparts. “What Chihuahua’s leg problems can be pointed out in particular?” you may be asking. We will get to it shortly as well as to reasons and injury prevention tips any owner can take into consideration while raising his/her tiny friend. Let’s get to it now! 

chihuahuas front leg problems
Chihuahua’s Front Leg Problems: Learn About It

Why Do Chihuahuas Get Leg Problems?

All toy breeds are susceptible to various skeletal issues, including fragile leg bones. Those are so tiny, that they can be broken easily by accident while a Chihuahua pooch is frolicking outside with you or other canine buddies. They just cannot estimate their strength sometimes and “jump higher than their head” so to speak, causing traumas. 

Also, some of the problems with limbs might be because toy breeds are born predisposed to issues like hip dysplasia, spinal disc problems, and Patellar Luxation. Those get transferred from generation to generation and one of the ways to fight it is to crossbreed little canine species with a healthier and or/larger breed. Now, let’s discuss the Chihuahua’s front leg problems in detail.

Chihuahua’s Front Leg Problems

Tiny Skeletal Makeup

Chihuahua’s front leg problems stem from the fact that this breed’s bones are very fragile and therefore get injured and/or broken easily. It is important to exercise caution while being around a little pal like that whom you can hurt unknowingly by accidentally hitting it the wrong way and/or stepping on its paw while it is lying there chilling.

Intervertebral Disc Disease

Intervertebral discs are cushioning support for the vertebrae (small bones that make up a dog’s/human’s spine), helping it perform its daily functions correctly. If even one of those discs is damaged, it can lead to very serious back, as well as leg problems, including paralysis. 

Patellar Luxation

A condition where a dog’s knee cap gets displaced because of a wrong move and sometimes it cannot be put back by itself, requiring surgery. There are four stages to this issue, with one being the less serious and the fourth being the most serious where only healthcare professionals can help slide the cap back into its spot. 


You have probably heard that dogs get the same ailments as people do, and arthritis is not an exception to the rule. It is a disease where cartilage deterioration leads to joints getting worn out, making it very painful to walk, jump, and run. This deterioration happens because of a dog’s old age, peculiar skeletal form (particularly in toy breeds), disease, or excessive physical activity during the day (dog parks, daycare, etc.). 

If your pooch is suffering from arthritis, you will see certain signs such as limping, whining, weight loss, and irritability.

Are there any Chihuahua front leg problem prevention tips for any dog owner to learn to help his/her suffering bud?

  • Keep a Pet’s Physical Activity to a Minimum. Toy and small designer-breed dogs do not need vigorous physical activity during the day. Just a few potty walks and a short playtime is sufficient. It is probably not a very good idea to drop a Chihuahua pooch off at a daycare or a dog park since it can easily be hurt by larger breeds. 
  •  Assist Your Pooch in Getting Up. It is better to help a tiny pet get up on a couch with you or on the bed: just pick it up if you see that it wants to join you. This may keep its joints healthy and safe for years to come.
  • Keep Your Chihuahua from Playing with Bigger Canine Breeds. Does your pal like playdates? If so, you can arrange those, but only with breeds that are his/her size. For example, let a Chihuahua play with Yorkies, Shih-Tzus, and Pugs to keep the injury level to a minimum. 
chihuahuas front leg problems
Chihuahua’s Front Leg Problems


We have just covered the main Chihuahua’s front leg problems, their reasons as well as how to prevent any bone issues from surfacing in the first place. Remember, you own a toy breed, which is a challenge in itself since those pooches have such delicate frames. Besides following the tips listed here, you can always turn to your vet for any additional piece of advice on how to care for a mutt’s limbs properly to avoid traumas. 


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