Cane Corso and Poodle Mix: A Complete Guide

Cane Corsos and Poodles are distinctly different dog breeds. You have the regal Poodle with a history of water retrieving, hypo-allergenic hair (not fur), and a pretty calm personality.

Then you have the Cane Corso which are excellent guard dogs, fiercely protective, and eager to please their owners. 

cane corso and poodle mix
Cane Corso and Poodle Mix: A Complete Guide

When you mix these dogs, you get something known as a Canoodle. Due to their distinctly different personalities and lack of breed standards for this mix, you never are quite sure what you are going to get out of this mix.

They have similarities such as intelligence and loyalty that all the offspring share, but otherwise, you may be in for a surprise by what you get. 

Read on to find out more about these unique mixed dogs, the Canoodle, as well as the Cane Corso, and the Poodle.

Cane Corso, Poodle, and the Canoodle Comparison Table

 Cane CorsoCanoodlePoodle
Height23.5-27.5 inches20-25 inches>15 inches
Weight88-110 pounds80-100 pounds40-70 pounds
Life Expectancy9-12 years9-13 years10-18 years
ColorsBlack Fawn Gray Red Black brindle Chestnut brindle Gray brindleBlack Brown Gray RedApricot Black Blue Brown Gray Red Silver Silver Beige White
Coat TypeSmooth, double coat Short lengthCurly Can be medium to long lengthCurly Long length
Affection levelsPretty affectionate Average playfulnessPretty affectionate Pretty playfulVery affectionate Very playful
Shedding LevelLess sheddingLittle sheddingLittle shedding
TemperamentVery protectiveVery protectiveVery protective
Health IssuesBloat Hip dysplasia Elbow dysplasia Heart conditions Eye disorders Demodex mangeBloat Hip dysplasia Eye disorders Demodex mange Thyroid issuesHip dysplasia Eye disorders Gastric Dilation
TrainabilityPretty easy to trainVery easy to trainVery easy to train
ExercisePretty high energyPretty high energyPretty high energy
Friendliness to PeopleAlright with strangersCan be friendly with strangersVery friendly with strangers
Friendliness to DogsAlright with other dogsAlright with other dogsAlright with other dogs
Drooling LevelsAverage droolingLess droolingNo drooling
Mental StimulationAverage mental stimulationHigher mental stimulationVery high mental stimulation
Barking LevelAverage barkingAverage barkingPretty vocal
Cane Corso, Poodle, and the Canoodle Comparison Table

About Cane Corso

Cane Corso is a type of Mastiff. Many Mastiff breeds need a lot of exercise but tend to be on the lazier side and don’t have a lot of motivation. Cane Corsos are much different.

They are eager to run around and are highly intelligent. They can handle almost any task given to them and excel in competitions to do with agility and obedience. 

Throughout history, they have been known to be excellent guards and watchdogs. They can be very territorial and loyal, so they could be trusted to protect almost any home.

They have also been used during wars, as farming dogs, and even as hunters, so you can see these dogs really can handle anything thrown their way. 

However, that doesn’t mean they are an easy dog for first-time dog owners. They need a person who can stay an alpha without resorting to violence.

If they sense fear from their owners, they tend to try and push the boundaries, becoming disobedient and making a play for the top dog themselves. 

They also need a lot of training and socialization at an early age to prevent them from becoming too protective or aggressive with other people or dogs.

However, their loyalty to their family means you rarely ever have to worry about them harming family members. Even with their large size, they are gentle and careful around children. 

With their size and exercise requirements, they don’t do well in apartments or small housing. Like most large dogs, they do best with having a large yard that is fenced so they can roam around and watch their territory.

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About Poodles

When people think of poodles, they often imagine the tiny dogs toted around in purses by the rich and famous. While this is not wrong, the standard Poodle is much larger than people think and is the national dog of France.

The Poodle is a working type of dog, being bred and trained for retrieving game fowl on a hunt out in the wilderness.

They are particularly good at retrieving waterfowl such as ducks and mallards thanks to their long, curly coat of fur that protects them from inclement weather and sheds water surprisingly well.

That being said, most owners opt to trim the coat to a shorter sporting length to not inhibit this deceptively intelligent dog and its superb swimming skills.

Poodles of any size are no pushovers despite their coddled and helpless image springing from their toy poodle stereotype. The miniature and toy poodles were not bred until the early 20th century so that they might better fit a bustling city life.

These are excellent family dogs with little training as they are eager to please and full of love for their human family, even being sensitive playmates for small children.

Care must be taken, however, to prevent them from developing undesirable barking habits as they are sometimes known for.

About The Canoodle Dog Mix

There isn’t much known about a Canoodle. There have only been a few generations of them ever recorded, and not nearly enough to have a standard idea of what to expect from a mixed breed such as this.

They tend to be large dogs, though they don’t often get quite as big as their Cane Corso parent. They tend to be mostly one solid color, with maybe a different muzzle or chest patch, but they can come in almost any color imaginable for a dog. 

What we do know is that these dogs are very intelligent. They will likely need a lot of mental stimulation and physical exercise, no matter which parent they take after more.

They are likely to also be protective and need some socialization and training to know when it is good to be protective and when they can relax. 

However, they are loving and gentle with their own families and take great pains to not ever hurt them, even children that may be much smaller and could easily be hurt by being stepped on or knocked over normally. 

Part of the fun with mixed breeds such as a Canoodle is their personalities. Because they have such different parents, each one will have a distinct and unique personality that makes them a joy to watch grow and learn. 

Are Canoodles Hypoallergenic?

Until they are born, there is no easy way to tell if Canoodles will be hypoallergenic. It depends on the parent they physically take after the most.

If they have the thick, curly hair of their poodle parent, then they can be hypoallergenic. However, if they have fur that more traditionally matches that of a Cane Corso, they will not be. 

When looking at Poodle mixes, it seems that a vast majority of them will take after them with hypoallergenic tendencies, but it isn’t always guaranteed. 

cane corso and poodle mix
Cane Corso and Poodle Mix


There isn’t much known about Canoodles, but if we can tell anything from their parents, they are likely to be intelligent, great when given a task, fiercely loyal, and loving family dogs. 

Though socialization and training for these dogs are necessary, they should make excellent dogs for anyone who wants them and can handle their large size. 

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