Do Pugs Shed? 

Pugs are small and very adorable dogs. They are considered excellent pets as playmates, in addition to being too affectionate with the people around them. 

do pugs shed
Do Pugs Shed?

This breed is ancient. China bred these dogs for reasons of service to the elite, but their origin dates back to Tibetan monasteries, being loyal companions of the Buddhist monks who lived there.  

The temperament of pug dogs is mischievous and playful. Many families love having this type of dog breed because they are perfect for living with their children as well as having a very funny personality that will make you laugh and feel tenderness.  

These canines are not difficult to care for, but you have to take into account many things if you are going to acquire one. They often have respiratory problems due to their flat, protruding nose and face. They even suffer from problems like dry eye and ulcers on their corneas. 

However, the most significant disadvantage that pugs have is big hair loss. 

Black Pug dog shedding
Black Pug dog shedding

Do Pugs Shed? 

Pug dogs have problems with their fur. This breed has smooth and short hair. At first glance, it does not seem to cause problems, but that is not the case. Its coat usually sheds many hairs with a simple caress. 

There is a reason why pugs tend to shed a lot more than other dog breeds. Mainly because these animals have a double coat, but not all dogs of this lineage have it. There are some pugs that have a single layer and do not have the same problems with hair loss. 

In contrast, pugs that have a double coat in their fur are the most likely to shed, but this thick fur also keeps them warm in low temperatures. This layer consists of first having a coat with soft hair and then a short and thick hair coat (sometimes this layer is rougher than the first).  

It should be noted that these layers protect your pug a lot, but they double the amount of dog’s hair, and therefore the hair loss is even greater, especially in shedding seasons.  

Not all pugs are created equal. Each one is independent of the others. There are times when your double-layered pug is not going to shed as much fur as someone else’s pug as that depends on your dog’s body.  

They have delicate skin, but their care is not so required if you bathe and brush them at least once or twice a month. Of course, brushing will not stop hair loss, but it can control it. 

Some other possible causes for your pug’s hair loss are: 

  • Allergies with a seriously high level 
  • Alopecia X 
  • Scabies 
  • Thyroid problems 
  • Hormonal problems and imbalances 

If your pug has atrocious hair loss, it is recommended that you take it to a professional veterinarian as it may be suffering from some of these causes or a possible disease. 

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