Can You Run With a Chihuahua? Here is an Answer

Chihuahuas are tiny dogs that do not really have a reputation for being very athletic. For that reason, many people are unsure as to whether a Chihuahua will make a good running partner for them. We asked our experts whether they believed that a Chihuahua would be a great running partner. Here is their answer.

can you run with a chihuahua
Can You Run with a Chihuahua?

So, can you run with a Chihuahua? You can. However, do bear in mind that Chihuahuas will not be able to run anywhere near as far as a larger dog. Their bodies are not quite capable of it. This means that you should only be taking a Chihuahua out on those shorter runs.

Our experts do want to expand upon this a little bit. This way, you will start to understand whether a Chihuahua is going to be a good running partner for you or not.

Can You Run with a Chihuahua?

You can. Surprisingly, Chihuahuas are quite athletic dogs and they do enjoy running around a small amount.

The thing with the Chihuahua is that they are small dogs. This means two things:

  • They run at a slower speed than other dogs
  • They are not going to be able to run long distances as they get tired out easier.

A Chihuahua may be good to run for a couple of miles, but that is it. That should be all their exercise for the day.

Since Chihuahuas can only run at 10-15mph at their absolute top speed, you may even need to slow down your pace to match that of the Chihuahua, which may not be ideal if you are looking to push yourself to the absolute limit.

Can You Train Your Chihuahua To Run Longer Distances?

Yes. However, do bear in mind that your Chihuahua is always going to have a physical cap. No matter how much you train up your Chihuahua, you will never be able to get an infinite run time from them.

Perhaps the best way to train up your Chihuahua for those runs is to gradually increase the distances that you are running with them. Start off with some short runs, and go up from there once it appears as if your Chihuahua is comfortable keeping the pace.

Once you start to get to runs that are a couple of miles long, you will probably notice that your Chihuahua doesn’t improve all that much. This is going to be their absolute cap.

How Do You Know When Your Chihuahua is Tired?

Dogs do a brilliant job of hiding when they are tired or in pain. This is a natural instinct. They cannot show any signs of weakness out there in the wild. This means that it can be quite often difficult to spot when your Chihuahua is starting to get a bit tired of running.

It is likely that the first time you notice any issues is the Chihuahua starts to appear a little bit lethargic. They may slow down their pace, stare at the ground a lot, or they may not listen to any commands.

If your dog is excessively panting, this could indicate that they are overheating. This means that you will need to give them some water. You will probably need to stop running at this point.

If you can, we suggest that you try and stop every 20-30 minutes in order to give your Chihuahua a nice break from the running. This may allow them to be out there longer with you.

chihuahua dog running
Chihuahua dog running


Does your Chihuahua need to warm up before running?

Yes. Do not start running the second that you leave your home. Give your dog a bit of time to warm up. This means a brisk walk. It only needs to be a few minutes, but it will make all the difference in the world.

What is the Best Dog to Run With?

If you want a dog that has been built for running, then a Border Collie is going to be perfect. These guys have been bred to run longer distances. The same with Golden Retrievers or Labradors. Most dogs will be able to run with you, but these dogs are going to be able to accomplish it far better than others.

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