Can Chihuahuas Walk Long Distances?

Chihuahuas are tiny dogs. As a result, a lot of people wonder whether their chihuahua is capable of walking long distances, or whether they should be keeping those walks to a minimum. On this page, our experts are going to give you all of the answers that you could possibly need.

So, can chihuahuas walk long distances? Yes. Chihuahuas may be small, but they are very strong dogs. If you train your chihuahua, then they could easily walk for miles in a single walk. An untrained dog may only be able to walk short distances.

Of course, we do want to go into this in a little bit more depth. Let our experts explain exactly how you can train your chihuahua to walk those longer distances, and how to spot whether your dog is starting to get a little bit too tired to walk.

can chihuahuas walk long distances
Can Chihuahuas Walk Long Distances?

Can Chihuahuas Walk Long Distances?


They may be small dogs, but chihuahuas have a huge amount of energy. They have a lot of muscle in their legs, too. This means that they should have absolutely no issues walking long distances. In fact, you could feasibly walk for hours with your chihuahua once you have built up your endurance a little bit.

If you have not worked on training your chihuahua, then they may only be able to walk as little as thirty minutes at a time. 

How Do You Know If Your Dog is Too Tired to Walk?

Dogs always try to walk as far as they can. Chihuahuas are no exception to this rule. Therefore, it is important that you learn how to tell when your chihuahua is starting to get a little bit tired with its walk.

If you spot any of these signs, then turn around immediately. In fact, if you can, pick up your dog and walk them back home. One of the benefits of having a chihuahua is that they are going to be light enough to pick up, after all!

Excessive Panting

Perhaps one of the first signs that your chihuahua has been pushed a little bit too far is if they start panting a lot. They may also spend a small amount of time licking their lips. 

Remember, dogs are always going to be panting when they are active. It helps them to cool down. You just want to be on the lookout for when they seem to be panting a little bit more than unusual.

Change in Behavior

If your dog doesn’t seem to be acting the same as normal, then this could indicate that they are tired. This change is going to be individual to each dog. However, we are sure that if you know your chihuahua well enough, it should be easy to spot when their behavior changes, even a small amount.

No Longer Listening to Commands

If your dog is no longer listening to the commands that you are giving them, then they are too tired. It is time to call an end to that walk and take them back home. Remember, if your dog is not listening to commands, this could be dangerous. Whenever you are walking, you do need to ensure that you have full control of your dog at all times.

Sniffing the Floor

Some dogs will start to sniff the floor when they get overly tired. Nobody is quite sure why this happens, but if your dog seems to be sniffing the floor a little bit more than normal, then this could indicate that you have walked them a little bit too far.


Dogs yawn in the same way that we humans do. If your dog is yawning, then you will want to get them back home as soon as you can, or at least give them a nice, long break from walking.


Does your dog seem to be walking slower or acting slower than usual? Then they are tired! If they are lethargic and it is a particularly hot day, make sure that they have access to water. This could be a sign of heatstroke, and that is potentially deadly.

How Can You Encourage Your Dog to Walk Further?

It is important that you work your dog up to the idea of a long walk. Just like humans, they need to be trained to go greater distances. This means that you will want to start with shorter walks, and then gradually increase the length of time that you are walking for. This will help to improve the dog’s endurance.

If you can, you should try and keep the dog on a leash when you are walking, too. This will encourage them to walk rather than run. This can help to conserve their energy which, of course, means that they are going to be able to walk longer distances.

Before you head out on the walk, you may want to feed your dog. This will help to give them a burst of energy. During longer walks, you may want to slip them a treat or two. Again, this is all about ensuring that they have a steady stream of energy. On longer walks, make sure that your dog has regular access to water, particularly if it is a hot day.

Finally, take regular breaks, particularly if you are planning on walking for multiple hours. A quick 10-15 minute break every so often is going to be fantastic for your dog and will keep them walking for longer distances. A small break every hour or so should be more than enough for most chihuahuas.

lovely chihuahua dog walking
Lovely Chihuahua dog walking


How far does a chihuahua need to walk each day?

A puppy should be getting at least fifteen minutes of exercise per day. An adult chihuahua should be getting at least an hour of exercise per day.

Can you walk your dog in extreme temperatures?

Because chihuahuas are small, they are more sensitive to extreme temperatures. Therefore, you may want to find another way to exercise your dog if there is snow, intense heat, or a lot of wind or rain.

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