Can Vizslas Duck Hunt?

The Vizsla is one of the best dog breeds when it comes to hunting. They are animals that have excellent skills in this area and a high level of physical activity. 

can vizslas duck hunt
Can Vizslas Duck Hunt?

They are very intelligent and have a lot of stamina to exercise every day and carry out their hunting activities. This type of canine loves to be physically and mentally stimulated as well as learning something new every day. 

If we talk about its personality, we have to say that this dog is characterized by being friendly and affectionate with all the people around it, especially its owners or members of its human family. In fact, it can also get along with other animals, including cats and dogs. However, as we have said before, they are dogs that have a hunting instinct, so it can be dangerous to leave them alone together with smaller animals. 

When a person who is dedicated to hunting decides to adopt or buy a dog with excellent hunting skills, the first thing that he or she should consider is the type of hunting and prey. That’s because not all hunters intend to catch the same type of animals. The same goes for hunting dogs. 

This breed of dog specializes in small game hunting. That is, it is capable of hunting small animals, including different types of birds. The most interesting thing is that the Vizsla can adapt to any kind of terrain, whether on land, water, or swampy areas. Therefore, it can hunt different types of animals without any problem. 

Many hunters want to acquire a dog of this type to catch a specific bird, such as the duck. 

Can Vizslas Duck Hunt? 

Vizsla dogs have been used for small game hunting for many years. They have stood out for being dogs capable of catching hares, pheasants, and other types of birds, among which we can find the duck. 

These dogs can hunt ducks since they have the ability to move through the water with agility. However, that may have its negative part, which has to do with the temperature that it can withstand. 

Remember that ducks are aquatic birds that usually move on water. For that reason, when hunting this type of animal, the most logical thing would be to have a hunting dog with the ability to adapt to any terrain, in this case, the water. 

If we want to go duck hunting with a Vizsla, we need to know that these dogs do not have an undercoat. The lack of an undercoat does not allow them to stay warm during cold weather. The same is true when a Vizsla gets into the water. 

Despite being excellent swimmers and hunters in the water, they cannot stay in for long as the cold could adversely affect them. It is for that reason that its fellow hunters must take the necessary steps to keep it warm. 

How to Prevent Your Vizsla from Getting Cold during Hunting Sessions in the Water? 

There are several ways to avoid it. The first thing to consider is the day that you and your dog go duck hunting. The most advisable thing is to avoid days with cold climates since, naturally, the water will be at low temperatures. For that reason, sunny days are a better option. 

Now, regardless of the day, the lack of an undercoat in these dogs means that they cannot stay for several hours in the water. Therefore, you should not only make them stay in the water for a short time, but you also have to make sure to dry them quickly to prevent them from getting a cold. 

You can also put a vest on it to acclimatize it better, and once the rest time comes, you can provide a warm place to sit and wrap it with a warm blanket. 

Vizsla hunting
Vizsla hunting

Vizsla Training to Hunt Ducks 

Training can be tricky, especially since it is divided into swimming well and catching ducks. 

First of all, it is important that your Vizsla can swim. Remember that although many ducks swim in shallow water, many others swim in deeper ones. These dogs are characterized by being excellent swimmers, but they need to be trained for it even so. 

Ensure you have the essential elements for their training, such as a life jacket, a blanket to keep the canine warm, etc. Positive reinforcement is critical to this training. You can use treats to get your dog to swim up to you. Before doing all this, it is essential that your Vizsla is not afraid of water. 

You can practice this with your Vizsla in different places, be it rivers, lakes, oceans, etc. In this way, your dog will acquire greater swimming skills combined with its hunting skills will make it a fairly versatile dog. 

The second part is getting your Vizsla used to the smell of a duck. In this case, you can use a hunted duck to familiarize the canine with its appearance and scent. You can drag the prey so that your dog follows its trail. Try to do that near where ducks usually live. 

Every time your Vizsla correctly follows the trail of the prey, reward it with treats. That way, its learning will be faster. 

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