Can Vizslas Swim?

Vizsla dogs are originally canines bred for hunting. People often wonder if their pets can swim in the sea, in a pool, in rivers, and even in lakes. They consider that although it is an animal capable of doing many activities on land, it can also move in the water. 

can vizslas swim
Can Vizslas Swim?

Can My Vizsla Dog Swim in the Water? 

Vizsla canines love to swim. In fact, they are considered excellent swimmers. However, unlike other dogs that can spend many hours in the water, Vizslas do not have an insulating undercoat on their fur, so be sure not to take your pet swimming when it’s too cold outside. 

It should be noted that these animals are very energetic and have webbed feet, which help them move quickly while swimming in the water. 

Another thing that demonstrates Vizsla’s love of swimming is that since it was raised as a pointer and retriever, its adoration for swimming is embedded in its genetic makeup. 

The additional skin between the canine’s toes, called membranes, provides more surface area and allows navigation and speed in the water. 

Do All Vizsla Dogs Know How to Swim? 

It is popularly believed that all dogs can swim, but this statement is not true. What happens is that all races have the instinct to use their legs and move them to stay afloat and not sink. But that does not mean they can swim.

For this reason, we find breeds with innate swimming skills, some others with the ability to learn, and others, so clumsy or limited, that they can endanger their lives if they try. 

The skill of this animal will depend on factors such as its anatomy, genetics, fitness, age, experience, health, and physical condition. 

Most Vizsla dogs have natural abilities to swim in the water and also enjoy being active in the water, especially when the summer heat hits and your pet needs to cool off. 

Is It a Good Idea for My Vizsla Dog to Swim in the Water? 

Swimming is good physical exercise and a great way to have a fun and refreshing time. Also, a Vizsla breed dog loves to spend its days doing some kind of activity outside the house. Of course, it always has to be carried out safely, whether in a controlled and supervised environment or in your own home. In this way, the dog will enjoy its hours in the water with you. 

Swimming is a perfect activity to eliminate this canine’s accumulated energy and, thus, prevent it from becoming anxious. The animal that refreshes and has a good time can relax and be in a good mood. However, you should never force fearful dogs because we would obtain the opposite effect to the desired one. 

If the sea, pool, river, or pond is part of your usual environment, it will be convenient for you to accustom your pet from its puppy stage (from 12 months), putting it in contact with water and turning the bathroom into a game time.

The animal’s safety and tranquility are essential, so, if the situation requires it, you can use any of the models of life-saving floats for dogs that exist on the market. 

From What Age Can My Vizsla Dog Start Swimming? 

Normally, a Vizsla should learn to swim as a puppy, at least eight weeks old. 

The most important thing is that you start teaching it slowly and easily. One of the best places to practice would be in a kiddie pool with a couple of inches of water. Add a toy or two to help make the environment a fun and positive experience. 

When you see that your puppy already understands the basic commands in the water, you can take your canine to places with pools a little larger than those of children. Go into the water with your pup and play “run” parallel to the shore (or steps of the pool) in very shallow water. 

As your Vizsla gains confidence, encourage it to venture deeper into the water, either accompanying it or tossing its favorite floating toy further and further. Soon, your puppy will be an expert. At first, keep its leash on in case it gets into trouble, and always supervise your pet. 

Vizsla dog swimming in the sea
Vizsla dog swimming in the sea


  • When you take your Vizsla to a pool, make sure the water is not cold. That is because most dogs have a warm undercoat to protect them from the cold. Instead, the Vizsla does not have it and can cool down quite easily. 
  • Take with you a life jacket that fits the size of your pet. 
  • Store several treats in a small bag to give to your Vizsla after it has left the pool. 
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