Can Dogs Have Cantaloupe Rind and Be Safe

Can dogs have cantaloupe rind and be safe, or just the melon itself? Is the melon even good for them? I will answer these questions in this article and more. I will share information about what dogs should and should not eat from human food. Most dogs want to eat what their people are eating. But not all human food is good for your dog’s health.

Cantaloupe rind is hard to digest and is considered a choking hazard. Both of these risks are especially true if you have a small dog.

can dogs have cantaloupe rind
Can Dogs Have Cantaloupe Rind?

Can Dogs Eat Cantaloupe Rind

Can dogs eat cantaloupe rind? It is an interesting question because we have not first asked if dogs can eat cantaloupe at all. The short answer is no. Dogs cannot, or should not eat cantaloupe rind. On the other hand, dogs can eat the delicious and sweet flesh of a cantaloupe.

When you think of the parts of a cantaloup that you yourself do not eat what are they? For instance, you cut open a cantaloupe for yourself and what do you do? The first thing you probably do is scoop out the seeds. The seeds are not edible for you. Well, they are not edible for your dog either.

Now, what is the next thing you do if you are eating a cantaloupe? You either cut the fruit out of the rind, or you eat the fruit and leave the rind behind. Why do you do this? You do it because you instinctively know that the rind and the seeds are not good for you. Therefore, they probably are not good for your dog either. The rind is bitter, and we don’t eat most seeds.

However, cantaloupe seeds contain cyanide. I doubt any of us would give our dogs cyanide. So can dogs have cantaloupe rind? The rind, in addition, to being bitter in taste, is almost indigestible. If your dog consumes it, the dog will have an upset stomach, cramping, diarrhea, and perhaps severe stomach pain. So can dos eat cantaloupe rind? No, they should never eat cantaloupe rind.

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Is Cantaloupe Good For Dogs

So is cantaloup good for dogs? We have established that the rind and the seeds are not. We have established that the rind is bitter in taste but that does not mean it is bad for your dog. We also established that the rind is almost indigestible. Therefore it is not a good idea to feed your dog the cantaloupe rind.

Does any of that address whether or not the cantaloupe itself is good for your dog? Well, it is okay for them to eat the sweet fruit of a cantaloupe. However, there is still a concern even with just the fruit. That concern is sugar. Most dogs have trouble processing any amount of sugar. For instance, sugar can cause diabetes, obesity, or stomach issues. But the answer is yes, dogs can eat cantaloupe. Is cantaloupe good for dogs? The answer is maybe in moderation.

cantaloupe rind for dogs
Cantaloupe rind for dogs

Can Dogs Eat Melon

The fruit of the cantaloupe in small doses can be good for your dog. Just remember that the seeds and rind are not. Cantaloupe has some definite health benefits for your dog if not overdone. For instance, cantaloupe contains many vitamins and minerals that your dog actually needs in its diet. However, most commercial dog foods also contain these elements.

Is cantaloupe good for your dog? Well, it contains vitamins C, B, and A. It has potassium, beta-carotene, niacin, folic acid, and fiber among other healthy ingredients. With Vitamin C and A, you get antioxidants that will slow the dog’s aging process.

Another reason why small doses of cantaloupe are good for your dog is that even with the sugar, it is low in calories and high in water, like watermelon. The fiber of the fruit itself is also good for your dog. It can help with digestion and the even discharging of toxins from the body. So can dogs eat melon? Yes, they can.

Are Fruits Good For Dogs

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Even though dogs can eat melon it is hard for them as their bodies were not meant to ingest most fruits. They have a hard time with many fruits. Because most fruits are so good for people, many times we assume that they will be good for our dogs as well.

Many fruits are good for your dog, but there are probably just as many that are toxic. Grapes, for instance, contain a substance that is deadly to dogs, while as we’ve said cantaloupe has many benefits. Blueberries are particularly good with all the anti-oxidants

Apples, bananas, and cranberries are good. In fact, the “berry group” is very good. Cranberries are the same for dogs as they are for humans. Great for the intestinal tract and urinary tract infections. Mangos are better than cantaloupe because they have less sugar. However, they have a huge pit. Make sure your dog doesn’t eat seeds or pits just to be safe.

Oranges are one of the best, as they are for us. However, the “skin” that we peel off the orange is a rind. Don’t let your dog get ahold of it. Oranges are very high in Vitamin C and they flush the toxins out of all our bodies – humans or dogs. Again though watch the seeds and the white layer of pith. These are not good for Doggo.

Can Dogs Eat Cantaloupe Rind

Can dogs eat cantaloupe rind? No. In fact, dogs probably shouldn’t eat rinds of any kind. Cantaloupe melon fruit is sweet and somewhat nutritious. Your dog can eat melon itself without any issues. Just make sure you are giving it out in moderation. Too much sugar is also not good for your dog and cantaloupe has one of the highest sugar levels of the melons.

So go ahead and give Fido a few small bites of cantaloupe. Just remember, no rinds, no pits, and no seeds. With that in mind let your best friend have a bite or two of your cantaloupe.

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