Black Labrador Pug Mix

The black Labrador Pug mix pup is a very peculiar hybrid, a result of crossing two very different in size dogs: the teeny-tiny Pug and a large-breed Labrador. The crossbreeding was done on purpose. Since Pug is known to be a brachycephalic breed, it has always had breathing issues, bringing its daily activity routine to a minimum. Therefore, the breeders decided it was time to help Pugs be healthier, and have a longer life span as well. That’s when the goofy Lab came into the picture. 

black labrador pug mix
Black Labrador Pug Mix

When creating a hybrid dog, the usual practice is to inseminate a female of a bigger breed with a smaller-breed father. A solid-sized mommy will be able to carry a large litter and give birth with almost no complications. The Pugador pups are no exception. Normally, a Lab female would give birth to the Labrador Pug mix puppies. 

However, some breeders wouldn’t be responsible at all and start some very unsafe practices of impregnating a Pug mother. The consequences can be very disturbing for both the poor female and her pups. Hence, it is so important to choose the right dog breeder when picking a Black Labrador Pug mix pal to welcome into the family. 

So when did crossbreeding of two different dog species start? Who was responsible for creating such an adorable hybrid pup?

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Black Labrador Pug Mix: History

It is very unclear who the first Black Labrador Pug mix breeder was, there is very limited information on how and when the first Pugador puppy emerged. Supposedly, the interbreeding of Pugs and Labs started in the USA. A lot more information is known about Pugador’s parents, so let’s look into that.

Labrador Retriever

As the breed’s name suggests, this dog is proficient in retrieving objects and delivering them to its master. The history of the Lab can be traced back to Canada, to the Newfoundland region to be exact. 

The first mention of the species was in the 16th century. These Lab dogs were used as fishermen’s companions, as well as helpers. They worked alongside their owners assisting in…yes, retrieving fishnets full of some good day catch. Lab’s intelligence as well as their hardworking nature quickly earned them a great reputation in the two-legged world. 

A few Lab dogs were brought to the British Isles in the 19th century and English hunters were actively using them to hunt various small birds. These tracking wizards would always help their masters to find a way out of the dense woods and make it home safe. 


Ancient Egypt is where the first mention of the Pug breed was noted. They were worshiped and cherished by the Northern African nobility. Egyptians always considered cats sacred animals, but the Pug dogs were on the same level as their feline counterparts.

They served as loyal friends, guards, and protectors of assets. Later on, the wrinkle-faced traveled to Tibet and lived with the monks in the monasteries. Their job was to be devoted companions as well as watchdogs. From Tibet, they made their way into China.

The Chinese royal court adored Pugs and guarded them just like the other royal family members. These were some lucky pups to live in luxury and be treated as dog royalty. 

Now, let’s take a look at some of the most common Black Labrador Pug mix pup characteristics. 

  •  Appearance: Pugadors are medium-sized dogs, right in the middle between a toy breed Pug and a large-sized Lab. Their height is about 15-19 inches on average and they weigh no more than 50 lbs. Females are slightly smaller than males: their healthy weight never exceeds 45 pounds. A pet parent just has to watch how much a Pug Lab mix pup eats since it’s prone to gaining weight rather quickly. A Pugador pup’s coat is usually short and smooth, but this breed does shed a lot, just keep that in mind. Coat color varies from white and fawn to brown and black. If the hybrid pup’s mother is a black Lab, then most likely its mane will be all noir as well. Dark genes are usually the dominant ones in mammals, be it eyes or coat color.
 pug lab mix

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  • Physical Activity: compared to a Pug low-key parent, a Pugador pup will require a lot more activity. That’s the energetic Lab parent’s genes talking. Although it doesn’t require much roaming around space in the house, it does need outside daily activities like fetch play, lengthy walks, doggy daycare, or dog park socialization. The earlier you introduce your furry pal to other canine members, the better. The interaction will help it develop into a well-behaved and physically fit hound.
  • Temperament: you won’t have to worry about behavior issues with this breed. The black Labrador and Pug mix canine bud will be very affectionate, friendly, loving, and extremely playful. It is lucky enough to inherit the good-natured traits of both its ancestors, therefore it will have to double the warmheartedness, enough to go around! If you have children in the household, it is better if they are a little older, past the age of 10. In this case, they can be taught how to take care of a fluffy sibling and not to hurt it during play. Toddlers may not understand certain things when it comes to interacting with an animal because of their young age. They might hurt it or vice versa. Nevertheless, it won’t be a good scenario for both the four and the two-legged.
  • Health: some of them include stomach issues, arthritis, obesity, and hip dysplasia. To be honest, the Pug and a Lab breeds may not be the best to mix since each of them has quite a few health problems, inherited by their adorable Pugador baby. However, if a pet parent is determined to get this pup, he/she should be prepared to shell out some cash for the vet bills.
black labrador mixed with pug
Black Labrador Mixed with Pug


A black Labrador Pug mixed hound may be a weird combo, but a happy-go-lucky one no doubt! It inherited the laid-back nature, loyalty, and quirkiness of a Pug as well as the intelligence, goofiness, and energy of a Lab. 

The breed is a little more high-maintenance than a Pug, requiring extra attention. Nevertheless, in case an owner is a sporty and outdoorsy kind of person, he/she won’t find a better match. Sounds like you? Then go get yourself a new furry family member, what are you waiting for?

Happy bonding!

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