How Much Space Does a Dog Need Outside?

Does that question interest you? Are you wondering why you need to consider your dog’s space requirements while constructing a home or renting an apartment? Dogs need care just like human beings because they exhibit the characteristics of living things.

how much space does a dog need outside
How Much Space Does a Dog Need Outside

However, caring for your dog is a win-win situation for you—the owner—and your dog. Your dopamine (the feel-good hormone) rises when you see your dog in a good mood and in good condition. For that reason, you should also want to maintain good health and overall wellness. 

But how much space does a dog need outside? The space a dog needs outside depends on the size of the dog, the age of the dog, and the innate personality of the dog. For example, a Chihuahua can get plenty of exercise running in a small backyard, but so can an older bulldog. Likewise, a Vizsla, which is built for running, would need a larger amount of space compared to any other breeds that do not have that innate personality characteristic.

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A Dog’s Space Requirements Outside a Home Depend on its Size, Age, and Innate Personality

The space needed outside of a house or apartment differs for each dog. It depends on the size, age, and innate personality of the individual dog. The space requirements for small and medium-sized breeds of dogs differ entirely from those of larger breeds.

Your dog needs daily exercise. The reason you need to have a certain amount of space outside of your house is specific for each dog breed. Since you are likely quite busy and may not have the luxury of extra time to walk them for exercise, an extra space outside your apartment or house will assist with that as the dog would roam about comfortably and with ease.

Below are some breeds of dogs along with their ideal space requirements:

1.   Small-Sized Dogs

Small dogs require minimal space outside because they are accustomed to minimal exercise and walking. One example is Chihuahuas—cute, small dogs with the most mesmerizing smiles. They love staying inside the house and, therefore, need minimal space outside for a small walk every day.

Another example is the Yorkshire Terrier, which only grows up to 6-7 inches and is one of the smallest dog breeds. Their requirements for exercise are only about 20 minutes a day and comprise slow and brief walks. Hence, a small and compact space would easily satisfy the little dog.

2.   Medium-Sized Dogs

Some medium-sized dogs require minimal space outside a home. An example would be greyhounds, which are known for their running prowess and height but do not need a lot of space except to sleep, eat, and drink. Another example is the Bulldog, known to be an energetic dogs and one of the best guard dogs requiring minimal space and exercise.

Some medium-sized breeds of dogs have ample space requirements because of their innate characteristics for running and playing. Examples of such breeds are Cocker Spaniels, Welsh Corgis, English Foxhounds, and others.

3.   Large-Sized Dogs

Larger breeds of dogs require a large space outside of a home compared to others because of their body size, conformity, and innate characteristics. An example is the Dalmatian which can grow up to 24-25 inches. It is best to keep them in open or large spaces because of their natural instincts and abilities pertaining to hiking gigantic mountains and running long miles.

Another example is the Golden Retriever. They are energetic and can put on weight in the absence of exercise. Therefore, a garden or a large, dog-friendly outside space is necessary to keep them agile and healthy.

Knowing the natural behavior of your furry friends helps you to provide enough space for them outside your house or apartment. Therefore, it is a rule of thumb to understand your dog so that you won’t deprive them of their natural habits and freedoms. 

two dogs running outside
Two dogs running outside

Related Question

Why Do Dogs Need Personal Space Outside Your House?

Not all dogs need a large outdoor space, but taking your furry friend out for walks or to play and get some fresh air for at least 15 minutes each day is essential for their health, regardless of their breed and size.

The Animal Welfare Act states that pets should have enough space to wander around, sit, lie down, and stand with ease. To ensure that your dog has adequate space, you can consider this measurement: measure (in a straight line) from the tip of their nose to the base of the tail. Add six inches to the number in step one.

Below are some reasons why and the benefits of your dog needing personal space outside of your home:

  1. It is an avenue to express their natural behavior.
  2. It is an opportunity to have enough exercise.
  3. It keeps dogs from getting bored.
  4. It works their muscles up, keeps their muscles strong, and makes their heart healthy.
  5. It makes their brain and circulation work more and work better so that they can stay active.
  6. It facilitates better sleep.
  7. It protects them from getting fat, which preserves their joints and circulatory system.

The major reason for having a space for your dog outside of your home is to enable them to have enough exercise. Hence, you must know the exercise requirements concerning the dog you are dealing with or the one you have as a pet. Therefore, to avoid depriving your pet of enough exercise, browse through this website to stay educated on your dog’s exercise requirements now.

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