The 5 Best Training Treats for French Bulldogs

In order to get notable results in training your Frenchie, you need to know what stimulates this breed and when it is most appropriate to use a stimulus. Some dogs are better stimulated by food rewards, others by toys, some may enjoy biting objects and others do not have any sort of preference for rewards.

best training treats for french bulldogs
Best Training Treats for French Bulldogs

Did you know French Bulldogs belong to the brachycephalic breed? Neither did I. And do you know what belonging to the brachycephalic breed means? (I didn’t either). In a nutshell, it means they have a flat smushed face. We didn’t need all that jargon to know that!

Dog treats can be considered more as a dietary supplement or a “snack”, something similar to what humans consume. It’s important to keep in mind that Frenchies are also prone to having a more sensitive digestive system and often deal with “aerophagia”, which means that they take in and swallow a lot of air while eating.

Here are some of the best training treats for French Bulldogs:

  1. Old Mother Hubbard Crunchy Classic
  2. Wellness Core Marrow Roasts Natural Grain-Free
  3. Zesty Paws Omega 3 Alaskan Fish Oil Chew
  4. Pedigree Dentastix
  5. Kong Classic Dog Toy

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So, as pet parents, it’s up to us to make sure we provide our Frenchie’s with suitable options when giving them treats.

Not all the treats on this list are going to be suitable for all French bulldogs, but that is just the case when choosing any product for a dog as each one is unique and different.

Treats can be a great way to train French bulldog but caution should be exercised as treats calories can add up quickly (so the healthier the better).

But remember, you know your Frenchie best, so consider these products carefully with your Frenchie in mind (and on your lap!) Depending on what you want to obtain with your training will depend on the reward.

Here are some tips and recommendations for the best training treats for French bulldogs that will help ensure you get the best results possible with their training program while also keeping your Frenchie healthy and active.

If you are a new pet parent to a French bulldog (congratulations by the way) you may want to get a few different packs to see what your little one likes best and which ones work best for different training exercises.

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The 5 Best Training Treats for French Bulldogs Choices

Treats can make for an excellent training tool when helping your frenchie learn something new or with changing a behaviour.

Sometimes, however, your french bulldog won’t care much for the treats you have on hand, and you’ll need to find something new.

So let’s take a closer look at these recommended training treats for French Bulldogs.

1. Old Mother Hubbard Crunchy Classic Natural Dog Treats

Every French bulldog has their own predisposition when it comes to stimulating and/or motivating treats.

If you’re a new pet parent to a French bulldog, you may still be in the “discovering” phase, discovering their personality and habits.

For static training exercises such as: sitting, laying, and waiting, it is recommended to use food as a treat because this type of reward induces a state of calmness and the exercise requires a greater amount of attention from your French bulldog.

Also, for the walking to heel technique, it is recommended to use the food reward since it does not require much dynamism.

Foods like:

  • meat proteins (no pork)
  • carrots
  • celery
  • pepper
  • peas
  • apples
  • melons
  • oranges

can be an ideal combination as they provide a lot of the necessary ingredients and flavours for a delicious treat while also aiding in your French bulldog’s nutritional requirements necessary to maintain a balanced diet.

2. Wellness Core Marrow Roasts Natural Grain-Free Dog Treats

Chicken and turkey treats are two very good sources of meat in case your bulldog has a bit of weight that their vet has recommended they lose. French bulldogs often love food in all forms such as treats, meals, and snacks.

This love of food poses a risk that your French bulldog will get overweight and thus increasing their risk of developing genetic diseases like brachycephalic obstructive airway syndrome. 

Here is a great (but somewhat weird) video highlighting French Bulldog’s potential difficulties while eating:

If you’ve gone down enough rabbit holes on the internet then you’ve come across ASMR, or, “autonomous sensory meridian response”. Well, while researching for this post, apparently ASMR exists for dogs! Haha, I had no idea…

If you are concerned about your French bulldog’s weight, or your vet has brought up their concern about it, consider opting for a more protein-rich meat source treat. These treats, like the ones from Wellness Core, have reduced fat since are much easier to digest (especially for smaller dogs).

They also have a lower-calorie level and are recommended for dogs with stomach sensitivity or for those who do not engage in adequate physical activity.

3. Zesty Paws Omega 3 Alaskan Fish Oil Chew

To combine a pleasant and rewarding learning experience while also focusing on a healthy diet, it is best practice to opt for some healthy joint snacks like the Zesty Paws.

These treats are rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, which will keep the dog’s joints strong. They do a great job of maintaining your dog’s immune system, while also ensuring a shiny and healthy coat for your little one.

Heck, omega 3s aren’t just great for dogs, it’s essential for humans too, consider getting some omega 3 fish oil for yourself.

Despite being a healthy training treat, the Zesty Paws come up a little short in the flavour department due to the fish oils. This isn’t true for all dogs, and your Frenchie may decide he really likes these.

If your French bulldog does not seem too excited by this treat you can consider opting for a meat-based treat or to try and raise their interest by seasoning the fish treats with a healthy meat sauce or by mixing them with other easily accepted ingredients for them.

Sometimes it just takes a bit of experimenting to find out what your French bulldog prefers the most.

4. Pedigree Dentastix Small Dog Treats

Here’s another healthy training reward choice that comes with the benefit of helping your French bulldog’s teeth.

The dental care snacks by Pedigree are full of minerals and natural vegetal extracts which help keep your dog’s breath fresh and their teeth free from bacteria and tartar.

Depending on your dog’s preferences, the chewy treats can be ordered from minty to meat flavoured rewards.

I know it sounds a bit weird, especially if you’re a new pet parent, that your French bulldog would like something minty, but you may be surprised by how many dogs opt for a minty treat.

Being easy to digest, these dental treats are a great option for dogs with stomach sensitivity.

Since French bulldogs fall into the small breed category, make sure you choose sticks specially designed for them. Most dental treats addressing large dogs might be harder to chew and your Frenchie may be at risk of choking on them or harming their gums (the opposite of what we want!).

5. Kong Classic Dog Toy

In training exercises requiring speed and a lot of motion, dog training specialists recommend using toys as a reward and for motivation. I know this isn’t an edible treat, but it can still be viewed as “a treat” like a certain toy is a treat for a child.

Within a set-up where your French bulldog is being stimulated through playing and exercising, they will likely have an explosion of energy. Motivational toys work on harnessing and maintaining this energy level.

Since food tends to calm down French bulldogs and help to get them out of an overly energetic mood, it is advisable to use a colourful, noisy, and chewable toy that attracts your French bulldog’s interest while also stimulating them.

The Kong toy comes in a variety of sizes and colours suitable for dogs of different sizes.

Using Training Treats with French Bulldogs

A French Bulldog on training, running in the field
French Bulldog on training

Best practice while training a French bulldog is to always use a combination of treats, food, and toys. This helps ensure that the reward type fits with the nature of the exercise/command to be learned, and that the reward matches the amount of focus a French bulldog can have.

For static commands food treats are ideal. For dynamic exercises, you should provide toys as rewards. Dogs will always have a hunting instinct in their blood, there’s no arguing that. That’s why the presence of food raises their curiosity despite the fact that daily food needs are always assured for them.

It is advisable to use small food rewards that are easy to chew and swallow. This will help ensure your French bulldog will not run off with the reward in its mouth to eat it elsewhere.

Additionally, their attention will not be distracted from the ongoing exercise if they can quickly chomp on their treat and swallow it.

Since French Bulldogs are not a tall breed, it is important when choosing their toys that you opt for some bright and colourful items to ensure your French bulldog can easily see and find it. Giving food as training treats should be done in a rational and calculated manner so as to not interfere with the dog’s nutrition and eating habits.

Treats should always be chosen by taking into consideration the breed’s characteristics, dog’s age, preferences, overall health, and sensitivities.

The training treats should not exceed 5-10% of your French bulldog’s daily calories. Too many treats create the risk that your French bulldog will no longer feel the need for their regular food. Too many treats at irregular and irrational times can cause your French bulldog to become overweight and to create a habit of begging.

french bulldog puppy

Don’t Forget About ACTUAL Training

While treats and toys may help to entertain and stimulate your Frenchie, they do not replace training. Just like we need to enrich our “human puppies” (a.k.a. children), we need to dedicate time to help our dog’s brains develop.

It can’t just be entertainment and treats 24/7! It’s sort of akin to placing a child in front of a T.V. and expecting to improve their overall behaviour and well-being.

Puppy’s brains are like ours, they are soft and malleable.

Final Thoughts

Showing appreciation and encouragement are often the most powerful stimulus for your French bulldog, but a few treats or toys can be the “icing on the cake” when you’re training them.

Never neglect your Frenchies desires for physical contact, affection, and care while in the training stage, even if they’re not cooperating.

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