Best Dog Dryers for Home Use | 5 Dryer’s Reviewed

Baths—most doggies hate them, but most owners love them because they can make a doggie smell good (at least for a couple of days). However, lots of pet parents neglect an important part of the bathing process, which is what comes after.

Letting your doggie air-dry is not recommended because they will probably trail water around the house, making a huge mess.

Lots of parents use towels on their doggies, but it’s difficult to get a doggie completely dry using that method, so you’ll probably have to deal with that damp dog smell for another hour or two.

Plus, longer-haired dogs are prone to matting during this period.

Here are the best dog dryers for home use: Our Picks

  1. B-Air Fido Max 1 Dog Dryer
  2. Chris Christensen Kool Pup Dog Grooming Dryer
  3. Metrovac’s Air Force Commander
  4. amzdeal Dog Dryer 2800W 3.8HP
  5. Free Paws Dog Pet Dryer Stand

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This list includes four force dryers and one stand dryer (but if you’ve done research on dog dryers, you may have found one other type of dryer that exists—a cage dryer).

Others use human hair dryers on their doggies, but unfortunately, these hairdryers are rarely equipped to deal with the delicate fur and skin of a doggie. So what’s left to do? Well, we recommend investing in a dog dryer (which is exactly what it sounds like), and we’ve provided you with some of our top picks.

As the title suggests, all of these dryers are for home use, so there won’t be any super expensive and bulky dryers listed here. They should all be affordable to the average pet parent. Here are the best dog dryers for home use. They will also save you a lot of time, which, in today’s world, is a lot of money.

Best Dog Dryers for Home Use

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Top 5 Recommended Dog Dryers for Home Use

Alright, let’s take a closer look at the best dog dryers for home use. Some are professional grade (i.e., groomer approved) and some are on the less expensive end.

1. B-Air Fido Max 1 Dog Dryer – Cesar Millan Premier Grooming Collection

This dryer is small, portable, and inexpensive. It’s certainly one of the cheapest home-use dryers that are professional-grade, and it’s been shown to work on both dogs of long and short coats. For short-coated, shedding dogs, it can even help to de-shed them.

Unlike human dryers, which are often too hot for dogs and can be dangerous to them, this dryer does not blow heated air. It relies purely on air pressure to dry out your dog, gently massaging your pup’s skin as it blows dries him.

Additionally, several reviewers have said that this was the first dog dryer they’ve purchased that doesn’t frighten their pup.

2. Chris Christensen Kool Pup Dog Grooming Dryer

This dryer is a bit pricier, but when you think about how costly it is to take a dog to a professional groomer and then realize you can do the exact same thing at home, it seems more reasonable and will actually save you money in the end. 

This dryer boasts more than 200 airflow positions, so you can experiment to see which positions are most effective at drying your dog.

The dryer comes with two hose attachments as well, which you can switch out based on the breed and hair length of your dog.

What makes this dryer so effective is that instead of “drying” the water out in a traditional sense, it actually pushes the water off of the dog’s coat, leading to a quicker, more effective grooming.

3. Metrovac’s Air Force Commander Professional Dog Grooming Pet Dryer

This product is not quite as expensive as the last one but falls in a similar price range. It also operates in a similar way to the Chris Christensen dryer, pushing the water off your dog instead of drying it out (which, along with being speedier, also reduces the chances of drying out your dog’s skin).

The dryer itself is small, but it comes with a 12-foot cord and a 6-foot hose, a design that is particularly useful if you have a big dog and a lot of areas to cover.

If you’re looking for an effective, portable dryer with lots of maneuverability, this is certainly a product you’ll want to check out.

4. amzdeal Dog Dryer 2800W 3.8HP

What this dryer specializes in, along with its portability, is its low noise, so if you have a pet that is easily startled or has particularly sensitive ears, you should consider this product.

It’s moderately priced, and considering the quality of the materials used, it’s actually quite inexpensive, as well as being guaranteed to last a long time.

It comes with several choices of speed, which you can experiment with and find the one that dries your dog most effectively, and it has four different nozzles included, so you can decide whether you prefer a more direct or more dispersed airflow.

5. Free Paws Dog Pet Dryer Stand With 4 HP 2 Heat Stepless Airflow

So far every product on this list has been a force dryer, which means they each come with a small motor to be placed on the floor and a handheld nozzle.

This dryer is a bit different because it comes with a stand, giving you a hands-free experience that leaves your hands available to do other things, such as brush your dog or hold him in place.

The stand is also adjustable in height, so regardless of the size of your pooch, you should be able to find a height that works and doesn’t force you to bend the stand.

As a bonus, this dryer is guaranteed to last, with corrosion-resistant tubing. If convenience is a priority for you, this product is a great investment.

dog being blown with hair dryer

Final Thoughts

The above products are our picks for the five best dog dryers for home use. They vary in price but should all be well within an affordable range, especially when compared to local grooming services.

This list includes four force dryers and one stand dryer, but if you’ve done research on dog dryers, you may have found one other type of dryer that exists—a cage dryer.

This type of dryer is one that you put your dog inside, and we didn’t include any because they tend to be much bulkier and much more expensive than the options we’ve provided you here.

However, if your dog is easily frightened by loud noises, and you can afford to spend some extra money, you might consider investing in one. But we feel confident that the five dryers listed here are enough to meet most, if not all, of your needs.