Best Brush for Grooming A Bernese Mountain Dog

Bernese Mountain Dogs are a large breed of dog that originates in Switzerland. They are a Sennenhund-type dog that was originally bred to help mountain herders and dairymen in the region. Fast-forward to today and these dogs are still prized.

best brush for bernese mountain dog
Best Brush for Bernese Mountain Dog

While not often used as a working dog anymore, this breed is still a powerful and hard-working animal. They are extremely affectionate and calm dogs which make them excellent dog for families with children.

They are known for having a gentle and sweet disposition and they are even good for playing with children.

Since these dogs have a relatively short coat, they don’t require a ton of grooming as other breeds of dogs may require, but a brush can certainly get the job done easier and faster.

Here are our top 3 recommended brushes for Bernese Mountain dogs:

  1. Wahl Premium Double-Sided Pin Bristle Brush
  2. Home of Paws Grooming and Massaging Dog Brush
  3. Chris Christensen Oblong 27mm Pin Brush

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Top 3 for Bernese Mountain Dogs

We have looked across the web and narrowed down the many dog brushes to our top three picks for the best brush for a Bernese Mountain Dog.

1. Wahl Premium Double-Sided Pin Bristle Brush

Wahls is a trusted and well-known maker of a wide range of home grooming products. While they are best known for their human grooming products like trimmers and dog clippers, they also make home grooming products for pets as well.

Their premium Double-Sided Pin Bristle Brush is our top pick for the best brush for Bernese Mountain Dogs.

This is a highly affordable double-sided brush that is lightweight and well-balanced. One side of the brush has double-stack stainless steel pin bristles which will detangle the hair, remove clumps, and even remove loose hair. The other side of the brush features nylon bristles which redistribute coat oils and will shine up the coat.

Not only does brushing help remove loose hair, remove tangles, and keep the coat shiny, but it also stimulates blood flow to the skin.

The large head size of the brush makes it a great all-purpose brush for everyday use. It is well-suited even for dogs with sensitive skin.

Users of this brush swear by it for use on dogs of all types, from Bernese Mountain Dogs to Border Collies or Papillons, which are known for having a thick undercoat. The brush is well-suited for dogs of all types and meets all the grooming needs of the Bernese Mountain Dog.

The biggest downside of this brush is that it isn’t the best brush for curly-haired dogs. Since this article focuses on brushes for Bernese Mountain Dogs, it isn’t really an issue, but if you have multiple dogs, it may be a concern.

2. Home of Paws Grooming and Massaging Dog Brush

Home of Paws is a trusted well-known and loved brand that makes a wide range of products for pets. The company is one that believes that pets are family and deserve the best possible care. Their product line includes pet toothbrushes, nail clippers, de-matting combs, and brushes.

Their grooming and massaging brush is a high-end, high-quality brush that is also elegantly designed with a beautifully colorful set of brush bristles.

The brush features soft plastic pins instead of steel pins which can be more painful for dogs with sensitive skin. It is tough enough to remove dirt, loose hair, debris, and tangles, but gentle enough that it won’t irritate the skin.

The brush is well-suited for dogs with straight or curly hair and is also suitable for dogs with both long and short hair. The brush is double-sided. The other side is made from pig bristle, which will help distribute oils throughout the coat, promoting a shiny, healthy-looking coat.

The brush handle is made from an attractive and environmentally-friendly bamboo with an ergonomic design so it is comfortable for daily use. The brush comes with a lifetime guarantee, so you have peace of mind that you are getting a brush for life.

Users of this brush love that it can be used on such a wide range of hair types, making it a great option for people in a multi-dog household. It is perfect for use every day, especially with larger dogs.

The biggest downside of this brush is that it isn’t the best brush for smaller dogs. With the large head, this brush is better suited for larger dogs. For households with large and small dogs, you may need multiple brushes for your grooming needs.

3. Chris Christensen Oblong 27mm Pin Brush

Chris Christensen is a reputable and high-end brand that makes some of the best quality products for your pets. They make products for our four-legged family members that range from shampoos, dog grooming dryers, health products, and even basic grooming supplies such as brushes.

Their 27mm Oblong Pin Brush is a high-end, well-made, brush that is made from the highest quality materials. The brush features a lightweight solid wood body that is well-balanced and easy to grip. The ergonomics of the brush make it easy to groom multiple dogs in a row.

The brush is easy to clean and made using ground and polished tips that can easily get through tangles and knots without hurting your dog in the process. The pins won’t push into the cushion when you brush the dog, nor are the tips so sharp that they will irritate the skin.

The brush is well-designed and is suitable for use with dogs that have both long and short hair. This might not be the best option for curly-haired dogs.

The brush has longer pins than many other options, making it great for dogs with double coats. Users of this brush swear by its soft pins that easily get through even coarse and rough hair without hurting your dog in the process.

The length and stiffness of the pins help the brush get through even tough tangles or clumps without ripping out the dog’s hair while you detangle them.

The biggest downside of this brush is its cost. It is one of the more expensive brushes on the market, but it is also one of the highest-rated on the market as well.

Purebred berner sennenhund, taken outside during spring/summer time.

Grooming Bernese Mountain Dogs

Unlike many other breeds of dog, Bernese Mountain Dogs and Mini Bernese Mountain Dogs do not need to be trimmed or clipped very often. They have shorter hair that doesn’t tend to grow very long. They may occasionally need trimming, but it is nothing like what is required of other breeds of dogs.

These dogs are known for their shiny, healthy coats which require regular bathing. Bernese dogs are known for loving baths, so this isn’t all that hard to do. Regular bathing helps the coat stay shiny and bright. You may need to occasionally use a detangling shampoo if you are struggling with tangles or mats.

The most important part of coat care for Bernese Mountain Dogs is regular brushing. This breed needs to be brushed regularly, most people brush them daily. In the spring and summer, they are at their height of shedding, so lengthier brushings may be necessary during this time of year.

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A person brushing bernese mountain dog
A person brushing Bernese Mountain Dog

In Closing

Bernese Mountain Dogs are large, highly affectionate, well-tempered dogs that are great workers and also great members of the family. Unlike dogs with longer coats, the grooming requirements of the Bernese are much simpler. Regular bathing and brushing are really all you need to keep their coats shiny and healthy.

A high-quality brush is part and parcel of keeping your dog’s coat in the best possible shape. You want a large-headed, quality brush that has pin-style bristles that will easily get through clumps and tangles without hurting your dog in the process. Any of the brushes we review here are excellent options for daily brushing and can handle the needs of Bernese Mountain Dogs of all ages.

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