3 Best Brushes for Australian Cattle Dogs

Like all dogs, cattle dogs do require some regular grooming. Short-haired dogs, don’t require a ton of grooming, but it is important to give the dog the occasional bath, and daily brushing is recommended to remove dirt, debris, and loose hair, and to reduce the risk of tangles and clumps.

best brushes for australian cattle dog
Best Brushes for Australian Cattle Dog

Some people only brush their cattle dogs once or twice a week, but more regular grooming can also help with bonding in addition to keeping the dog’s coat clean and healthy.

Recommended Brushes for Australian Cattle Dogs: Our Picks

  1. GoPets Professional Slicker Brush
  2. Hertzko Double-Sided Pins and Bristle Brush
  3. Pet Magasin Professional Grooming Brushes

Bathing should be done about every six weeks, unless, of course, the dog gets into something. Quality dog shampoo will help keep both skin and coat healthy.

While they are short-haired, they do have an undercoat. In spring and early summer, they are at the height of their shedding, so more regular brushing can help keep their hair down during this time.

The only tool you really need to brush a Cattle Dog is a quality bristle brush and comb. Let’s take a look at our picks for the highest-quality brushes for Australian cattle dogs on the market.

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The Best Brushes for Australian Cattle Dog

1. GoPets Professional Slicker Brush

GoPets is a trusted and well-known brand that makes a wide range of products for pets. With an emphasis on grooming products, their product line ranges from cat and dog combs and brushes, as well as cat scratching solutions for problem cats.

Their Slicker Brush is our top pick for the best brush for Australian Cattle Dogs.

The brush is designed to help remove loose hair and matting. It can easily detangle hair and helps to remove any dirt and debris that may get trapped under the fur. The brush is designed to be safe and gentle on your pup.

It features high-density bristles that get through even thick and coarse hair with ease. The handle is made from comfort grip silicone gel which makes it comfortable and easy to groom your dog.

The brush is designed to not only get rid of tangles and loose hair, but it also spreads oils throughout the coat helping to promote a shiny, healthy coat.

This brush is also self-cleaning for easy hair removal. There is a button that causes the bristles to retract, so it is easy to remove all the hair.

Users of this brush love how it so easily gets through even thick and coarse hair. It is suitable for most coat types, so it is a versatile slicker brush. It may not be suitable for dogs with curly hair.

The biggest downside associated with this is that it has a large head, which is great for people with larger dogs like Australian Cattle Dogs, but if you have a multi-dog household that includes smaller dogs, you may need other grooming tools for them.

2. Hertzko Double Sided Pins and Bristle Brush

Hertzko is a reputable brand that is best known for making a wide range of home pet care products that are affordable and high-quality.

Their product line ranges from trimmers, toothbrushes, leashes, and brushes. Their double-sided pins and bristle brush is a high-quality two-sided brush that is well suited for Australian Cattle Dogs.

The brush is a two-in-one brush. The pin bristle side helps you get through clumps and mats and makes it easy to detangle hair. The pins are made with rounded ends, so you can be sure that you aren’t hurting your pet while grooming them.

The soft, densely packed bristles on the other side are designed to distribute essential oils across the coat to keep your dog’s coat sleek and shiny. The brush has an anti-slip comfortable handle that makes for comfortable grooming for both you and your pet.

Users of this brush love that it is so versatile and durable. Many have used it on their dogs for months without any issues with bristles falling out, which can be common with some bristle brushes.

The biggest downside is that this may not be the best comb for dogs with really long hair. This isn’t an issue with short-haired Australian Cattle Dogs, but if you have more than one dog and one of them is a long-hair, you may need additional tools for the job.

3. Pet Magasin Professional Grooming Brushes

Pet Magasin is an up-and-coming brand that makes a range of pet products. They are known for making quality products that you can trust with your four-legged family members. Their product line includes natural dog treats, pet carriers, and brushes.

Their professional grooming brushes are an affordable, comprehensive set of three brushes that give you all the tools you need for complete grooming.

The set includes a double-sided brush, an undercoat rake that is made for dogs with double coats (which includes Australian Cattle Dogs), and a de-matting tool.

The double-sided brush is a great all-purpose brush for daily grooming. The pin bristle side is designed to detangle the coat and remove loose hair. The soft bristled side helps distribute oils throughout the hair to keep the coat shiny.

If your dog has a lot of matting or a thick undercoat, the other two tools are great as well.

All three tools have non-slip ergonomic handles so you can comfortably groom your pets with ease. Users of this brush set love that it is a comprehensive set of tools that provides for pretty much all grooming needs, from daily use to times when your dog has matted fur or tangles.

The biggest downside is that some have had issues with losing bristles out of the double-sided brush after a few months of use.

Well brushed running australian cattle dog, on free walk in forest on snow

The Australian Cattle Dog

Also called a Cattle Dog, this is a medium-sized herding dog. The breed was developed in Australia to aid in cattle herding across inhospitable terrain. Australian cattle dog is a short-haired dog.

They are known for being protective and if raised with kids, they can be very good dogs for families. However, due to their protective nature and their playful temperament, there can be issues with biting with some dogs.

They are not the best dogs to have in multi-dog households as they tend to dominate other dogs. They may also be dangerous around cats.

They are very smart dogs and can be trained to do a wide range of tricks and are great working dogs, even though we don’t use dogs in this manner very often anymore.

Cattle dogs are known to bond greatly with one human. As independent animals, this type of dog isn’t likely to be a cuddler but will be fiercely loyal to their person. They enjoy playing more than cuddling and this is a great way to bond with them.

brush for australian cattle dog
Brush for Australian Cattle dog

In Closing

Australian Cattle Dogs are a unique and tough breed of dog. They are known for being protective playful and fiercely loyal to their owners.

They are medium-sized, short-haired dogs that don’t require a ton of grooming to keep their coats clean and healthy. They only need occasional bathing and regular brushing to keep their skin and coats in good condition.

Any of the brushes we reviewed here are high-quality choices that are well-suited to Australian Cattle Dogs. Whether you want an all-purpose double-sided brush, a slicker brush that will remove loose hair and help to detangle, or you need a more comprehensive set of tools, we have covered options here that can meet all these needs.

These tools are designed to serve their purpose while keeping your dog comfortable and safe and providing an easy grip for the owner for more comfortable grooming for all involved.

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