Are All Vizslas Hyper?

The Hungarian Short-haired Pointer, better known as Vizsla, is a breed of dogs that often trained as a companion to hunters. Their hunting skills are exceptional thanks to the high level of physical activity they develop. 

are all vizslas hyper
Are All Vizslas Hyper?

It is known for the love and affection it has towards the members of its human family. It is one of the most affectionate dogs that exist. That is why a Vizsla needs a lot of personal attention since otherwise it would feel alone, which is fatal for it. 

You should be aware that if you are a person who spends a lot of time in an office and only comes home at night, then the Vizsla is not for you. The reason for this is simple and is that these canines cannot be confined for a long time inside a home. They were born to run, play, and do any physical activity. 

Hyperactivity of a Vizsla Dog

This breed is characterized by being respectful of children, adults, and other animals. Even they are also affectionate with strangers, but it must be taken into account that this only happens after our Vizsla totally trusts that person. 

When a Vizsla sees several people, it can feel a lot of emotion and shock. That is due to the personality of these loving dogs. On many occasions, that emotion can make it hyperactive due to the desire to get along with everyone. 

The hyperactivity of a Vizsla does not end there. As we have said previously, these canines do not support confinement or loneliness. That can affect them emotionally and lead them to behave irrationally. They become very restless and destroy everything in their path. Therefore, it is crucial to analyze what kind of people we are and determine if we would be good owners for a Vizsla. 

You must allow your Vizsla to do all kinds of activities. They are quite energetic animals that are characterized by their hunting skills and their physical condition. That is why they need at least 2 exercise sessions a day. Therefore, you can take it for a walk, run with it, play, or do any other physical activity. 

Banning it from doing some of those things can make your pet very anxious and start to have irrational behaviors. 

Hyperactivity in a dog like the Vizsla can be negative for its health in many cases. We have seen above that this breed is very emotional as they create powerful bonds with members of their human family. If your Vizsla feels lonely at any time due to a lack of attention, it can generate anxiety and stress. We all know that these two situations are harmful, even for a human. 

A hyper Vizsla dog running in snow
A hyper Vizsla dog running in snow

Treat Your Vizsla as it Should Be

You must understand the type of dog the Vizsla is and the feelings they express. 

Never leave it alone in your house because it will feel very anxious and destroy everything in its path. Try to be very close to it. Play with it, hug it, caress it, and make it feel like part of the family. You can even sleep with it. 

Although these dogs can become hyperactive, we can avoid that if we act correctly as owners. 

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