Wirehaired Vizsla Temperament

The presence of a pet in the home improves the quality of life and the physical and mental health of people. Having a dog, cat, bird, etc., is decisive in the state of mind of the members of a family since scientifically it has been proven that having a pet helps against depression, making us feel safer and happier. 

wirehaired vizsla temperament
Wirehaired Vizsla Temperament

Many pets, especially dogs, show their qualities such as loyalty, joy, affection, etc., allowing a better interaction with the living beings surrounding them, especially their owners. With this in mind, we know that dogs are the most common household pets in the world. 

We can talk about a great variety of dog breeds that have characteristics of this species and unique qualities that allow them to be differentiated from each other. We are going to talk about one of the Vizsla’s family dogs. We are referring to the Wirehaired Vizsla

The Wirehaired Vizsla is a dog similar to the traditional Vizsla but is considered a different breed. Its biggest difference is in its coat since it is usually denser. This canine originated in the 1930s in Hungary with the aim of obtaining a dog with rougher and harder fur so that it could withstand cold weather conditions. For that reason, breeders of that time began to cross traditional Vizslas with German Pointers to give rise to the Wirehaired Vizsla. 

As we have said before, this canine belongs to the Vizsla family, so it has many similar characteristics. One of the most distinctive is its ability to hunt. In addition, they are animals with a high level of physical activity that require exercise every day in order not to get bored and stay healthy and fit. 

Next, we will explain a little more in detail one of the most important aspects of this breed of dog: Temperament. 

Wirehaired Vizslas are Active and Energetic 

These dogs are characterized by accumulating a large amount of energy throughout the day, which must be released through different physical activities. Wirehaired Vizslas need daily exercise, be it running, swimming, jumping, playing, walking, etc. 

They adore doing any activity with their owners or members of their human family. In fact, they cannot be left home alone for a long time as they could develop destructive behavior. That is because they need to release all the energy they have accumulated through exercise or physical activity. It is why the Wirehaired Vizsla needs to spend much of the day away from home. 

Wirehaired Vizslas are Friendly 

Both the traditional Vizsla and the Wirehaired Vizsla are characterized by being very affectionate and friendly with their owners and members of their human family. They can also get along well with strangers, but we must bear in mind that they can mistrust them on certain occasions. For that reason, they need socialization training so they can get used to being around strangers or family friends. 

They Get Along Well with Children and Other Animals 

One of the biggest concerns that people have when it comes to acquiring a new canine is whether it will not pose any danger to their children. Bear in mind that most families who adopt or buy a dog have children at home. 

Fortunately, a Wirehaired Vizsla has a beautiful personality that makes it excellent for hanging out with children. That’s because this dog loves to play, and who better to do it than with a child? For that reason, the Wirehaired Vizsla is considered an excellent canine for families. 

Now, it is important to consider how big this dog can reach. Adult Wirehaired Vizslas are medium-large in size, which could be a problem factor when playing with your children.

Obviously, this dog will have no bad intentions, but it is possible that when it is playing with your children, it is excited to jump and run from one place to another, which can accidentally cause a collision with the child. 

This situation does not affect older children so much, but it may not be recommended in the case of the youngest. Therefore, it is important to constantly supervise them until your dog adapts to your child. The good news is that the Wirehaired Vizsla is an intelligent canine that will soon understand that it has to play carefully with a smaller child. 

The same is true in the case of animals. This breed can get along well with other animals (dogs, cats, etc.), especially when raised together. If they are unknown animals, then it may take a little time to adapt. 

Now, let’s remember that these canines have a hunting instinct due to their origin. That is why we must be careful when allowing it to approach smaller animals since it could start to chase them everywhere. Some of them are rabbits, hamsters, etc. If you have one of these animals at home, you have to supervise them well to avoid any unwanted situation. 

Wirehaired Vizslas are Calm 

Although we have said previously that Wirehaired Vizslas are very energetic dogs, we also have to say that they are calm when satisfied. What does that mean? These canines need to exercise each day for a certain amount of time. In this way, they will tire out by spending much of their energy doing physical activities. In those moments, we can see a calm and gentle dog. 

It is important always to provide exercise to a dog of this type so that it is happy. 

Wirehaired Vizslas are Known for Their Intelligence 

This breed of dog is very intelligent and loves to satisfy its owners. This canine’s learning and understanding capacity is a great reason why they are easier to train than other dogs. They love learning new skills. 

This quality not only allows it to carry out its activities during the hunt efficiently but also any other work together with its owner. 

They Suffer from Separation Anxiety 

It is one of the most important aspects to consider.  

Many people see this as a disadvantage. A Wirehaired Vizsla hates loneliness. It cannot be left alone for long as it can feel sad, depressed, and anxious, which can affect its mental health. 

The problem with many families is that they adopt these dogs without even knowing their personalities.  

A person who works long periods cannot adopt this breed since it is most likely that it will not have a happy life. 

We must focus on planning our time and spending a large part of the day with our pets. When we are not at home, we should try to leave it with its favorite toys so that it can entertain itself while we are away. However, in many cases, it is not enough. 

For that reason, it is advisable to ask a member of your family to take care of your Wirehaired Vizsla while you are not at home. Failing that, you can also hire a dog sitter to do all the necessary activities to keep it happy. 

They are Dogs with a Protective Instinct 

These canines do not exhibit aggressive behavior. As we have said before, this breed of dog can be wary of strangers for a short period. However, when they notice that their owners accept them, then they begin to be affectionate. 

Now, when a Wirehaired Vizsla does not know a person and notices some strange situation, it will not hesitate to alert its owners or members of its human family about a possible threat. In these situations, the canine will be close to its loved ones and will bark warning of danger. 

They Can Become Very Fond of a Person 

We know that these dogs are loving and friendly to all members of their human family. They get along well with everyone and love to play or do some physical activity with them. However, as with humans, it can choose a favorite and be more affectionate with him or her. 

This situation may be due to the person spending more time on it, feeding it more frequently, playing with it, etc. 

Wirehaired Vizslas Can Get Stressed in Small Places 

These animals are medium-large in size, which can be problematic depending on where their owners live. This breed of dog needs to live in fields or spacious houses with a large backyard as they are animals with a high level of physical activity that need to exercise and move freely. 

An apartment or small house can be a bad option for these canines as they will not have enough space to move freely. That can be bad since it could be frustrating for them to be in a small place, and they would develop destructive behavior putting objects in the house in danger. 

A Wirehaired Vizsla dog running wild in the snow
A Wirehaired Vizsla dog running wild in the snow


These dogs are beautiful in every way, but they are not suitable for all families. Before adopting a Wirehaired Vizsla, it is important to research everything about them to verify that they are the best option for us. 

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