Are Wirehaired Vizslas Good with Cats?

The Wirehaired Vizsla is a medium-sized hunting dog, covered in a wire coat, with an appearance and bearing distinguished by everyone. It has a thin but strong morphology and is very robust. Its hair color is an attractive reddish gold. 

are wirehaired vizslas good with cats
Are Wirehaired Vizslas Good with Cats?

It is considered an affectionate pet and a docile companion in the home. This dog tends to get along very well with all its human family members and with strangers around it. Besides, it has a sensitive personality that responds best to firm and fair handling with positive reinforcement. 

Since ancient times there has always been controversy regarding whether cats and dogs can live with each other. Canines and domestic felines can become best friends or learn to coexist peacefully side by side. 

If you already have a cat in the house and want to include a Wirehaired Vizsla or vice versa, selecting the ideal breed will go a long way toward achieving a harmonious relationship. In this case, this type of dog is very flexible with animals and could get along well with cats. 

Can My Wirehaired Vizsla Get Along with Cats? 

The Wirehaired Vizsla dog is a hunting canine that can get along well with other animals; in this case, felines (cats). Of course, it is even more recommended that your pet grows up next to a cat so that it can be considered as part of its social group. 

Keep in mind that your pet’s breeding and education are important to achieve a good relationship with a cat. Most dog breeds can live peacefully with a feline if they are well-trained and socialized from puppies. 

wirehaired vizsla dog and a cat
Wirehaired Vizsla dog and a cat

Can My Wirehaired Vizsla Dog Live with a Cat? 

Wirehaired Vizslas are very friendly with other animals, whether they are dogs or not. Even this canine can have high compatibility with a cat if raised with it from a young age. 

Although it is true that before introducing a new species into your home, it is highly recommended and important that you stimulate the socialization of your dog and cat so that they can adapt to the presence of the other. 

This type of breed can be adapted to living with cats if you are firm with the relationship between the two from the first moment. That is, both species could get along well if they are brought together from an early age at home. 

Notably, these dogs are not suitable for households with small pets such as rabbits, rodents, guinea pigs, or birds. 

As Wirehaired Vizsla have strong hunting instincts, they are likely to chase cats and small wild animals instinctively. However, due to their high degree of intelligence to easily understand training, they can generally learn excellent memory skills and not chase prey. 

That is why if you want your pet to get along with cats, you must know how to train them little by little so that they create a good relationship with the felines. 

However, do not put a cat and a dog in the same room and wait for these two to get along, as they can cause a disaster. The idea is that both species can coexist slowly and progressively in a comfortable environment. 

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