5 Reasons Why Dogs Hate Huskies

Huskies are beautiful, gorgeous dogs that have enormous reserves of energy. They’re big, playful, communicative, and full of love. But, when one goes to a dog park, it doesn’t take long to see how other dogs don’t take very well to the husky.

why dogs hate huskies
5 Reasons Why Dogs Hate Huskies

There are many reasons why dogs hate huskies. The five main ones are:

  • husky behavior
  • prejudice from other dogs
  • sexual behavior
  • the subtleties of canine communication
  • general apathy.

While the husky will most likely be the cause in some way, there could be issues going on with other dogs.

The best solution in most of these situations will be to remove all the dogs in question; regardless if your dog is the husky or the one upset at the husky’s presence. This will ensure everyone’s safety while also being able to calm the dogs that are most upset.

1. Exuberant Energy; Rushing at Other Dogs

More often than not, the reason why many dogs don’t like huskies is because of their vast reserves of abundant energy. This often results in the husky lunging or rushing at other dogs, which is intimidating. While the husky may not intend aggression, other dogs – especially smaller ones – interpret it as such.

Fortunately, out of most suggestions for the reasons listed below, this one is treatable. You can, of course, train a husky to be less exuberant in their approach to other dogs and people. This will do a lot to quell the problems that come up.

Note, though, that you shouldn’t use the dog park to try to socialize your dog because there are too many uncontrollable variables.

2. Prejudice

Sometimes, some dogs have an awful initial experience with a particular breed. If it is bad or frequent enough, they will develop a prejudice toward that breed. This could be the case when it comes to a husky.

In severe instances, the dog taking offense to the husky may simply have a bias against the features. Therefore, they could have an aversion to any big, fluffy dog with pointy ears and a long snout.

There are also some smaller breeds of dogs that go nuts at any other kind of dog bigger than themselves. Chihuahuas are famous for this. The best way to handle such a situation is to take the husky from the view of the dog expressing its displeasure.

3. Gender; Sexuality

Of course, there’s always the matter of gender and sexual behaviors that can often come into the picture. If a dog is pregnant or if there are many male dogs with a fertile female around, they will not like a husky. Females are incredibly aggressive when in heat or pregnant.

This will be especially true if the husky is fully intact; it presents a threat to the rest of the pack wanting the female. The only way to handle this is by removing the husky from the situation.

Also, neutering the dog will do much to prevent it from wanting to chase willing females in heat.  What’s more, if you’re looking to breed your dog, do it responsibly and under the right conditions. Don’t let your dog mate haphazardly.

4. Signals

Dogs have an intricate communication system that many humans can’t interpret or don’t pick up on. The husky may be putting off some kind of signal that’s sending other dogs into a tizzy. Alternatively, the other dogs upset with the husky are picking up on some sensation or attitude they don’t like.

This is often the case when you know it’s not any of the other reasons mentioned here. Removing all the dogs involved is the best way to handle this situation so it doesn’t get too far out of hand.

However, it may be a good idea to learn how to read this kind of language so you can increase your chances of anticipation in the future. This will be individual to each dog’s personality, temperament, and sociability.

5. Disinterest

Then again, it could be that the husky shows disinterest in interacting with other dogs, this can be very upsetting in some cases. Or, the other dogs display great indifference toward the husky in general. This can be off-putting to the husky.

The good news is this doesn’t often end in a fight or other aggressive behavior. Even if the ambivalence is mutual with a bit of tension, there shouldn’t be issues. They simply aren’t digging each other.

If you intend to try and get the dogs to be friends, it’s best to introduce them in this way and take things slow. Allow the dogs to gradually get used to each other and try not to force anything.

why dogs hate huskies
Why Dogs Hate Huskies


Dogs hating huskies are very much similar to when we meet new people. We come across some who we like, others we don’t, and yet some are just okay. Therefore, we react as such. This behavior dynamic is also true for dogs. Some they make fast friends with and others they will box, seemingly to the death.

Whether you have a husky or another type of dog that doesn’t like huskies, you can do a lot with training to help quell some of the behavior. But, figuring out your dog and its preferences will go a long way in helping to stop some aggressive interactions that can occur.

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