Why Does My Dog Do Runny Poop on Walks?

Taking your dog for a daily walk is probably the most exciting thing that every dog gets to look forward to each day. Even a passing glimpse at the leash can cause a dog to leap and wag its tail. However, on occasion, this cherished routine may move more than just your dog’s paws, prompting you to wonder: why does my dog have runny poop when we go for walks?

why does my dog do runny poop on walks
Why Does My Dog Do Runny Poop On Walks?

Aside from the possibility of any health-related issues, the major cause of runny poop while walking is a change in your dog’s normal behavior. This may be something that your dog does when he is excited, or it could be something your dog does when he wants to communicate with other dogs. Other possible explanations include increased activity—which causes bowel motions to occur—and territory marking.

We’re going to discuss your dog’s pooping habits for a moment. Are they considered normal? What does “normal” look like for a dog? Have you ever found yourself running out of poop bags while walking your dog because he goes out too many times? Maybe you’ve even overheard your friends complaining about their dogs not pooping on their walks, and you can’t help but wonder why your dog is so unlike these other dogs.

Do dogs need to poop several times per day?

The majority of healthy canines will defecate anywhere from one to five times each day. Yes—it is that big of a range! Dogs in good health tend to be on the higher end of this spectrum.

The frequency with which your dog poops is determined by how frequently you feed it as well. In general, if you feed your pet three small meals per day, you should anticipate that they will need to go to the bathroom more frequently than if they were only eating one meal per day.

In addition to their age and overall health condition, your dog’s potty breaks are also influenced by their environment. Senior dogs or dogs with poor health (emaciated) tend to poop less frequently.

When thinking about your dog’s potty breaks, consistency is the most crucial thing to keep in mind.

Is it necessary to be concerned if your dog poops more than usual?

It may appear that your dog is pooping more than usual at times, but there is no need to be concerned as long as the consistency of the poop appears to be normal and your dog does not appear to be in any discomfort or pain.

If your dog is pooping more frequently and passing loose stools, however, this may be a cause for concern. This is a telltale symptom of an unsettled stomach, and it may be quite painful for your canine companion.

Another indicator to be cautious about is if your dog is not pooping daily. Constipation can be indicated by a lack of passing stools, which can then progress to more serious issues if left untreated for an extended period.

But why does my pup poop so much while we’re out on a walk?

dog pooping in the grass

This is likely because the increased level of exercise and movement can cause a dog’s bowels to move more swiftly. If your dog is just sitting on the sofa or otherwise remaining inactive and lounging, it is doubtful that his or her bowels will be active during that period at all.

This change in metabolism when walking is entirely natural and beneficial for the body. Walking your dog frequently results in content and healthy canine companion at your side, especially if the walk involves one or two poop stops.

Keep an eye out for your pooch’s poop

Maintaining a close eye on your dog’s poop is critical if you are afraid that anything may be wrong with him. This is especially true when it comes to knowing and staying aware of your dog’s general health.

If the color or consistency of their poop has changed significantly, it is necessary to monitor them over the next couple of days to see if there is any improvement or other changes taking place. This will assist you in figuring out whether they are suffering from a stomach illness, a food intolerance, or any other possible conditions. The pooping habits of your dog can easily provide insight into what is going on with them.

When you take your pooch to the vet, providing specifics regarding the consistency, color, and frequency of your dog’s bowel habits and poop will aid the veterinarian in determining what could be wrong.

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Why is my dog pooping constantly while walking?

Overall, your dog’s pooping habits are heavily influenced by his or her nutrition and water consumption. As soon as you alter your dog’s food, you will notice an adjustment in their poop until their body becomes acclimated to the new diet.

An increase in the consumption of treats or human food is another possible cause of diarrhea, too. Your dog may suffer from an upset stomach, just like humans do if he consumes food that is not suitable for him. Dogs’ stomachs are particularly sensitive to human food, especially if it is not given gradually.

Making sure your dog is drinking enough water is just as essential as feeding your dog a nutritious diet that is high in quality. Dehydration can be yet another cause of a change in the color of your dog’s poop, the loosening of stools, or an upset stomach.

So, if your dog is pooping more regularly or having loose stools, the first question you should ask is if something significant has occurred or changed in their environment. Changes in your dog’s diet—such as alterations to food or water—are most common, but new stressors or allergies can also cause changes as well.

Related Questions

Can stress cause runny poop in dogs while walking?

When dogs are stressed, it is normal for them to defecate more frequently. Even though your dog may like going for walks, the additional walking may cause further stress for them. Stress can easily cause your dog’s tummy to clench up in knots—quite literally.

Additionally, stress can cause your dog to under or over-eat, causing their stomach to get uncomfortable as a result. When taking your canine companion on a walk, try to avoid any scenarios that may cause him to get anxious or stressed.

why dogs do runny poop on walks
Why Dogs Do Runny Poop On Walks?

What if this odd behavior just recently started?

If pooping on walks is a new occurrence, something may have changed to cause this new behavior.

Is there a lake or river in your area where your dog may have drank some water? Bacteria found in natural water sources can easily upset the delicate balance in your dog’s stomach, and this can cause your dog to defecate more frequently than normal.

Dogs can also be afflicted with diseases such as irritable bowel syndrome, a digestive ailment that can result in frequent toilet breaks.

Any changes in your dog’s attitude, as well as any changes in the color and consistency of his or her poop, need to be noted as they can make it much easier to diagnose a syndrome or underlying problem when consulting with your veterinarian about the issue.

Also, has your dog been prescribed any new drugs recently? This is another factor that may influence the frequency of dog pooing while walking.

Otherwise, as long as your dog maintains a consistent potty pattern during their walks—even if the instances of pooping appear to be too frequent—you shouldn’t worry yourself sick over their health or wellbeing on this issue since they can stick to a proper routine, and that’s a sense of a healthy dog even if things may be a bit different than they were before.

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