What Does D2D Mean in Dog Adoption?

Adopting a dog is a noble endeavor. You get the opportunity to provide a dog with a home and a loving family. Dog rescues often have a list of requirements that you must meet before taking your new pet home. One of these requirements is often listed as D2D.

what does d2d mean in dog adoption
What Does D2D Mean in Dog Adoption?

When looking over the list of requirements for adopting a dog, you often find that you can’t take the dog home unless D2D has been completed. What does D2D mean about adopting a dog? D2D is shorthand for a dog-to-dog meeting. It means that if you have another dog living in your house, the rescue or shelter will not finalize the adoption of a dog of interest before they have met the dogs you currently own. Some dogs get along well with others, while some dogs thrive in only dog households. It is in the best interest of the potential adoptee to meet any other dogs in the house to ensure they all get along.

D2D is far from the only requirement listed at most rescues and shelters. There is often a whole list of conditions you must meet to bring home your new dog. Let’s look at some of these requirements and what they mean.

How does adopting a dog work

At most shelters or rescues, you will start by filling out an application for adoption for a dog you are interested in. An adoption counselor usually looks over the application to determine if you are a good fit for adoption before proceeding.

The information they are looking for is primarily related to your living situation:  whether you own your home or are renting, your past animal ownership, history of veterinary care, and sometimes a background check to ensure you have no history of animal abuse charges.

Once the adoption counselor has determined that everything is in order (which takes about 24-48 hours), you will be contacted to move forward with the adoption.

NOTE:  The timeframes listed in these articles are averages for most dog rescue centers. This time could be longer or shorter depending on the rescue, so check with the specific location you are using for the exact amount of time you should expect it to take to review your application.

What does it mean to put an animal on hold?

If your adoption application is approved, you can usually place a dog on temporary hold. What this means is that while you are going through the adoption process, the dog is held for you, and no one else can apply to adopt that specific dog.

The purpose of the hold is to give both you and the rescue a chance to make sure the dog is a good fit for you. The amount of time a hold can be placed varies between shelters.

How much does adoption cost

Adopting a dog is often significantly cheaper than purchasing a dog from a breeder, but there is a fee. The fee varies according to your location and is based on the rescue’s costs to take care of the dog, including spaying/neutering, food, and vet care. Adoption fees are usually very low, and most dog rescues are non-profit organizations. They’re simply covering their costs.

How do I find out the policies of an adoption group

Most shelters and rescues have a website or other contact information listed online. Since their primary goal is to find animals a good home, they will be very open about sharing their requirements for adoption.

Common questions for adopters

There are some common questions that you will see on dog adoption applications. Being prepared with the answers can help speed up the process.

  • Do you have other pets?
  • Is your residence suited to the dog you’re trying to adopt? – For example, if you’re trying to adopt a large dog, you will need a backyard for them to run in. Smaller dogs are better suited to apartment living.
  • Do you have a plan for your dog if you take a vacation?
  • Does anyone in your home have allergies?
  • Is there tension in the home? – This question is asked to ensure the well-being of the dog. When moving to a new home, dogs need some time to adapt and pick up on any tension within the home.
what does d2d mean in dog adoption
D2D Meaning in Dog Adoption

Other considerations

There are a few things to consider that will help you find a dog that’s best suited to your lifestyle:

  • Do you want an active dog or a couch potato?
  • Do you have the patience to train a puppy, or would you prefer an older dog?
  • Do you have kids in the home?
  • Do you want an independent dog or one who stays by your side all day?
  • What size of dog can your home accommodate?
  • Is your home busy or quiet?
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