Vizsla Gas Problems: All You Need to Know

If you consider adopting a Vizsla dog in your family, you have to know their hereditary diseases and life expectancy. It is true that Vizslas are athletic animals that are always in good shape, but they also have characteristics that threaten their health. 

vizsla gas problems
Vizsla Gas Problems: All You Need To Know

One of the great difficulties that Vizsla dogs present is their gas problem. These dogs are considered one of the world’s healthiest breeds since they tend to exercise all the time and keep moving. However, these animals tend to suffer from inherited and genetic diseases that affect their health. 

Why Does My Vizsla Dog Have Gas Problems? 

Vizsla dogs are animals that have a balanced and healthy morphology. However, they possess a deep chest, which is characteristic of the breed, which puts them at risk of developing bloat. It is an acute digestive condition that causes the dog’s stomach to fill with gas, causing the canine to roll over in pain. 


Bloat is a condition that affects purebred dogs with deep chests, such as the Weimaraners, the German Shorthaired Pointer, and, of course, the Vizslas. It is not a pleasant condition at all, especially if your pet is suffering from this. 

When a dog’s chest is very deep, air tends to enter the animal’s stomach, generating unwanted gases that quickly cause aches and pains, making your Vizsla not feel well. 

Also, bloating can be caused by a dog drinking too much water and overeating, as this stretches its stomach, creating massive and painful bloat. If you have a Vizsla at home that loves to eat in bulk, you have to hide the food from their sight and only give them their respective food portions when it is time to eat. 

Some foods are associated with slow and heavy digestion. That causes them to stay longer than they need in the intestine, which causes gas in the dog. 

When your pet’s stomach has been filled with a lot of air, it generates gases that cause bulges in both the intestine and this organ, causing them to twist. That would generate terrible discomfort and, therefore, would be considered a very serious medical emergency. 

Does Bloating Occur Only in Young Vizslas? 

This type of condition can be seen at any age of your Vizsla dog, including puppies, but in these cases, it is likely that the bloating of the puppies is due to the fact that it has eaten some fermented foreign object that is in its stomach. Believe it or not, gas in dogs can be a very serious problem. 

Bloating and gas are seen more often in older dogs and can sometimes be caused by another underlying health condition. Dogs can also bloat after a lot of stress from different situations such as childbirth, excessive exercise on a full stomach, or long walks without rest. 

What are the Signs of Bloating and Gas in Vizsla Dogs? 

The accumulation of gases in the stomach and intestine of the dog causes discomfort, but they are not the only symptoms present. Other symptoms are: 

  • Diarrhea. 
  • Vomiting. 
  • Lethargy (which is normal in dogs suffering from nervous, infectious, or toxic diseases). This situation produces insomnia, dementia, kidney failure, encephalitis, and cirrhosis of the liver in any animal that has it. 
  • Difficulty standing firm. 
  • Pale gums. 
  • Abdominal pain. 
  • Gastric torsion. 
  • Expulsion of gases through the mouth and anus. 
  • Colic attack. 
  • Very hard abdomen. 
  • Weight loss. 
  • Decline and apathy. 
  • Crooked back. 
vizsla gas problems
Vizsla Gas Problems

What Can I Do if My Vizsla Dog Suffers from Bloating and Gas? 

The first thing you have to do is keep calm because if you are stressed and worried, you will only alter your pet’s environment, which will notice quickly. This condition is something that can happen to a dog from one day to the next.

That is, your Vizsla dog may be jumping and playing with a lot of energy today, and the next day, it may be lying writhing on the ground due to abdominal pain caused by the gas. 

If your dog is bloated, its vet can simply insert a tube into the stomach and release the contained air. If this doesn’t work, he can use a needle in the stomach to see if air can be expelled that way. In the worst case, the animal will have to undergo an operation. 

It is best to take it to a professional veterinarian as soon as possible. Do not take the pains and complaints of your Vizsla dog lightly, as it can die due to a twisting of the stomach derived from gases. 

Don’t just feed it dry food. Vizsla dogs (as well as any other canine) can choke on dry food, especially if it is a greedy eater. For that reason, it is advisable to add a little water to your pet’s food before it eats it. 

Another piece of advice we can tell you is that you should never feed your Vizsla dog a large meal before going for a walk. Animals are very different from us when it comes to food.

Despite the fact that humans eat in abundance and feel uncomfortable after a heavy meal, they have the ability to go anywhere without a problem. Instead, dogs are different. They really feel uncomfortable if they go out for a walk after a meal. 

It is recommended that you always wait at least an hour for your pet’s stomach to settle before feeding it and after it eats its food, let it rest for a while so that you can then go for a quiet walk. With this in mind, you would avoid creating gas in your Vizsla’s stomach. 

There are many Vizsla dog owners who are dieting their pets. In that case, it is not advisable to feed your canine cereals and grains since they can cause allergies for some animals and more gas in the stomach. 

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