Can You Let Lurchers Off Their Leash? [ANSWERED]

lurcher dog pulling on leash

The answer to if you can let your lurcher off their leash is a complicated one. If you are in an unfenced area, it is not recommended to let your dog off leash because they have an incredibly strong prey drive that is really hard to break if something catches their attention.

Do Lurchers Shed? [ANSWERED]

Pet Lurcher puppy dog bitch playing on beach

Lurchers do lose some fur during seasonal changes like fall and spring, but overall they aren’t heavy shedders. Your Lurcher needs little maintenance and you need to deal with very limited shedding.

Whippet Lurcher – A Complete Guide

whippet lurcher fawn in field

Whippet Lurchers are sleek and beautiful dogs who are gentle and quiet. Their thin coats and slim body make them unsuited to living outdoors in the cold. They are affectionate dogs and are bred for speed, strength, and endurance. They hunt by sight and are sparked to chase fast-moving objects.

9 Essential Tips For Walking Your Lurcher

Pet Lurcher puppy dog bitch playing on beach

Lurchers are primarily hunting dogs and are bred for speed and hunting. They are known for their stealth and silence. Lurchers thrive best with a lot of daily exercise. They always appreciate a long daily walk. They are distance-running dogs and do not get tired quickly.  The distance your Lurcher can walk depends upon its … Read more

Saluki Lurcher | A Guide To This Amazing Dog!

Saluki Lurcher dog standing in grass looking off to the side

If you are looking for a high-energy, friendly, and easy-to-groom dog, then Saluki Lurchers are the perfect breed for you. Let’s have a look at the Saluki Lurcher’s dog breed characteristics, temperament, grooming, physical requirements, and health concerns.