Saluki Lurcher | A Guide To This Amazing Dog!

Saluki Lurchers are affectionate dogs and are bred for speed, strength, and endurance. This graceful dog has a long, narrow head and a sleek yet muscular body.

saluki lurcher
Saluki Lurcher Breed Guide

If you are looking for a high-energy, friendly, and easy-to-groom dog, then Saluki Lurchers are the perfect breed for you. 

Let’s have a look at the Saluki Lurcher’s dog breed characteristics, temperament, grooming, physical requirements, and health concerns.

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Saluki Lurcher Breed Characteristics 

We have listed below Saluki Lurcher breed characteristics. This is meant to be a general guideline for Saluki Lurcher’s characteristics. 

  • Saluki Lurchers are not apartment dwellers. They need access to a fenced yard to run and play.
  • They are playful dogs. You can encourage their playful nature through activities like fetch, hiking, tracking, agility, and flyball.
  • They are kid-friendly dogs and are gentle with children. Still, they aren’t recommended for homes with young children.
  • Saluki Lurchers love to run and need regular daily exercise. They are good for outdoorsy and active people.
  • They have a high prey drive. These dogs must be kept on a leash whenever they’re not in a securely fenced area.
  • These dogs are prone to worry and even panic when left alone by the owner.
  • Saluki Lurchers have low barking potential and are quiet dogs.
  • They are highly energetic and are always ready and waiting for action. They need a significant amount of exercise and mental stimulation to burn their pent-up energy.
Saluki Lurcher dog standing in grass looking off to the side

Saluki Lurcher Breed Information

Saluki Lurcher is an intelligent and loyal pet with a high need for exercise. Let’s have a look at the vital stats of Saluki Lurchers:

Vital StatsDescription
Average height23-28 inches 
Average weight 35 – 65 pounds
Life Expectancy 11 – 14 years
Energy levelVery energetic 

Temperament and Personality 

Saluki Lurcher has the sweet and loving personality of the Sighthound. They have a tendency to develop solid bonds with a single person in the family. These dogs will become depressed if left alone for long periods.

Saluki Lurchers are usually very respectful and obedient. They are fastidious and like to be clean. Saluki Lurchers are courageous in the hunt but are otherwise non-aggressive.

Saluki Lurchers make great pets once their exercise needs have been met. They are gentle and thrive on quiet companionship.

Like all dogs, Saluki Lurchers need early socialization and exposure to many different people, sights, sounds, and experiences during puppyhood. 

Health Concerns 

The Saluki Lurcher is a hardy dog that does not suffer from many genetically inherited diseases. However, some conditions may affect this breed. Let’s have a look at them:

Hypothyroidism: It is usually caused by a disorder of the thyroid gland. The symptoms include excessive tiredness, mental dullness, weight gain, excessive shedding, a dry or dull coat, and hyperpigmented skin. This problem is treated with medication and diet.

Hemangiosarcoma: This is a type of cancer in the lining of blood vessels and the spleen of Saluki Lurchers.

Cardiomyopathy: This disease has two forms including dilated and hypertrophic. Dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM) is the progressive enlargement of the ventricles. Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy causes a drastic increase in heart muscle mass.

Anesthesia Sensitivity: Saluki Lurchers have a low level of body fat and are usually sensitive to anesthesia and certain other drugs.

How to Take Care of Saluki Lurcher

Taking care of your Saluki Lurcher involves a lot of things including feeding, grooming, training, and exercises.

Let’s get down to the feeding, grooming, training, and exercise requirements of Saluki Lurchers:

Feeding your Saluki Lurcher:

Good diet and nutrition are important for your Saluki Lurcher’s health. You need to be mindful of what you choose to feed your dog. It should be appropriate to your Saluki Lurcher’s age, gender, and activity level.

To support their energy level, their diet should meet their nutritional requirements. They need a diet that is rich in protein and calories.

Training your Saluki Lurcher:

This high-energy breed is known to be the most highly intelligent. Start training with basic commands like sit, stay, etc.

Here are some tips and techniques for Saluki Lurcher training: 

  • Begin training early: Early socialization and puppy training classes are important in directing your Saluki Lurcher’s energy in a positive way.
  • Use a reward system: Saluki Lurchers respond well to positive reinforcement and it should be used as a tool during Saluki Lurcher training. Use the treats as a reward during training sessions.
  • Spend time with your dog: Try to spend extra time with your Saluki Lurcher beyond the training sessions.
  • Consistency is the key: Be consistent with the rules you are setting for your Saluki Lurcher.

Grooming needs of Saluki Lurcher: 

Grooming a Saluki Lurcher is an easy task and a great way to bond with your dog. Saluki Lurchers are a clean, low-shedding breed with very little doggy odor.

  • Bath your Saluki Lurcher when necessary with a good canine shampoo. Frequent baths are not necessary unless your dog gets dirty. Use clean and warm water, and then towel dry or use a dog dryer to dry.
  • Clean your dog’s ears as needed with a solution recommended by your vet.
  • Trim the nails every couple of weeks or as needed, dog nail clippers make it a little easier. 
  • Brush your Saluki with a rubber curry brush weekly to remove dead hair. 
  • Inspect your Saluki Lurcher’s teeth and gums and brush their teeth to prevent tartar buildup.
  • Check the eyes for redness and excessive discharge and make sure they are clean.

Exercise requirements of Saluki Lurcher:

So, how much exercise does a Saluki Lurcher need? A lot! 

Saluki Lurcher is a high-energy breed and they expect to have an active lifestyle. For this, they need to exercise daily, whether structured or unstructured. 

Exercise is also important for their happiness and physical well-being. Regular exercise can prevent health issues for Lurchers and keep them in good shape. On a leash, the Saluki Lurcher makes an excellent jogging companion.

The average exercise requirement for Saluki Lurcher is greater than 40 minutes per day. There are three main types of exercises and activities that you can provide your Saluki Lurcher:

  • Daily long walks
  • A high-intensity activity like playing fetch, frisbee todd, stair exercise, running
  • Mental stimulation like puzzle toys, scenting and nose games, and chew toys.

The exercise needs of Saluki Lurcher puppies are quite different. With their still-developing bones and joints, the best exercise for Saluki Lurcher puppies is free to play with age-appropriate toys.

saluki lurcher
Saluki Lurcher

Final Thoughts 

Do you want to have a companion to spend time with? What are you waiting for?

Grab your Saluki Lurcher and then see the magic. It will make you happy with its vibrant energy, intelligence, and loyalty. Saluki Lurchers tend to offer blind obedience and love interacting with owners.

Give a loving home to your Saluki Lurcher; they just need your love and affection!

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