Should I Shave My Weimaraner?

The Weimaraner breed dog is known for its beautiful, shiny silver-gray coat. It is because of this fabulous fur that in many parts of the world, this animal is called the “Gray Ghost.” 

should i shave my weimaraner
Should I Shave My Weimaraner?

These canines are intelligent, and energetic, and need a lot of attention and exercise, especially in the first years of life. 

One of the uncertainties that owners of a new dog present is whether they should shave it. That is because there are many breeds of canines that need to be shaved for different reasons but not others.

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Should I Shave My Weimaraner? 

Weimaraners have short, smooth, silvery-gray fur. This coat is responsible for protecting the canine from sunburn. However, it is not warm enough to protect the animal from the cold. 

If you have a dog with a very thick coat that seems to suffer from the heat, some vets suggest you shave it. On the other hand, it is necessary to discard the idea of ​​shaving shorter-haired breeds such as the Weimaraner. That’s because it is not beneficial to these dogs, and they are also at risk of sunburn once they have been shaved. 

Actually, any dog ​​can get sunburned, so if you shave your thick or short-haired dog, be sure to leave at least an inch of hair to protect your pet from the sun’s rays. 

Why Shouldn’t I Shave My Weimaraner Dog? 

The hair of a Weimaraner canine is very important since its primary function is to protect the canine’s skin and thus prevent the sun’s rays from burning its body. Also, the fur is meant to protect your Weimaraner from the cold. 

Hair fulfills various metabolic, sensitive, thermoregulatory, and protective functions that keep your pet healthy. These are: 

  • It protects your dog from mosquito bites and flies. The fur prevents these insects from landing on the animal’s skin. 
  • When it rains, the animal’s fur protects its skin from the water. 
  • Despite the fact that the Weimaraner has short hair, it protects much of the cold that the dog may feel. 
  • It keeps your pet’s natural fats balanced. 
  • It avoids all kinds of scratches, tears, or any other wound type that may be caused. However, if your Weimaraner fights with another dog, it will likely get hurt. 
  • The fur allows the filtration of ultraviolet rays (UV) 
  • It prevents the canine from suffering from dermatitis and skin infections. 
  • It protects from heat. In other words, it slows down the process of absorbing heat in your pet’s skin. 

What are the Downsides of Shaving My Weimaraner? 

One of the biggest consequences of shaving your Weimaraner is melanoma. Melanoma is the most serious type of skin cancer, which forms in cells (melanocytes) that make melanin, the pigment that gives skin its color. 

It is disadvantageous to shave your pet and give it a chance of contracting this terrible condition. That is why many Weimaraner dog owners reject the idea of ​​shaving their canines. 

Another disadvantage is that if you shave your pet’s fur, it will grow weak when the hair grows back, and therefore the protective function it has on the animal’s skin will decrease. 

The dog’s undercoat grows faster than the covering hair, sticking out more and suffocating it so that it cannot grow well, so you will be forced to shave it again. This fact starts a vicious cycle in which the animal’s hair will never be the same again, and therefore the canine will no longer have that protection. 

The animal’s skin will dry out, and the coat will begin to lose its normal balance, causing it to start to break. 

If your Weimaraner has very short hair and you shave it, the chances are that its coat will be weak and brittle when it grows back. 

Under What Circumstances Would I Shave My Weimaraner Dog? 

Normally, when a dog receives an injury or infection in an area of ​​its body, it is advisable to shave that area to treat it medically. 

That is important since by removing the hair from the affected area, it can be treated in the best way and with a lot of hygiene. If you do not shave the damaged area, your Weimaraner will be exposed to a severe skin infection and wound. 

Why is a Weimaraner Dog’s Wound Area Shaved? 

The dog’s fur can interfere with wound healing. That explains why it is advisable to trim your beloved pet’s hair in the area surrounding the injury. 

You can do this carefully with a pair of scissors or take your pet to a veterinarian to have the process professionally treated. 

Reducing the amount of hair in the affected area will not only help to perform a better revision of the wound, but it can facilitate the healing that it needs. 

weimaraner dog shaving
Weimaraner dog shaving


If you have one or two Weimaraner dogs at home, don’t shave them. That is because their coat is so short and smooth that it does not require a shave. Even this tiny amount of hair is what covers and protects your animal from the cold. 

If you want just to cut its fur a little bit, take a pair of scissors and very carefully begin to trim the amount of hair you want. 

You can shave the hair of your Weimaraner with the scissors as follows: 

  • Shower your dog with warm water. It is very important that it is washed before shaving it. 
  • Comb it. In this way, you will get it to expel all those loose hairs attached to its body, and thus the cut will be easier to make. 
  • You can start by shaving its face, then its legs, and finally its body. However, you can simply shave the parts you want. 
  • Comb it again and blow-dry. 

Remember not to shave their fur too much since these dogs do not have a double coat of hair that protects them against the cold and much less against burns that the sun can cause. 

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