Ruffwear vs. Embark: Which Harness is Better?

Using a dog harness has numerous advantages for both pets and owners. Most significantly, harnesses—unlike standard collars—press against a dog’s chest rather than its neck, improving both safety and control.

ruffwear vs embark harness
Ruffwear vs Embark Harness: Which is Better?

Ruffwear harnesses are made for adventurous dogs, but they’re also great for everyday activities like a morning walk and other outings. If you need greater control while walking your dog, or if you have an escape artist who can easily slide out his collar, Ruffwear harnesses are a great solution. These harnesses are lightweight and easy to put on and take off, making them great for walking around the neighborhood or anywhere else you choose to take your dog out for a stroll.

The Embark harness is a versatile piece of equipment that can be used for walking, running, training, and adventuring. Dog harnesses from Embark are safer and more comfortable for your pet compared to standard collars. Harnesses are not all created equal, even though they are a superior alternative to traditional dog collars.

Regardless of brand, low-quality dog harnesses are not long-lasting and are not high-quality items. A bad fit can cause your pet’s limbs to move around improperly and cause discomfort or harm, so deciding which harness is best for both you and your pet should be a top priority when you need something a bit more secure than a standard collar.

Which one is better?

As both a veterinarian and dog lover, I always use and recommend what’s best for the dogs. “Which harness is better for dogs?” has often been one of the most asked questions by all dog owners. I purchased and tried out a few different harnesses to observe how the dogs react to them, and my staff later shared the records with me of every dog and harness used after examining and supervising the pairings for several weeks. So, in this review post, I’m going to recommend the best harness for your dog based on that bit of research completed.

Evaluative QualitiesRuffwear HarnessEmbark Harness
FeaturesIt includes a lot of different adjustment systems. It has two clips to work with and is easy to put on. You won’t have to force your dog to go through any holes, which most dogs despise. It contains an ID pocket and two aluminum rings that can be used while taking a dog for a walk. It has a lot of features, but it’s more complex and built for a  variety of additional attachments: padding, front and rear attachments, no-pull front leash attachments, etc. It’s more adjustable than most harnesses I’ve seen. It’s a cushioned harness that fits your dog well and has a grip on the top so you can easily control your dog.
Weight and MaterialIt’s light, yet it’s tough. When a dog exerts force to walk, there are no issues since the harness is strengthened by interwoven nylon straps.It is composed of soft material and is light, making it more comfortable for dogs. Also, it is made of robust nylon threads, which distinguish it from other harnesses.
ComfortThe Ruffwear harness is a high-quality harness with adjustable features that make it pleasant for dogs. It also includes four adjustable positions to keep your dog comfortable on extended car rides.Embark harnesses tend to be more comfortable because of their soft texture and innovative adjustment and attachment options. They contain numerous cushioned areas on the neck and chest areas, as well as a front leash attachment, to keep your dog safe.
ValueThe Ruffwear harness is long-lasting and durable, although it is more expensive than an Embark harness. It also provides plenty of cushioning to keep your dog comfy while out walking.The Embark harness is both long-lasting and cost-effective. It comes with a 100% money-back guarantee, and you can return it if you don’t like it. With Embark, you’ll have a comfy harness that your dog will be able to wear for a long period of time.
UsageRuffwear harnesses are mostly used for extended expeditions, although they can also be used for daily walks and exercise. Ruffwear harnesses also appear to be better for aggressive and strong-pulling dogsEmbark harnesses are made for energetic activities like walking, running, swimming, and hiking. The majority of trainers and professionals now suggest this harness.


I believe it is unnecessary to analyze the advantages and disadvantages of Ruffwear and Embark harness after describing and comparing everything in the table. Each brand has its strengths in certain areas, and it is simply up to the owner to determine which harness best suits the needs pertaining to their specific dog.

However, I was most pleased with the Embark Harness’s longevity. It’s made of sturdy materials and appears to be built to last. I believe many will continue to use the Embark Dog Harness for plenty of years to come. Overall, this is an excellent option for dogs that pull a lot or to simply use it for regular walks. The Embark Dog Harness (shop now) is comfortable for dogs, easy to put on and take off, and economical for any budget.

ruffwear vs embark harness
Ruffwear vs Embark Harness

Related Questions

Why is it necessary to have a dog harness?

Dog harnesses are great for teaching your dog not to pull because the pressure of the harness is more uniformly distributed over your dog’s body compared to using a standard collar that pulls mainly on the neck. Small- and medium-sized dogs lack the neck strength to handle collars that go around the neck very well, so harnesses are a safe and comfortable alternative for them. With larger dogs, harnesses provide improved control for the owner during outings.

Is it possible for dogs to wear a harness all of the time?

A dog can wear a comfortable and loose-fitting harness all day if the harness does not scrape or irritate the dog’s skin. However, the harness at least should be removed at night, when a dog is in their crate, and whenever the dog is left alone.

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