My Vizsla Dog Won’t Eat – What to Do?

Everyone in the world knows that dogs love to eat. Dogs have incredible appetites, but there are times when they don’t want to eat. The reasons for this loss of appetite in a dog can be very varied and are usually caused by a physical health condition that it presents. 

my vizsla dog wont eat
My Vizsla Dog Won’t Eat

In many cases, the lack of appetite is considered to be due to anorexia. In humans, it is normal for anorexia to arise from psychological causes. On the other hand, this disorder is almost always due to some physical aspect when it comes to dogs. 

Normally, when a Vizsla dog does not show interest in eating, it can be due to different circumstances that the dog is presenting. However, it can also mean that the animal is tired of always eating the same thing. 

Reasons a Vizsla Dog Shows No Interest in Eating 

  • The first reason would be because the dog has some disease or physical condition that prevents it from wanting to eat
  • The food it is eating is probably not providing it with enough nutrients, causing it to lose its appetite. 
  • As we have said before, it is also possible that it gets bored of always eating the same thing. We advise you from time to time to offer natural food, which is healthy for your Vizsla. You need to vary your food to maintain a balanced diet. 
  • Your Vizsla can suffer from physical and internal pain, such as pain in the mouth, teeth, or throat. These can make your dog refuse to eat
  • There are many illnesses that can make your dog refuse to eat. Some of these diseases are parvovirus, distemper, leptospirosis, and parasite problems. 
  • Vizslas dogs are very sensitive and emotional beings. Moods such as sadness, depression, anxiety, or phobias can cause your dog to lose its appetite. 

It is essential that you go to your vet to rule out the possibility of a serious illness and determine why your dog decides to stop eating

What Should I Do to Get My Vizsla Dog to Eat? 

  • It is vital that you vary your food. Eating the same thing for a long time can be boring for it, causing it to lose its appetite. 
  • You can prepare homemade food, but first, you must consult with the vet. If you decide to give it homemade food, remember not to cook with too much salt. 
  • They love yogurt. When it is time to eat, you can mix yogurt with its usual food and place it on its plate. 
  • Vizslas are canines that need a lot of protein to keep fit. Therefore, you can consider preparing cooked eggs for them. 
  • If the dog’s food is dry, you can open a can of wet dog food and serve it on its plate. It is good to vary its food options. 
Vizsla dog losing appetite
Vizsla dog losing appetite

What is the Best Food for My Vizsla Dog? 

Many owners use kibble to feed their Vizsla. They consider that it is the best option since it is healthy and nutritious.  

However, as long as you feed your Vizsla carefully and adequately, you have nothing to worry about. 

It is also important to feed it with meats, vegetables, fruits, eggs, etc. All of them have the vitamins and nutrients necessary for our pets. 

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