French Bulldog Mixed With Pug

Do you consider yourself a fan of the wrinkle-faced canine companions? It’s hard not to be: they are just irresistibly cute! The two very popular US breeds were crossbred and we got one very adorable fella: French Bulldog mixed with Pug

french bulldog mixed with pug
French Bulldog Mixed with Pug

Both breeds are brachycephalic and look very similar appearance-wise. That distinctive short and flat muzzle, black button-shaped nose, big bulging brown eyes, small compact body, perky triangle ears, and short, but quite nimble legs. 

They are also very similar in size and weight, almost like brothers: both species don’t get taller than 13 inches at the shoulder and weigh no more than 22-25 pounds. Bulldogs can actually grow a little bigger than their flat-faced canine counterparts: up to 28 pounds. Their coat color variations are pretty identical as well: black, white, fawn, brown, and cream. 

So where did it all begin for the Frenchie Pug?

Origin Of The French Bulldog Mixed With Pug

The two-parent breeds originated in China (Pug) and England (French Bulldog) respectively.  

Pugs were spoiled and adored by the Chinese Emperors. This toy breed became a part of the family, for generations to come. 

French Bulldogs made their way into France from England right around the Industrial Revolution times in Europe when many skilled laborers moved in search of a better life. The Frenchie was recognized as a separate breed and named “Bouledogue Francaise” which stands for  “French Bulldog.”  

Most likely, the French Bulldog mixed with the Pug breed originated in the United States at the beginning of the 20th century. Right after both parent breeds were officially registered by the American Kennel Club. Firstly, the Pug was recognized around 1885, followed by the French Bulldog’s registration in 1898. It is not clear who the initial breeder was but the new hybrid fur baby quickly gained popularity with the American middle class.

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french bulldog and pug mix
French Bulldog and Pug Mix

Why Going French?

So why get the French Bulldog mixed with the Pug breed? What is so special about them? Let’s dig into it. 

Well, first of all, it is hard not to fall for the extremely adorable hybrid pup. Especially if you are a long-time fan of bulge-eyed breeds in general, be it a Pug, a Bulldog, or a Boston Terrier. That wrinkled one-of-a-kind face, making all those weird wheezing and snuffling noises, just asking to be petted and kissed. 

The Frenchie Pug is a perfect pet to have if you don’t have a big living space. They do great in apartments since they are so small and compact. Also, they don’t require vigorous types of activities throughout the day, three short walks in the neighborhood a day will do it. 

The Pug mixed with a French Bulldog is a very loyal, friendly, and playful breed. They do very well with kids and are considered one of the most social breeds. Have more than one dog in the household or feline friends? No problem, this cutie can get along with them as well, while not being territorial or aggressive. It will happily share toys and its living space in exchange for having a great playmate at hand. Having another canine pal will actually be very beneficial for a “clingy” Frug. It needs somebody to keep it company throughout the day, while pet parents are away. 

French Bulldog Mixed With Pug: The Good and The Bad

Any dog breed will have its positives as well as some “skeletons in the closet.” Frugs are no exception to the rule. Let’s take a look at some common pros and cons of owning a Pug mixed with a French Bulldog pup.


  • Very social and outgoing: as we mentioned earlier, the French Bulldog mixed with Pug is extremely sociable and friendly, be it humans or other canine as well as feline pals. It is not at all aggressive and is always up for a good time!
  • Will be comfortable in any living space: since it is a toy breed, it doesn’t need much space to roam around. It will feel equally good both in an apartment and in a private house with a yard. The latter is, of course, more desirable since the Frug baby will have more playing space at its disposal.
  • Devoted to its owners: a Frenchie Pug got a great reputation for being a very loyal and devoted canine friend. Sometimes it can even get too “clingy,” where it follows your every move. If you are an extrovert type of person, then the Frug pup is definitely going to become your bestie. Do you work from home? That’s the best type of scenario for your furry buddy, as it gets to spend more time with you and not by itself in the house.
  • Not too much of a barker: this breed is not known for being too much of a barker. Hence, you can be sure that your neighbors won’t complain about your doggie being too “vocal” if somebody passes by. It is a very mellow type of dog who likes to chill on the couch or cuddle next to you while you are busy doing something. 


  • Tends to Be Difficult to Train: oh yes, that’s the Pug ancestor “speaking.” It may take them a while to get housebroken and they may “choose” whether they want to follow your command or not. Start the training process as soon as you get your wrinkle-faced buddy. The earlier you commence setting up a routine, the more disciplined and well-behaved your Frug will become.
  • Can’t Be Left Alone for a Long Time: if you work long hours or go away on business trips quite often, this breed is definitely not the best match for you. French Bulldog mixed with Pug require constant human interaction and, therefore are prone to developing a major separation anxiety problem if stuck at home alone for a while. In case you are absolutely set on getting a Frenchie Pug puppy, make sure to arrange for somebody to watch it. Ask your relatives, friends, or even a hired dog-sitter to check on it while you are away.
  • Tend to Get Costly: a French Bulldog mixed with a Pug pooch is not the cheapest breed on the market. They go for anywhere from $1000 up to $3000. Beware of some dishonest “scam artists,” who post pup-selling ads online and lure potential dog parents into the scheme of paying upfront. It is best to only deal with reputable, well-established Frug breeders or dog shelters.   


French Bulldog mixed with Pug may be a great pet choice for any type of household, and especially for families. It will become your “happy pill” and your “class clown” combined. They will be cracking you up with their funny as well as dorky personalities. 

Like any pooch out there, this breed has its pros and cons. Therefore you need to do extensive research to see if both of you are going to be a good fit. 

Happy bonding!

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