Kangal vs. Pitbull: Who Would Win in a Fight?

Dogfighting, a heinous and illegal blood sport, is the act of placing two canines against each other in a pit or ring to fight for the amusement of spectators. Many giant dog breeds with large mouths and massive muscular structures are used for dog fighting, most commonly including Rottweilers, Pitbulls, Kangals, and others.

kangal vs pitbull
Kangal vs Pitbull

Kangals win nearly all fights in which they’re included since they are nearly twice the size of and have double the strength of a Pitbull. Kangals generally appear to be a few steps ahead of not only Pitbulls but practically every other breed of dog, too. Additionally, a Kangal’s teeth are longer and sharper than those of the Pitbull, which further aids them in winning in the majority of fighting circumstances.

Read on for more information on what makes this breed so powerful and how exactly they compare when up against Pitbulls.

Why does a Kangal have more chances of winning against a Pitbull?

Factors that increase the probability of a Kangal winning a fight against a Pitbull include the following:

  • It is estimated that Kangals have the greatest biting force of any dog breed globally, with over 700 pounds of energy compared to Pitbulls, who have around 230–250 pounds of bite force. This would make a Kangal victorious without the need for a second bite! The Kangal would just bite down once, and a Pitbull would lose a portion of its body, one of its limbs, etc.
  • Kangals have not been interfered with by cross-breeding, and they have evolved into what they are now via natural selection and adaptation to their environment. Weak ones died out, and only the strongest and most intelligent individuals survived to become what they are today. They are the flock’s natural defenders. It is a fact that, unlike the Pitbull, humans have not interacted with or influenced the growth of the Turkish Kangal. Due to this, we can see purebred Kangals (Turkish or Boz Kangals) more often, but purebred Pitbulls are challenging to come by. Pitbull breeds are not purebred in the traditional sense either since they are typically a combination of a few other well-known breeds.
  • Kangals are enormous canines that fight against wolves—and not just one, but a whole pack of wolves. These dogs are very capable of fighting more than one “problem” at a time as evidenced by the fact that they have defeated wolves many times in their typical work environment.
  • Even in the presence of a game Pitbull, a Kangal would still win the fight in any unexpected counter. They are far more powerful, but they also have an enormous advantage: their height is far more than that of their opponent in the case of a Pitbull. Some Kangals have been known to be over 80 inches tall from the withers.

Note: Boz Kangals are significantly faster and thicker as well as more aggressive against threats than any other Kangal species.

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Dogfighting Facts

Dogfighting is a cruel bloodsport, so it should never be allowed or supported so we can save our canine companions. The injuries caused and experienced by dogs competing in dogfights are severe and, in many cases, fatal to the animals. All of the canines that have been used in most of these battles have been bred and trained specifically for fighting, and their upbringing has been based on torture and mistreatment since they were puppies.

Dogfighting injuries are commonly associated with severe bleeding, deep puncture wounds, and fractured bones. Dogs involved in these competitions frequently die due to loss of blood, trauma, dehydration, weariness, or infection. Canines who are otherwise healthy and are born “cold”—or who do not fight—are frequently used to train other dogs, serving as bait dogs.

Breeding Further Illegal Activity

The results of law enforcement investigations into this illicit blood sport have revealed many alarming aspects of the practice throughout the years. Young children are frequently present at these activities, which fosters insensitivity to animal pain, excitement for violence, and disregard for the law in the participants’ minds.

On the day of a dogfight, illegal gambling is rampant with stakes worth tens of thousands of dollars on the line. Dogfighting has become popular in both organized crime and street environments due to its high profitability.

kangal and pitbull
Kangal and Pitbull


Is the Kangal the most powerful dog on the planet?

Kangals are guard dogs that have their origins in the Turkish city of Sivas. They are the world’s strongest dogs, and they also hold the world record for the most powerful bite. Their biting force is 743 pounds per square inch.

A coyote vs. a Pitbull in a fight: who would win?

For a typical Pitbull to be taken down, it would require more than one coyote to accomplish the task. On the other hand, coyotes have been bred to attack, kill, and consume dogs in packs. Coyotes prefer to flee rather than fight, so in one-on-one combat, the Pitbull would easily win!

Turkey has prohibited the export of Kangals to protect the breed’s genetic heritage. As a result, these dogs are extremely rare in the United States. Even though these canines are lawful in the United States, it is important to remember that state regulations may differ when it comes to ownership.

Is it possible for a Pitbull to fight a wolf?

Pitbulls are vicious dogs who have been raised to fight and win, but a wild wolf would easily overpower and defeat a Pitbull. Wolves are incredibly large and dangerous canines with high aggression, teeth specifically made for shredding other creatures, and a level of stamina that no domesticated dog could surpass.

Is it possible for a Pitbull to kill a hyena?

When a huge Pitbull is compared to an average-sized hyena, the hyena has twice the bulk, which is ridiculous; it’s like placing a flyweight against a heavyweight in a fight. With this being the case, a single Pitbull can’t kill a hyena.

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