Dachshund vs. Badger: Who Wins?

Dachshund, also known as Badger Dog, is a long-bodied and short-legged German breed. These dogs are used for hunting badgers. Due to their exceptional hunting skills, Dachshunds are recognized by the American Kennel Club (AKC) as the perfect breed for underground and on-ground hunting.

Who do you think will win between a Dachshund and a Badger? A Dachshund is a clear winner since it is excellent at hunting badgers. Their small bodies make it easy for them to move between places. Moreover, Dachshunds are extremely fearless and have incredible stamina.

So what makes them the perfect hunters and rivals for badgers?

dachshund vs badger
Dachshund vs Badger: Who Wins?

Dachshund Traits that Make Them Great Hunters

Strong Sense of Smell

Dachshunds have 125 million scent receptors and 40 times larger olfactory bulbs than humans. This is clear proof of their amazing sense of smell. They can also detect a scent that is even a week old.

The Dachshund’s large ears sweep the smell into their noses. Their dewlaps and loose chin skin trap the scent and help find the prey.

If there is a scent trail leading to the badger, the Dachshund will surely find it. They can also help track blood trails to find any injured prey. If the Dachshund is properly trained, they might also stay on track and not get confused with the other conflicting smells.

Intelligent Breed

Hunter dog breeds are pretty intelligent, and Dachshunds are no exception. Along with being exceptional hunters, they are also great companions for humans. The Dachshunds’ intelligence makes it easy for them to differentiate between their prey.

When Dachshunds see their prey in sight, they act quickly, even without waiting for a command from their masters. They alone can hunt the badger without the help of a human. Moreover, they know how to catch the badger without killing them.

The hunter makes the final kill and uses the Dachshund to catch the badgers. It is their intelligence that makes it easier for hunters to train the Dachshunds. However, the breed is also quite independent, which can make the whole process challenging.

Loud Barking

If you have ever come across a Dachshund in real life, you will know how loud they can bark. People who have not met Dachshunds should not be fooled by their small bodies. It is, in fact, their small bodies and the presence of large lungs that make their barks loud.

Dogs bark for many reasons, and so do Dachshunds. They might be depressed, excited, anxious, bored, or in the presence of a stranger.

The loud barks are an accessory when hunters go hunting with this breed. Their barks make the hunters aware of any approaching danger or are near their prey. Dachshunds can also bark to wade off animals that may be dangerous to them and their hunter.

The loud barks are also helpful when hunting since they can help locate the dog if they get lost.

Undoubtedly Brave

dachshund dog

Badgers are not easy prey to catch. They are vicious creatures that can equally hurt the Dachshund. If the Dachshund is not careful enough, badgers can end up injuring them or even killing them. However, the aggressiveness and bravery of the Dachshunds are no match for the prey.

Dachshunds can dig underground to the location of the badger fearlessly. Hunters may sometimes have more than one Dachshund to make it difficult for the badgers. The dogs surround the area and corner the badger making it immobile.

Dachshunds are gifted with strong teeth and powerful jaws, which add to their success. Their fearlessness, coupled with their strong hunting features, makes them the right hunting dog. They are also able to use their features to catch prey larger than their size.

High Endurance

You know about the fearlessness and intelligence of the breed. However, there is another amazing trait, their endurance. Their incredible stamina makes them the right fit for hunting. They have a strong drive to catch their prey and would not rest before finding their target.

The Dachshunds’ tenacious nature keeps them on their feet for long hours. This means they will ensure the badgers are caught. Their small bodies make it easy for them to move through different deep bushes without suffering major injuries.

Dachshunds are also able to move swiftly in sloppy areas due to their small bodies. Their paws are like paddles which make digging easy for them. The long back and deep chest, which houses their large lungs, give them the much-needed stamina.


Dogs are known for their undying loyalty towards humans. However, even hunter dogs like Dachshund are loyal despite being vicious and aggressive. They might not be the best pets, but they are fiercely loyal to their hunters.

Loyalty is the key reason for them being a great breed for training. Hunters can train them properly, and the dogs will listen to each word of the hunter.

When hunters take them out to hunt badgers, the Dachshund will listen to the hunter without being distracted. This was necessary for being good assistance on the field. It is also this trait that makes Dachshunds unstoppable.

Curious Breed

Dachshunds are very curious, and this is a necessity while hunting. Their adventurous and curious nature, along with their powerful smell, makes them dominant hunters. If they find a hint of their prey, the Dachshunds will follow the trail until they reach their prey.

Having a Dachshund means you never get to be bored. They are incredibly energetic and love going on hunts with their owners. Dachshunds will never get tired of running from one place to another in search of their prey.

The curiousness could also be problematic since you can lose them during hunts. They may also be harder to control and run in different directions. However, their loud barks and loyalty will bring them back to the hunters.

It would be best if you took the Dachshunds out for training or other activities every day. This will keep them active and also help with their hunting skills.

Related Questions

Are Dachshunds Still Used For Hunting Badgers?

Yes, Dachshunds are still used for hunting badgers in Europe and the USA. Many hunters find it easier to use Dachshunds for their hunting trips. Since the breed is aggressive and has excellent olfactory senses, they are the greatest hunting companion.

Miniature and Standard Dachshunds are used for hunting badgers in both the USA and Europe. This breed is also great for hunting wounded deer and other prey. They are great at blood tracking and following trails.

Several hunters use a tracking system to keep track of their dogs. Since Dachshunds are curious and energetic, they can often get lost in the woods. This tracking device helps the hunter find their dogs and also reach the prey if they are caught.

dachshund vs badger
Dachshund vs Badger

Can badgers injure Dachshunds during the hunt?

Yes, badgers are vicious creatures as well and have sharp claws. They can fight well and injure their hunters. Though not as intelligent as Dachshunds, badgers also have good senses. They will try their best to escape the clutches of Dachshunds.

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