Is Weimaraner Good with Babies?

With great intelligence and hunting qualities, Weimaraners are known to be one of the best family dogs. These canines make excellent family pets and are friendly with everyone, especially children. However, it must be considered that each dog is different. 

is weimaraner good with babies
Is Weimaraner Good with Babies?

Weimaraners are great with children, but you have to train your dog and teach your child how to behave around the animal, so no one gets hurt. No matter what your pet’s breed is or how friendly it is, you can never leave it unsupervised with a child. 

Is Weimaraner Good with Babies? 

The Weimaraner breed dog makes an excellent pet for children. It is because this animal is an active and energetic canine that loves to play and jump just like children. 

Normally, owners and parents always make sure that both the pet and their children are in an open and comfortable environment to play, where they can supervise and observe them. 

This type of animal is very intelligent in games and other sports only that it requires a little training. Your kids can easily teach it tricks and keep it busy. 

This breed type is said to be very loyal and will follow you to any room in the house, even the bathroom. That is why they were nicknamed the “Velcro dog,” just like the Vizsla. 

It is a dog quite suitable to be with children. This type of animal loves its pack, which will constantly protect it. However, it can be a little tolerant of strangers. 

Furthermore, when it comes to the members of its human family, it protects them from any danger. 

Therefore, it is advised that children are not too young to play with it since the Weimaraner needs constant games and activities that challenge their intelligence. Playing fetch or hunting a Frisbee can be ideal activities for children to do with their canine companions. 

Weimaraners are ideal for children ages 6 and up, as these animals tend to hit younger children with their vitality and energy. Obviously, they don’t do that on purpose. 

A kid with Weimaraner dog
A kid with Weimaraner dog

Are All Weimaraner Dogs Good with Children and Babies? 

Not all dogs of this breed are good for children and babies. 

This animal is not good with children in isolation. That means that if this dog is locked at home with children without doing any type of exercise, it will adopt a destructive behavior that can endanger the little ones. 

This breed of dog might not be the best choice for children. However, to prevent risks, let the puppy grow up with the children, and provide them with many pleasant experiences. Remember that the Weimaraner is also shy around other pets and strangers. For that reason, socialization training with children is essential from the time they are puppies

If you have managed to socialize your Weimaraner correctly from an early age with the other members of your family, the animal will have no problems when it comes to living with children.

Being a very active dog and always willing to play, it will be happy to share its hours of play with the children of the house, being the one who starts the fun on many occasions. 

However, it is not a recommended dog if there are very young children in your home, mainly due to their size and constant activity needs. 

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