Is Getting a Puppy Worth It? Read This First!

It is said that dogs are man’s best friends. But what remains unspoken is the time, effort, and care they need. Their unconditional love can transform your life, and even keep depression at bay.

is getting a puppy worth it
Is Getting a Puppy Worth It?

So, the answer is yes! Getting a puppy is definitely worth it as it has many positive effects- it is the best thing that can happen to someone. Even if you never had a dog before, visiting your local shelter or rescue group will be worth it.

But are you ready for the responsibility that comes along with it? Feeding them from time to time, handling medical expenses, potty training, and keeping them company are many things a puppy needs. In short, not everyone is ready to take on the responsibilities that come with a puppy but if you do manage, are puppies genuinely worth it? Let’s find out.

Why Do You Want a Dog in the First Place?

The first thing is to determine why you want a dog. It should not be an impulsive decision. Not because it seemed a trendy thing to do or your children begged for a puppy on their birthday. Getting a puppy is a responsibility for the next 15-20 years, depending on the breed of the dog.

Is it about loneliness? Many want a puppy for the company, but raising the puppy alone can be tedious. However, the company and love that your puppy showers are more than enough to forget the extra effort you need to put in.

Do You Have Enough Time to Afford?

A puppy, irrespective of the breed, will be attached to you and your family. Some puppy breeds are more attached to one of the family members. They will constantly ask for your attention and company till they are trained. This can take up to six months to a year or even more. This means you have to spare enough time for them.

But do you have the time? Puppies need feeding every 2-3 hours and tend to wake up from sleep every couple of hours. Moreover, till they are potty trained, you have to take extra caution with cleaning the pee and poop. Unless you can dedicate enough time, managing a puppy can become difficult.

Besides taking care of them, your absence can make the puppy extremely anxious to the extent that they even fall sick. Moreover, they need to be exercised and taken for a walk as well. Altogether, raising a puppy can take up a significant time of your day.

Many professionals with hectic schedules or no fixed work hours face a time crunch when raising a puppy. The happiness and fun of having a puppy around get laced with frustration. This is why deliberating on your time and schedule before getting a puppy becomes essential.

cute maltese puppy
Cute Maltese Puppy

What Would Be the Right Puppy for You?

With so many different breeds around, determining the best puppy gets tricky. Many of us tend to choose a species based on its looks and availability. But nature is the first thing to consider while calling them.

For example, a Labrador or a Golden Retriever are known as family dogs. This means they are equally attached to all members of the family. They are much easier to train because of their friendly nature. On the other hand, the temperament of guard dogs like Lhasa Apso makes them a difficult breed to train.

As you choose the puppy, it is crucial to determine why you want them. If security and guarding are your priority, You should choose the breed accordingly. At the same time, You should consider the size of the adult dog as well.

Larger breeds have difficulty maneuvering in smaller homes. Similarly, a small but highly active breed needs more space as well. This is another critical point to note as you determine the right breed for your home.

What are the Perks of Getting a Puppy?

There are several factors that You should take into account before adopting a puppy. However, there are some perks as well. The perks outweigh the initial months of effort, hard work, and catering to the puppy’s needs for most dog owners.

A puppy brings a wave of joy to all the family members. They become an intricate part as well. Imagine the welcome you get after coming back from work from your dog- that is pure love.

They are protective. Most breeds also get along exceptionally well with babies and even become the guardian angel of the child. Similarly, they keep the company of anyone sick in the family and even the elderly.

The best part is, that when a puppy is well trained, once they become an adult, minimal effort is needed to handle them. All they want is attention and love from the owner. Most dogs are very independent and can take care of themselves as long as you feed them on time and take them for periodic visits to the vet.

What are the Perks of Getting a Puppy

Frequently Asked Questions

Does It Have Any Behavioral Issues?

Dogs may not be wild animals anymore, but they still have their wild instincts. Usually, there can be various behavioral problems noticed among dogs. They are:

  • Attention Seeking Tendency
  • Begging
  • Chewing
  • Digging
  • Incessant Barking at the Door
  • Jumping and Biting
  • Not Coming Upon Being Called
  • Over Aggression
  • Pulling on the Leash
  • Separation Anxiety

Always make sure you find out about their behavioral history before getting the puppy. In general, most of these traits are pretty standard. However, some of them can be due to a bad history with past owners or some other issues.

For instance, if your dog has separation anxiety, you may need to be cautious and spend more time with him. Therefore, you also need to understand how much time and attention you can afford to know if it is suitable for you.

Does It Have Any Medical Condition?

Quite Similar to the behavioral history of the dog, his medical history is equally important. That will give you a better idea about how to take care of him properly. It will also allow you to decide if you can devote the time and care for that particular puppy.

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