Is a Hungry Dog Loyal? [IT DEPENDS]

Dogs are loyal to their masters, even if they are hungry. Unless the dog has suffered from physical or mental abuse or is bound to act wild, it will not attack anyone or its master, no matter how hungry it is. A hungry dog may act more loyal to get food from you.

Hunger can change an animal’s behavior, whether it is a dog or a wolf. But we all know that dogs are man’s best friend and are very loyal. However, people are often doubtful about their loyalty in case their wild instinct kicks in due to hunger or starvation. So, how loyal is a hungry dog?

People have always been curious about dogs and their loyalty to humans. Since I’m talking about hungry dogs’ loyalty today, I think it is best to find out a little more on this topic. 

is a hungry dog loyal
Is a Hungry Dog Loyal?

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How Loyal Is A Hungry Dog And Why?

You can stay separated from your dogs for years, but they can still recognize you and love you despite being deprived of food. It is one of the many things that bond humans with dogs. But why do dogs act so loyal, unlike other animals? Here are some reasons to answer that question.

You Are The Provider

Domestic dogs cannot adapt in the wild like wild dogs. They rely on their owners entirely for food, shelter, and care. You will notice how excited they become when it is mealtime. That is because they know that you will give them food, which makes them excited.

Good behavior encourages the owners to treat their dogs with special food and rewards. That’s why they remain more loyal to us.

They Consider You A Family

Like wolves, dogs love staying in packs. So when they live with a family, they consider you their family or a part of their pack. Over time, the relationship grows, and they become more loyal and protective toward their owners’ families.

The Grown Friendship

Yes, dogs can grow closer to a particular family. But they also choose to be closer to one particular person. It happens due to the shared personality traits between humans and dogs. As a result, the dog tends to be more loyal to that friend than others.

Shared History

Dogs and wolves have been with humans since the cave age. Hunting and surviving were a daily challenge for both, and they lived depending on each other.

Humans followed dogs’ trails to find their prey, and dogs also benefited from the surviving people. This shared history remains to this day, and dogs are still loyal like their ancestors.

Dogs Have Empathy

Dogs have a unique sense that allows them to know if a human is stressed or emotionally unstable. This leads the dog to comfort us and snuggle with us to help us calm down. This behavior strengthens the bonds and makes the dog stay more loyal.

Why Do Dogs Attack Their Owners?

You may have heard stories of dogs attacking and injuring their owners, and I know they worry you. That’s why it is essential to know why dogs tend to do that so that you can avoid such circumstances.


Dogs are natural hunters, and their senses and instincts do not work like humans. If you have a dog that was bred and trained for hunting, it is not unusual for the dog to stay alert all the time. These types of dogs often attack their owners based on their instincts.


Dogs can feel stressed for many reasons. It happens most of the time when there is a change in its daily routine or if the dog goes through any surgeries, such as spray or neutering. 

Stress can lead to an edgy and disturbed mood. So if anyone tries to pet the dog during the time or bothers him or her, the dog is likely to attack them.


A dog in pain will always react with aggression, especially if someone tries to touch them. Animals in pain attack more commonly because they want to keep away from anything that increases their pain.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Does a hungry dog eat its owner?

Now, this is a tough question to answer because there have been incidents where dogs ate the remains of their dead masters. But most of the incidents involved dogs that did such an act just to survive. So while most dogs starve themself while waiting for their dead owner to return home, some can do the opposite.

Q. Which dogs attack their owners?

The Labrador retrievers may seem like the most playful dogs. But they are also known for being among the ones that attack their owner. After that, Pit Bulls, German Shepherds, Rottweilers, etc., are also known for turning on their owners.

Q. What is the most loyal dog breed?

There is no such thing as loyal dog breeds. Any dog can be loyal to you if you provide them with everything they need. The rest is uncertain as we never know which dog can turn their back on its owners. 

Q. Can a dog betray you?

Dogs can feel various emotions, but betrayal is not one of them. They do feel rejected, sad, and stressed if you ignore them. Dogs can act very hyper and stressed when you pet another dog or have one. But they cannot tell if a human betrays them.

Q. Why are dogs protective of their owners?

Dogs are naturally wired as protective animals. It is one of the many reasons why humans choose dogs over anything to watch over them or their properties. Dogs do not betray the ones who give them food. So whenever their instinct tells them their owner is in danger, they become very protective.

is a hungry dog loyal
How Loyal is a Hungry Dog?

Final Verdict

A while back, someone I know asked at one point in our conversation, how loyal is a hungry dog? It made me research the matter and see if dogs are loyal to people in every situation. 

As it turns out, most dogs will love the ones who feed them and take care of them. Dogs do not attack anyone even if they are hungry unless they feel threatened or triggered by something.

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