Why Does My Dog Get Excited When I Pet Him?

If a dog gets excited after you pet him or her, it means the dog is happy to get your attention and affection. Dogs also get excited if you pet them when they see you after a long time or want something from you. 

The friendship between a dog and a human always involves some unique activities and behaviors. Some dogs would seek attention and then leave you alone. But my dog would get very hyper if I pet him. And it made me wonder, why does my dog get excited when I pet him?

Though we find it cute when our dogs act after they get our attention, being overly excited can mean more trouble than cuteness. So, you can say that today’s article is more about handling an overly excited dog.

dog gets excited when i pet
Why Does My Dog Gets Excited When I Pet Him?

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Why Does My Dog Get Excited When I Pet Him?

Dogs usually get excited when you pet them for nothing but out of affection. But as the animals cannot tell you the precise reason, here are what experts say about why a dog gets excited when you pet it.

 It’s Just A Friendly Dog

It is natural for dogs to get excited when someone pets them. This reaction often comes automatically without any particular reason. I knew a dog who would get excited whenever anyone petted him. I would say it is probably because the dog is just being friendly.

A Positive Feeling

Most dogs enjoy it when someone pets them. A friendly dog would want affection from anyone who passes by. And if your dog gets excited when you pet it, it mostly means the dog is very happy. It is nice to have such a positive reaction from a dog because it also means they trust you.

They Are Happy To See You

If your dogs haven’t seen you in a long time, they will easily get excited as soon as they see you again and you pet them. The same goes for dogs who have not seen you all day. Dogs do miss their owners, and seeing them again brings back a sense of safety and care.

They Are Aroused

If the dogs are in heat, petting them can arouse them even more, and that’s when they act more excited. So if you think your dog is in his or her heat cycle, it is best to watch out where you pet them. Petting them around their sensitive areas can trigger arousal, making them uncontrollably excited.

They Are Hungry

Dogs get excited when you pet them is often their way of letting you know that they are hungry. If you are used to petting your dog before or during mealtime, petting them often makes them think you will feed them right after petting.

They Want Something Or Show You Something

Since dogs cannot talk to you in your language, the only way to let you know about something is by barking or making sounds in excitement. So if your dogs get over-excited when you pet them, try to read their body language to learn if they want to show something or want something from you.

How To Calm An Overly Excited Dog? 4 Ways

An overly excited dog can create trouble if the behavior is not controlled and not trained. So these are what you can do to control such behaviors.

1. Don’t Encourage Such Behavior

If the dogs begin to show over-excitement, you must learn to ignore them. You should avoid giving them any exceptional dog food or treats when they show such behaviors. Once they realize that you ignore their hyper activities, they will decrease their excitement level.

2. Train The Dog To Stay Calm

Training is an excellent way to train your dogs from getting over-excited during petting. You can use command words like “stop” or “quiet” and reward them if they listen. Dogs can catch up with these pretty quickly.

3. Wear The Dog Out

If it looks like your dog is not ready to calm down any time soon, the best option is to wear him or her out. You can do that by taking the dog for a run or a long walk. They are bound to get drained at some point, which will calm them down.

4. Be Patient

Sometimes, the right way to calm an excited dog is to be patient with him or her. Take your time to get calm first rather than reacting annoyingly or angrily, which can make your dog scared or stressed.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why does my dog push me with his paw when I pet him?

When a dog pushes you with its paw after you pet it, it can mean two things. One is that the dog is showing you that it has affection for you too. And the other meaning can be the dog is hungry and wants you to feed it.

Q. What does my dog feel when I pet him?

Dogs usually feel good and safe when you pet them. Petting is a way of showing that you are a part of their packs, and they begin to trust you. Several research results show that animals tend to spend more time with people who pet them often.

Q. Do dogs like being petted on the head?

While some dogs love when people pet them on the head, many dogs dislike being touched on the head. The same goes for touching their tails, paws, legs, and muzzles. Since all dogs are different, it is difficult to say what they may or may not like.

dog gets excited when i pet
Dog gets excited when I pet

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Final Thoughts

Dogs have many reasons to be excited when you pet them. However, encouraging excitement comes with several disadvantages. So the best thing to do is to ensure your dog understands how far it can go.

As an owner, your job is to train the dog so that it stays calm when needed, especially around strangers. So, take your time, and handle the situation as needed without showing any temper toward your happy buddy.

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