Hyena vs Pitbull: Who Would Win in a Fight?

Can you even imagine a fight between a pet (like a pit bull) and a wild animal (like a hyena)? What chances does a domestic animal have if a fight should break out between these two animals?

hyena vs pitbull
Hyena vs Pitbull

Under normal circumstances, the hyena would easily win. This is because both the jaw itself as well as the bite force of the hyena are far stronger than a pit bull. One strong bite into some vital area of the pit bull’s body could be enough to make the hyena the victor, causing the pit bull to lose its life. Although pit bulls have deadly bites and may put up a fight, they’re still weaker than wild hyenas.

Generally, both hyenas and pit bulls are both incredibly deadly creatures. Therefore, one may wonder about what would happen if they met in a one-on-one match.

These two animals are both carnivores, meaning their jaws are armed with teeth that can break bones and are supported by intense biting forces that can be dangerous for anyone or anything that finds itself on the receiving end.


Daily, hyenas constantly find themselves fighting against other types of wild creatures compared to Pitbulls. Overall, this provides the average hyena with more experience and skills than the average pitbull.

Some people believe the hyena would be the victor since this animal is somewhat taller than the pitbull. Even if the hyena is far taller than its opponent, though, this alone will not be enough to win the fight. There are numerous additional factors to take into account.

There are also four different types of hyenas.

Each type of hyena has its distinct look and unique characteristics. Because each type consumes a different primary food for its diet, a hyena’s overall fighting ability might vary depending on the species as well.

  • Aardwolves
  • Spotted hyenas
  • Brown hyenas
  • Striped hyenas

All species of hyenas have comparable characteristics. Most hyenas have short fur that is tan or brown. Some have patches or stripes of a dark color.

The multiple species can communicate with one another using their very high vocal pitches regardless of their differences, too. They speak to one another with a combination of grunts, growls, whoops, and something that sounds like a laugh to human ears.

In general, but primarily in clans of spotted hyenas, these groups are led by the female members of the packs. Males are at the bottom of the hierarchy of importance as female hyenas are ferocious fighters and can kill a male.

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The pit bull is a hybrid of the bulldog and the terrier. Certain qualities are inherent to each breed. American Pitbull Terrier, American Staffordshire Terrier, Staffordshire Bull Terrier, and American Bully are the four pitbull dog breeds. The breed of pit bull that fights a hyena likely has a significant impact on the eventual outcome.

In general, pit bulls are cheerful and affectionate canines. Pet owners who insist on teaching pit bulls to fight and be violent give this canine breed a terrible name as those particular pit bulls were originally bred for fighting purposes by irresponsible breeders. Trainers have commonly abused this breed to improve the dog’s aggressive tendencies, and this has greatly impacted the public perception of what is naturally not an aggressive breed at all. Due to this abuse and defective lineages from fighting dog breeders, many shelters and rescue groups do not consider this canine suitable for adoption and they will be referred to pit bull-specific rescues.

Hyena vs. Pitbull: Physical Characteristics

The physical characteristics of the animals trained to fight affect every one of those fights. The advantages each animal possesses will affect its success in combat.

Hyena vs. Pitbull: Size Comparision

The hyena is the bigger of the two animals in general. Hyenas may have a length of 5 to 5.2 feet and stand 3 to 3.2 feet tall at the shoulder. The largest pit bull has a height of around 2.6 feet and reaches a length of slightly over 2.8 feet.

Hyenas are a little bit larger than pit bulls on average. It looks like the hyenas win in this category as size alone gives hyenas the advantage.

Hyena vs. Pitbull: Agility and Speed

Both hyenas and pit bulls are renowned for their great speed potential, which they employ to seek prey and evade predators. Pit bulls have been known to achieve speeds of about 30 mph, while hyenas have a peak speed of about 37 mph. Additionally, the hyena’s movement is distinctive because its front legs are longer than its hind legs. In this case, the hyena still comes out on top.

Hyena vs. Pitbull: Vital Senses

An animal’s senses can help it discover danger if they’re sharp or give others a chance to attack if their senses aren’t so great. Hyenas, in this context, have extraordinary senses of smell, sight, and hearing. They can detect prey from kilometers away and even hunt during the night. Hyenas have superior hearing capabilities compared to canines. Their vision is unaffected by dim lighting, and their acute sense of smell enables them to locate their prey quickly. When compared to pit bulls, hyenas have superior senses.

Hyena vs. Pitbull: Weight

Hyenas are one of the most deadly creatures you may come across. On average, they can weigh up to almost 140 lbs., making them one of the most hazardous animals you can cross paths with.

Pit bulls are hybrid dogs, which means that they come from a combination of two or more different dog breeds. In many cases, they have an average weight of close to 60 lbs., but some breeds of pit bull may be even larger. However, unless a pit bull has been mixed with a significantly larger breed at some point, it will still be of lower weight than a full-grown hyena. 

Hyena vs. Pitbull: Physical Defenses

The hyena and the pit bull have the same natural defense mechanisms: their speed and their intense level of strength. Although size differences between the two will often contribute to who would be winning in a fictional match, they are quite similar in this respect.

In addition, hyenas reside in packs and also hunt in packs, so this is a huge advantage when it comes to defense and protecting themselves. If a pit bull were to somehow come across a hyena in the wild, it wouldn’t stand a chance once the rest of the pack realized there was a fight.

Hyena vs. Pitbull: Bite Force and Teeth Capabilities

Both of these creatures can cause injury to others by using their teeth. Hyenas have one of the most dangerous bites in the world, with a force of 1,100 PSI, and they use the 32 conical teeth they have to break bones and rip portions off of their victims. This enormous and very lethal bite would kill a pit bull instantly. 

The biting power of a pit bull is closer to 330 PSI by comparison. The hyena might suffer an injury due to the pit bull’s bite if it were able to get the advantage and strike first. However, it is unlikely that the hyena would die from this bite.

About this factor, hyenas have a stronger bite, giving them the upper hand in this fight.

Hyena vs. Pitbull: Tactical Differences

You might claim that pit bulls have a higher skill level than other breeds of dogs since many of them were bred specifically to compete in dog fights. On the other hand, hyenas are highly skilled because they frequently engage in conflict with lions and other vicious wild animals and have not been domesticated to lose their instincts.

The capacities of both species are comparable, but hyenas are still stronger and consequently more dangerous.

Overall, a hyena would defeat a pit bull in a fight, according to the above-mentioned facts and comparable qualities. At the end of the day, hyenas are bigger and stronger than pit bulls. But remember, a hyena and a pitbull would easily either smell or see each other coming, so the chances of a fight between the two are very low unless some mishap were to happen.

But if they were to somehow cross paths, they would likely snap at each other immediately and continue to hurt each other until the other was unable to move. The hyena would most likely break the pit bull’s leg with its fierce bite in the end and ultimately win.

hyena and pitbull
Hyena and Pitbull


Which dog breed can defeat a pitbull?

One breed of dog that has the potential to win against a pit bull is a rottweiler. The size of a rottweiler is greater than that of a pit bull. Compared to a pitbull, this breed is often more clever, nimble, powerful, and robust. A Rottweiler could, in most cases, easily beat a pit bull due to its aggression and ability to tear flesh.

Can a hyena and a dog breed?

Dogs and hyenas are incompatible as breeding partners. Hyenas are so genetically different from both dogs and cats that scientists have classified them into their category.

What strategy do hyenas use to win a fight?

A hyena’s jaw is strong and aggressive, and it can deliver a painful bite. A single bite from a hyena delivered to the appropriate spot on the victim’s body can cause them to suffer serious injuries or be killed. In the wild, when taking down prey or fighting off a predator, hyenas typically fight in packs to aggressively overwhelm the target.

Are hyenas stronger than lions?

Lions may be bigger, somewhat quicker, and more powerful than hyenas, but hyenas are known for overwhelming lions due to their pack numbers. In a one-on-one fight, a lion stands a good chance at overpowering a hyena and having it for lunch, but in most cases, a hyena’s pack is right around the corner and ready to shred an attacking lion or any other predators.

Can a lion beat a pitbull?

A lion or another large cat would win EASILY. Some people believe that a pit bull can successfully tear down a lion, but a lion is far larger than a pit bull and has greater fighting experience and instincts. So, unfortunately, a pit bull would never even stand a chance at defeating a lion.

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