How To Enter a Promo Code on Barkbox (Super Chewer)

When browsing through BarkBox Super Chewer, you may come across this amazing Barkbox Super Chewer promo code offer. This Super Chewer promo offer allows you to save a huge amount of money while providing the best quality products for your dog, including some unique gifts and surprises you won’t find anywhere else.

how to enter promo code in super chewer
How to Enter Promo Code in Super Chewer

Here is a step-by-step guide for entering a promo code or claiming the discount on The Barkbox Super Chewer website (learn more).

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Step 1: Claim the Offer or Click Subscribe

To claim the discount on Barkbox’s Super Chewer package, just click on the “Claim Offer” button. You can also simply click the “Subscribe” button to receive the offer as well.

Claim the Offer or Click Subscribe

Step 2: Tell a Bit About Your Furry Companion

In the next step, you just need to input two basic pieces of information about your pup:

  1. Their name: Whatever name you call your pet.
  2. Their gender: Is your pup a boy or a girl?

For example, in the picture below, the dog’s name is listed as Chicken, and she is noted as being “a good boy.”

Step 2 Tell a Bit About Your Furry Companion1

Step 3: Select the Accurate Size of Your Pup

In this step, you’ll simply select the average size of your canine companion. You do not have to be perfectly exact when it comes to your pet’s size and weight. Just select the size window depending on your dog’s breed and age.

For example, in the sample photo below, the selected dog breed’s size is small; i.e., it falls into the weight category ranging from 1 lb. to 20 lbs.

Step 3 Select the Accurate Size of Your Pup

Step 4: Select Your Dog’s Breed

Some specifiers are required when it’s time for you to claim a Super Chewer toy for your pal, and one of these is breed type. Specifying your dog’s breed is an absolute must because pure-breed and mixed breed dogs have different personalities and chewing habits as well as different dietary requirements when it comes to snacks. So, in this step, you need to provide the breed of your furry companion.

In the example photo, the selected breed is in Poodle. This will be the same area on the form in which you’ll have your dog’s breed listed when filling out your companion’s information.

However, you can also skip this step if you are not sure about your dog’s breed (in the case of mutts) or if you want to save a bit of time. If your dog happens to be a mix of multiple breeds, Barkbox also allows you to input more than one option if you’re somewhat sure about your dog’s history.

Step 4 Select Your Dogs Breed

Step 5: Add the Date of Your Dog’s Birthday

This is a relatively easy and simple step. For this one, you simply need to put the date you either adopted your pet or the date when your pup was born. If you are unsure about the month, you can just take a wild guess. If you aren’t very satisfied with this and would prefer to just leave the field blank, you are completely fine to skip this step and not worry about it.

However, if you do select a special date for your pup, you will be surprised by a fun birthday gift provided by Barkbox when that month comes around.

Step 5 Add the Date of Your Dogs Birthday

Step 6: Make Note of Any Known Food Allergies

In this section, you will select if your pup has any known allergies. Barkbox makes this portion very easy to indicate: just click to check the boxes for chicken, beef, or turkey allergies if any of these apply to your pup. Select “None” and click “Continue” if your dog is fine with all of these food options.

Step 6 Make Note of Any Known Food Allergies

Step 7: Provide Your Active Email Address

Provide your personal, active email address in this step and click “Continue.” Allowing Barkbox to have your email address is necessary for them to be able to update you about your orders, help you keep track of your account information, and provide any other additional information regarding products you may be interested in or other things that may apply to you and your pup.

Step 7 Provide Your Active Email Address

Step 8: Select a Subscription Package

Select any one package from the three listed options: monthly, yearly, or twice a year (every six months). We suggest that you select the 6-month package to receive a Super Chewer Barkbox as this is a hot favorite and one of the top-selling options for your convenience.

Note: Remember that this Super Chewer Barkbox offer comes with a 100% free replacement guarantee if you are not satisfied with it for any reason.

Step 8 Select a Subscription Package

Step 9: Upgrade to Join the Extra Toy Club

This step is excellent. For this part of the process, you can select or reject the additional “super-premium” toy for just $7 a month. However, this deal can easily save you almost 50% of actual toy costs!

Still, if you think you have enough toys as it is (which rarely ever happens in the case of canines), you may simply decline the additional offer and move on by clicking the “No, thank you” button.

Step 9 Upgrade to Join the Extra Toy Club

Step 10: Choose a Theme for Your Pup

This is the most fun and impactful step of all: you can select the Super Chewer Barkbox theme based on your personal preferences.  There are a total of three themes, with these currently being listed as:

  1. Spa Day
  2. Ski-Lodge
  3. Surprise Me!

Just select one of these three, and click “Continue.” You cannot imagine the happiness of your pooch when their Super Chewer arrives with its fun theme and unique toys and treats!

Tip: We recommend that you always go with the “Surprise Me!” option because it always contains the best mix of items for your dog. These items will also change month by month.

Step 10 Choose a Theme for Your Pup

Step 11: Provide Your Shipping Address

At this point, you have completed all of the basic steps regarding your pup’s profile and your theme preferences. Now it is time to provide your name, state, postal code, and proper shipping address.

Again, review your order summary on the left side (as seen in the picture). Fill everything appropriately and completely, and click “Continue.”

Step 11 Provide Your Shipping Address

Step 12: Enter Your Promo Code

In the screenshot below, the “Free Robe and Rubber Ducky” gifts are the current promotion that was automatically applied.

Step 12 Enter Your Promo Code

If you click “Remove,” you will then have the option available to input a different promotional code of your choice.

Step 12 Enter Your Promo Code 1

Final Step: Pay For Your Furry Pal’s Super Chewer Box

Once you made all of your selections and applied your best promo code, you are then ready to pay. You can now do this by clicking the “Buy Now” button after putting in your valid credit card or PayPal information.

After completing your purchase, you will have your Super Chewer Barkbox in no time. Again, make sure that your shipping and billing addresses are complete and accurate, and be sure to contact Barkbox as soon as possible if you notice having put in any information wrongly after already submitting your order.

Final Step Pay For Your Furry Pals Super Chewer Box 1
promo code super chewer
Promo Code Barkbox (Super Chewer)

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