How To Cut Pug Nails Without A Fuss

Do you know how to cut Pug nails without a fuss? It is very important that responsible Pug owners learn how to do this or make sure they are taken care of properly. It is critical to the Pug’s health and well-being.

how to cut pug nails
How to Cut Pug Nails

Cutting Pugs Nails

A lot of pug owners are afraid to cut their dog’s nails, thinking they will hurt them. However, it is critical that the nails be taken care of on a regular basis. This is for the health of the pug. For instance, Pug nails grow faster than most other breeds. This is because they are not as active as other breeds. Other breeds that are more active will have their nails worn down due to running and playing on different surfaces.

Most pugs do not like to have their nails cut. They may get very upset and try not to let you cut them. Some owners have even been scratched while trying to cut their nails.

Why is it critical that a pug have its nails cut regularly? Nails that are too long can curl into the pug’s paw. Sore nails can be an eventual cause of arthritis for the dog. This will cause great pain as well as hinder the way the pug is able to walk. It may also cause long-term problems with the dog’s body bone structure. Long nails become sore and are harder to trim. Long nails can also catch on to something and cause a lot of pain for the pug. This kind of experience will cause the dog to be apprehensive about having its nails cut.

For instance, a pug who has sore nails may cry or whimper when someone touches their paws. It is important if the owner is unable to cut the pug’s nails that the pug be taken to a groomer to have the nails maintained.

Pug Nail Trim

It may not be possible to cut pug nails all at one time but rather to trim them. Then trim them in a week or so again if they are already too long.

If the person trimming the nails is nervous and cannot hold the pug it is wise to have someone else help. Therefore, one person is holding the pug while the other person trims the nails.

There is a part of the nail that is called the quick. The quick is actually a blood vessel and has nerves. This is why it bleeds and will hurt the pug if it is cut.

Therefore, don’t trim or cut too much at one time. If the nail is cut a little at a time it is possible not to cut the quick. The quick will bleed and takes a long time to stop bleeding. When this happens the pug will cry out in pain and try to get away due to the pain. The quickness of a dog that has white nails is easy to see and identify. Be careful to make sure you trim the nail above the quick. However, on black nails, it is more difficult to identify it.

pug nail
Pug nail

How To Cut A Pug Nails and Trimming Dark Nails

A black pug’s nails are harder to cut as they are darker and harder to see quickly. Just trim the very top of a pug’s nails that are black or dark colored. Should you happen to get too close and cut the quick, it will bleed. Do not panic but get a  silver-nitrate stick and it will stop the bleeding. Should you not have it but have a small container of septic powder you can either put the nail into the container or pour the powder onto the nail. This will also stop the bleeding.

It seems to be easier, if possible, to put the nail into the powder container, rather than pouring the powder over the nail. This is less messy also.

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American Kennel Club

A very good rule of thumb to remember about cutting pug nails is to take note of this AKC(American Kennel Club) quote.

A statement from the (AKC) American Kennel Club, concerning taking regular care of a dog’s nails is: “Regular nail maintenance is more than cosmetic. Unhealthy nails can cause pain and, in rare instances. Trigger irreversible damage to the dog.”

Pug Getting Nails Clipped

It is important to have all tools and necessary items available before beginning to trim the nails. Be organized with your tools as well as the steps you will take in order for the pug to get its nails clipped.

These are suggestions that have been made by those who have had experience with cutting pug nails.

Tricks Of The Trade For How To Cut A Pug Nails

  1. All tools and accessories should be available and within reach at a moment’s notice. Have a nail clipper and trimmer, and septic powder (in case the quick is cut) it will stop the bleeding. Silver nitrate sticks also stop the bleeding. It would be good to have cotton swabs and doggie wipes, a nail file is necessary, and you may wish to use a nail grinder. Be sure to bring dog treats and a toy or two.
  1. Find a place where this task can be carried out that has proper lighting as well it is quiet, and you can be uninterrupted.
  2. Ask a family member or a friend to help with cutting Pug nails. A friend or family member can hold the pug on their lap. Try to calm the pug down if it starts to get upset.
  3. Make it fun. Reassure the pug and give it doggie treats. Soon it will associate getting nails clipped with treats and fun.
  4. You need to do one paw at a time. Take notice of where the quick is located so that you will not clip it and cause the pug stress and pain. Do one nail at a time.
  5. When finished with trimming the nails it is important to go back to the beginning nail and file them one at a time.
  6. Be sure that there is no bleeding.
  7. Take your time and do not rush the process.


A pug getting nails clipped is vital to its health and well-being. It is important to learn the correct way to know how to cut pug nails.

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