How Long Before Dogs Can Walk on Grass Seed

Planting grass seed is necessary from time to time, especially if you have a dog that hangs out on it frequently. You’re likely planting it because the dog tore up or wrecked the previous amount that was there. But how long does it take before you can let dogs walk on grass seed once planted?

In general, the grass should be about three inches tall. Then it should be fine to let your dog on it. Depending on the type of seed, this can take as long as two weeks to as much as a month or more. But, there are some things you can do if you aren’t going to be able to wait.

how long before dogs can walk on grass seed
How Long Before Dogs Can Walk on Grass Seed

Does the Grass Species Factor into the Length of Time Before Dogs Can Walk on It?

The type and kind of grass seed you plant will be a large factor in determining when a dog can walk on it. This is because there’s a major difference between cool and warm season grasses in when to plant them and how long they take to grow.

For example, if you’re going with something like bahia or bermudagrass, these are warm season grasses. Ergo, you should intend to plant these in late spring or early summer. These are best for areas with dry, arid, and drought-like conditions in the warmer months. This is because they grow best during the hottest months with temperatures somewhere in the ballpark of 75°F and 90°F

But, if you’re going for the cool season grasses like ryegrass, Kentucky bluegrass, or fescue, then you have to plant them in late spring or early fall. They’re lush, plush, and hearty but won’t germinate under extreme temperatures. Therefore, planting in the dead of summer or after the first frost won’t be ideal.

When Is the Best Time to Plant Grass Seed When You Have a Dog?

While different season grasses have varying times of year in which you should plant them, it might be best to do it in early fall. You can allow the leaves and coming snow to cover and protect your freshly planted grass seed. This makes it somewhat easier to prevent your dog from messing around on it. 

How Do You Protect a Newly Seeded Lawn from a Dog’s Activity?

As mentioned above, when you seed in early fall, you can let the coming dead leaves and subsequent snow provide some protection between your pooch and the lawn. But, if you have to plant the grass seed in spring, then you should cover your lawn with an inch of mulch. Doing this will protect the lawn from your dog and provide moisture.

But, for areas that don’t receive much snow or have too many trees, it might be best to set down grass seed before the rainy season. Yet some areas don’t see much rainfall. In this case, try to plant the seed when it best suits your schedule and keep your dog off of it as much as possible.

If you have to seed the entire lawn, the time of year won’t matter much. You will have to devise a plan of action in which to keep your dog away from it.  

Is It Better to Use Sod Rather Than Seed When It Comes to Dogs?

Sod isn’t a better option than seed because it can take a few months to root into the ground. The sod has to be undisturbed and a dog will make that difficult. This is because your dog can easily destroy and uproot the sod. With sod being exponentially more expensive than seed, it’s not worth the risk or the waste of money.  

That said, if you can keep your dog off the area where you plant sod, then it should be fine. This means covering it with a sheet of plywood or cordoning it off.

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What Is the Most Important Aspect of How Long Before Dogs Can Walk on Grass Seed?

Whatever you do and however you have to work the planting, you must ensure the grass is strong and long enough to tolerate your dog’s activity. When you first plant it, the seed has to germinate or it won’t grow right. It must be at least around three inches tall before you let your pup play on it.

This means you have to keep your dog away from the area at all costs. This will be a more poignant problem for warmer climates where there isn’t the luxury of allowing the leaves and snow to be an aid. So, you’ll have to come up with a creative way to prevent your pooch from tearing it up.

The point is, whatever you have to do to keep your dog off the grass seed, do it! Averting your pup’s desire to play on it is the most important part. If your dog gets into the area, it won’t take hold and you’ll have to replant all over again. So, it’s best to save yourself the frustration.

dog walking on grass seed
Dog Walking on Grass Seed: How Long?


Planting grass seed isn’t a difficult matter. But, when a pooch comes into the picture, it can be a frustrating exercise in repetition. Therefore, you have to take deliberate steps to plant it at the right time of year, keep your dog away from it, and let it grow to around three inches.

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