How Expensive Are Pugs? A Pet Parent’s Guide To Introducing A New Family Member

A man’s best friend’s purchase should be a very serious, well-thought-out, and responsible decision. This is a commitment you have to be ready for since a canine pal rightfully becomes a member of the “pack,” a greatly spoiled furry family member. You will realize with time that getting a furry friend was one of the best decisions you have ever made! It will transform your life and bring new colors into it.

The smushy, wrinkled face, those big piercing bug eyes, a triangular little nose, and a set of adorable perky ears. If you are a Pug fan and have always wanted to get one, but didn’t know how much you would have to invest, read on! We are about to cover the Pug prices topic. So, how expensive are Pugs? Let’s find out!

how expensive are pugs
How Expensive are Pugs

Do I Adopt A Pug Or Buy One?

It’s really up to the owner to choose either adoption or buying, whatever he/she is more comfortable with. Some dog breeds are not even available at the animal shelter or you have to be put on the waitlist to get one. A Pug is one of the canine species that you can normally get only from a reputable breeder, who has extensive experience. 

I prefer adopting because you give a very unfortunate animal a chance to get a stable, loving home while not breaking the bank. And, boy, you will if you buy a pancake-faced: this breed is not one of the cheapest on the market. Hence, how expensive are Pugs if you get them at a shelter? With adoption, you technically only pay for all the necessary puppy vaccines and a voluntary shelter donation. It is still a much cheaper option compared to purchasing a Pug friend. Be ready to spend anywhere from $300 to $450 for an adopted pooch. I paid exactly $450 for my mixed Lab/German Shepherd pup when we adopted her (the vast majority of expenses were important shots). 

However, some pet parents are keen on getting a purebred dog with excellent ancestry, since they believe that a pedigree pooch will have fewer behavioral problems and a longer lifespan. 

Partially it is true, but some dishonest breeders may be passing their not-so-purebred pups for the best quality litter. To avoid making a mistake and getting a dog with a questionable history, all future pet parents-to-be must do very extensive research into the breeder’s reputation. A simple online search will do the trick and help you find out if the Pug puppy you are planning to buy is a pedigree one. 

Now, how much do Pugs cost in case you do decide to buy a pup? Let’s take a look.

Do I Adopt A Pug Or Buy One

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How Expensive Are Pugs?

Even though those pancake-faced creatures are not the most expensive out of all dog breeds, they are not necessarily the cheapest ones either. So, on average, a pureblood, good lineage Pug’s prices will vary anywhere from $400 to a whopping $2000! Most likely, with a $400 purchase, you will get a mixed-breed Pug, not a pedigree one (even though a breeder might tell you it is). As a future pug owner, you should always request supporting documentation proving that the wrinkle-faced pal is completely purebred. 

However, some people are keen on getting the “creme-of-the-crop” when it comes to their favorite dog breeds. They are ready to shell out thousands of dollars for the best canine representative. Is it worth it? Well, if you are a Pug enthusiast and know a thing or two about their personality then yes, it would be worth it. Let’s cover the main traits the breed is adored and sought after. 

Why Should I Buy A Pug? 

  1. Clownish Character: oh yeah, a Pug always had and always will have a “class clown” reputation. It is so comical, that you will soon forget about your work troubles the moment you step into the house. Your precious brachycephalic fella will make your day by rolling around, chasing down flies, and making the cutest sniffling sounds. Just plain irresistible!
  2. Family-Friendly: got kids and wonder what breed to choose so that they would get along with their four-legged siblings? Look no further, a Pug is a way to go! It will be happy to play hide-and-seek, tag, and Frisby games with children, not to mention the quality cuddle time together. A wrinkle-faced pup has this unique ability to become a part of the “family pack” very quickly and a pet parent won’t be able to find a better play buddy for their kids than a Pug.
  3. Loyal: Pugs are one of the most loyal, devoted breeds in the “canine zodiac!” Therefore, if you are asking yourself: “How much are pugs worth?” a great answer would be: “They are worth every dime that you spend!” It would always want to be by your side, protecting you and making sure you are warm since they are the best cuddlers! 
  4. Mischievous and Charming: are you familiar with a “slipper-stealing syndrome?” Pug is usually guilty as charged when it comes to mischievousness. But this trait gives it its charm, no doubt! A Pug will always test its parents to see what it can get away with. Want to get an obedient Pug? Then it is best to buy a pup from a very experienced, reputable breeder. A Purebred pal will most likely be very mellow, well-mannered, and smart.  
are pugs expensive
Are Pugs Expensive?


Here we have just covered a topic on “How Expensive Are Pugs?” and discussed possible ways to get a Pug puppy. The most ethical way is still, in my opinion, to adopt a Pug, instead of shelling out crazy amounts to purchase one. All you have to pay for are the necessary shots that any puppy is required to have in the fragile “toddler” stage. 

However, if you do decide to buy one, do so only after you have researched enough information about well-known, respectable breeders in your area who are practicing ethical breeding habits. This way you can ensure that you are getting the purest breed Pug you can find.

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