How Do You Calm Down a Weimaraner

There are many breeds of dogs, and each can be distinguished by a particular aspect. Some for their interesting personality, others for their physical appearance, while some others for their energy level. 

how do you calm down a weimaraner
How Do You Calm Down a Weimaraner

While there are dogs recognized for highlighting some of the 3 aspects mentioned above, others have them all. That is the case of the Weimaraner. 

The Weimaraner is a dog characterized by having a beautiful appearance, a sensitive personality, and a high level of physical activity. Regarding its appearance, we have to highlight its beautiful silver-gray coat, which is the main reason why this canine is also called the “Gray Ghost.” 

The Weimaraner presents a loving and friendly personality to its owners, members of its human family, strangers, and other animals. Separation anxiety is one of the disorders that tend to affect these canines, so it is essential that they are not left alone for a long time. 

Lastly, many people know this breed of dogs, especially for their hunting skills and high energy level. These canines require exercise or any other physical activity every day because they are very active and energetic animals. They love to run, jump, swim, or play together with their loved ones all the time. 

Each of these aspects of the Weimaraner makes this dog difficult to control on many occasions. For that reason, the most recommended is that these canines be acquired by people or families who have patience and the willingness to dedicate enough time to their pets and train and educate them properly. 

How Do You Calm Down a Weimaraner? 

We already know that Weimaraners are very active dogs that require exercise every day. In fact, they cannot be kept indoors for long as they get bored easily and develop destructive behavior. Furthermore, they can also be stubborn and uncontrollable due to their energetic personality. 

It is difficult to make a Weimaraner calm down as it is in their nature to be an active dog all the time. For that reason, many dog ​​owners wonder if these canines will calm down at some point. That will depend exclusively on the personality, temperament, and behavior that your Weimaraner has developed since a puppy. 

Some will calm down when they are 5 years old, while others will remain hyperactive after that time. The truth is that there are several ways to keep our Weimaraner calm, but it is vital that we provide an excellent lifestyle. 

Before knowing some tips to calm your Weimaraner, it is important that you know the following: 

Maturity Calms Weimaraners 

As we’ve said before, the chances are high that a Weimaraner will calm down as the years go by. Generally, when a dog of this type reaches 5 years of life, it is normal for it to begin to be less hyperactive. 

That is because as these dogs mature, they gradually lose their energy. Remember that these canines have been trained throughout their history to be hunting dogs and do physical activities all the time. They have a lot of energy, which can only be released through exercise or hunting. 

Like human beings, a Weimaraner’s body gradually ages, and its energy diminishes. However, there are also exceptions to this case since, depending on the lifestyle that this dog received throughout its life, it probably still has the same energy that it used to have when it was a puppy. That is why many Weimaraners remain hyperactive at 8 years of age or older. 

Maturity is not the only way a Weimaraner can calm down. There are other factors that can also help this, which we will explain below. 

Owner calming down a Weimaraner dog
Owner calming down a Weimaraner dog

Factors That Help Calm a Weimaraner  

Weimaraner Exercise Routines  

One way for your dog to calm down is by making it lose energy and tire during the day.  

Therefore, it is essential to provide it with enough exercise and training so that it uses all its energy. Weimaraners are very active dogs that need to keep in constant motion all the time, whether running, playing, swimming, walking, etc.  

If you don’t allow your canine to exercise, it is likely that it will lose its calm and become hyperactive, developing destructive behavior that we cannot control. It is essential that you prepare an exercise routine that you can carry out with your Weimaraner every day. It should be noted that the exercises must be varied since these dogs tend to get bored easily if they always do the same thing. 

Weimaraner Obedience Training 

This type of training is essential for active dogs such as the Weimaraner. Proper obedience training will allow us to have a canine that will obey us in everything. That way, if it is hyper or out of control, whatever command you use should work to calm it down. 

In these cases, it is recommended that you ask for help from an experienced trainer who will guide you day by day to apply basic obedience training instructions with your Weimaraner. It is important that you reward your canine with treats each time it responds correctly to a command. That will allow it to be more encouraging, and it will know that what it is doing is right. 

Weimaraner Feeding 

Food is a fundamental pillar for Weimaraners, especially when it is balanced with the exercise routine. Many people make the mistake of feeding their dogs a high carbohydrate diet. That is not right since excess carbohydrates in a high-energy dog ​​such as the Weimaraner will make it much more hyperactive than usual. 

This situation will make it difficult to calm our Weimaraner. Therefore, you have to establish a diet based on nutrients and vitamins through healthy foods that your dog can consume. 

Spend Time with Your Weimaraner 

Weimaraners tend to suffer from separation anxiety when left alone for a long time. These dogs are very attached to their owners and need to be with them all the time, so they don’t feel alone. 

If you stay with your Weimaraner most of the time, especially when they exercise, it will trust you more and know that you will always be with it. That will help eliminate its bad habits so that its behavior will be acceptable. 

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