How Big Do Teacup Pugs Get

Wrinkly, miniature, bulge-eyed, super-cute cuddly creatures with those flat adorable faces. These are the irresistible Pugs. They come in a variety of colors from peachy-apricot to black, and the latter are harder to find.  

how big do teacup pugs get
How Big Do Teacup Pugs Get

However, it is not just the colors that are varied in Pugs. Also, the mixed breeds that come out of breeding a Pug and another dog species. For example, a crossbreeding with Like Jack Russel Terrier, Beagle, and Chihuahua.

There’s another Pug species that is not really considered a separate breed, but it does exist and is very popular among designer dog lovers out there. I’m talking about the Teacup Pug. 

So, as the name suggests, are they really that small to fit into a teacup? How big do teacup Pugs get? Let’s find out.

What Is A Teacup Pug?

As we mentioned earlier, Teacup Pug is not recognized nationally by reputable breeding clubs as well as by AKC as a separate breed. However, it is highly popular among miniature dog enthusiasts. It is usually a cross between a regular-sized Pug and a smaller version of the breed. Or two runts (unusually small Pugs combined) crossbreed mixture. 

They don’t look any more different than a regular-sized Pug: have that distinctive wrinkled face, bulging eyes, button-sized nose, and a small, stocky body. The only big difference between a regular Pug and a Teacup one is in size. Teacup Pugs are much much smaller, no more than 6 inches in height! So yes, they can conveniently fit right into a big tea mug, believe it or not.

Origin Of Teacup Pugs

So where do they come from? Since their Pug ancestors are from China, the Teacup Pugs also have Asian roots, no difference here. And no crossbreeding with different species as well. They first emerged when two unusually small Pugs were crossed at some point. It is unclear what breeder did it and when. It might’ve been just an accident breeding experience, but it produced one cute little creature. 

Unfortunately, because this type of dog is in very high demand, some dishonest breeders would be supplying Teacup Pugs to the dog market solely for profit purposes. They would not put much regard to the pup’s wellbeing. And the breed does have a lot of health problems because of its tiny body. Mostly it has something to do with the fragile bone structure, and we will cover this in more detail a little later. 

How Big Do Teacup Pugs Get?

Since it is a super miniature Pug variation, they don’t get bigger than 6 inches in height and 5 pounds maximum in weight. Therefore, they could be easily carried everywhere, even to department stores which usually don’t allow dogs. As long as you put it in your backpack or purse, your miniature Pug friend can accompany you on any adventure.

 full-grown teacup pugs

But its life expectancy is not that long compared to a regular-sized Pug: they live for about 7-9 years tops. The reason is that they have a lot of wellness issues associated with their size and the way they were bred. What kind of illnesses do full-grown teacup pugs get, you ask? 

Health Problems That Teacup Pugs Encounter

Because of a Teapug’s extremely small size, they develop what is called dwarfism: their bones are very small, weak, and brittle, therefore prone to various injuries. Even from the slightest wrong move, like jumping up to meet you when you come home, or running for their favorite treat. Some of the main health problems can include:

  • Achondroplasia: This condition happens when a Teacup Pug’s bones do not develop to the normal size they should. Some insincere breeders do it on purpose to make sure that the miniature Pug will stay small for the best monetary profit. The average Teacup Pug goes for about $2000-$4000 and in some cases even higher, depending on their color.
  • Heart defects: since all internal organs are so small in Teapugs and they are not bred the right way, the heart doesn’t develop correctly. For example, the heart valves or ventricles might be deformed, which, in turn, leads to the wrong blood flow direction and even blood clots. That’s how Teacup Pugs experience heart failure and stroke which in the majority of cases are lethal. 
  • Respiratory issues: Pugs, in general, are brachycephalic dogs, meaning “short-headed.” Their faces are very flat and their snouts are extremely short, which results in obstructive breathing. They can suffer from seizures, or asthma attacks and have to be closely watched when being walked on a scorching hot day. Make sure you walk your miniature furry pal when the sun is the weakest and provide plenty of hydration.
  • Liver problems: if a Teacup Pug is born with some liver deformities, then they don’t get all of their toxins out of the system since the liver answers for purifying the body of many harmful elements. As a result, Teacup Pug’s blood gets contaminated and it can easily lead to a lethal outcome.

So, you better think twice before you get a Teacup Pug. You have to make sure you can pay for all the vet bills you are going to accumulate with this sickly, but cute pup. 

Another issue you have to think about is how well a Teacup Pug is going to fit in with some members of your family. If you have kids, it may not be a good breed for you. Let’s find out why, and discuss their personality more to see if they are a suitable pet option for you.

teacup pug
Teacup Pug

Teacup Pug Temperament

Just like a regular-sized Pug, a Teacup one is also friendly, outgoing, very cuddly, and loyal. But one thing is for sure: they are just as stubborn in character as their bigger counterparts. Therefore, they may not be the easiest to train and discipline. 

On the other hand, if you make it your goal to teach them things you want them to understand, they can learn. Make sure you use a lot of positive reinforcement. For example, giving out their favorite treats, and taking them to dog runs. They will gradually associate good behavior with a reward. 

As far as introducing them to the family: they will not thrive in a household with children since they are so small and fragile. Kids can easily step on them by accident, or push them too hard while playing. Therefore putting the delicate miniature Pug’s frame in danger of serious injury. 


Teacup Pugs are very popular nowadays among small-breed dog lovers. However, you will be shelling out big bucks to get and care for one. Consider all your pros and cons before you decide to buy a pup, as they do develop a lot of illnesses in an adult Teacup Pug stage. You will become a regular customer at the vet’s office. It is better not to support the type of breeding where an animal’s well-being is not at the forefront. 

Due to their size, they may not suit every type of household (better fit for families with no children). But they will definitely adapt to any type of living space as the full-grown Teacup Pugs don’t get bigger than 6 inches in height, 5 lbs maximum. 

If you are definitely set on welcoming this small, cute creature into your life, make sure you take good care of it. You need to pay a visit to a veterinary specialist regularly. Also, be gentle with it during play and provide it with the best nutrition possible to eliminate some serious health issues.

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