Great Dane Rottweiler Mix | The Weiler Dane

The Weiler Dane is a hybrid dog. This designer breed is the cross between the Rottweiler and the Great Dane. It inherits the traits of both his parents. 

great dane rottweiler mix
Great Dane Rottweiler Mix | Weiler Dane

The Weiler Dane is extremely loyal and bonds closely with his family. This noble watchdog is gentle and protective.

This article explains the appearance, breed characteristics, vital stats, history, size, personality, and general health of a Weiler Dane.

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Weiler Dane Appearance

The Weiler Dane is large and powerful with a muscular build. This graceful dog possesses the height of a Great Dane but the muscular build of a Rottweiler. Weiner Dane’s chest is extremely broad with a powerful forward thrust.

Weiner Dane has a short and dense coat. The cost comes in brown, black, and reddish-brown color.

It has a huge and blocky head with heavy and floppy ears. The tail is long and straight, similar to that of the Great Dane. Its gait is graceful, determined, and proud. 

Weiner Dane Breed Characteristics 

Despite their huge size, Weiner Danes are one of the best-natured dogs. They are protective, loyal, and gentle dogs. They can sometimes be stubborn and need to be trained right from puppyhood. Weiner Danes require daily walks to stay happy and healthy.

Being an affectionate dog breed, Weiler Dane is a wonderful companion! They get along well with kids if properly trained and socialized.

We have listed below Weiner Dane’s dog breed characteristics. This list is meant to be a general guideline for Weiner Dane’s characteristics. Let’s have a look at them:


  • Weiner Danes are not suitable for apartment living due to their vast size. 
  • When it comes to first-time parents, these dogs are not a suitable choice.
  • They have a moderate to low tolerance for extreme cold and hot weather. A jacket will be necessary for your furry pal during chilly walks.
  • Weiner Danes are sensitive dogs and cannot tolerate being alone for a longer period.

All-around friendliness:

  • They are loving and affectionate dogs. 
  • Weiner Danes are suitable for a household with kids and other pets.
  • They are stranger-friendly dogs and will greet your guests happily. 

Health and grooming needs:

  • Weiner Danes are generally healthy dogs but may encounter certain health conditions.
  • The short and smooth coat is easy to groom and maintain. 
  • They are drool-prone dogs and may drop saliva uncontrollably from their mouth.


  • Weiner Danes are highly intelligent and easy to train dogs.
  • They have a moderate tendency to nip, chew, or play-bite people.
  • Weiner Danes have a moderate prey drive. You need to teach them how to associate well with other pets in your house.
  • They have a high barking potential. If you are considering a watchdog, Weiner Dane would be a great choice. 

Physical needs:

  • They have a high energy level and need daily physical activity to stay healthy and happy.
  • One of the best things about Weiler Dane is that they are highly playful.
  • They are vigorous dogs and do everything with energy including eating.
Great Dane lying down (8 months old)

Vital Stats About Weiner Danes

Let’s have a look at the important stats that you need to know about Weiler Danes.

Dog Breed GroupHybrid dogs
AncestryGreat Dane, Rottweiler 
Average HeightMale: 32-33 inchesFemale: 32-33 inches
Average Weight RangeMale: 145-175 lbsFemale: 145-165 lbs
Coat colorBrown and black
TemperamentKind, gentle, watchful, funny, protective
Other namesRottie Dane, Great Rottie, Great Rottweiler Dane
Exercise requirements Moderate, around 30 minutes per day
Life Expectancy7 – 10 years

History of Weiner Dane

Weiner Dane is not a purebred dog and is not recognized by any well-known kennel. This Great Dane Rottweiler mix possesses many of its parent breed’s noble characteristics. It was once a herding dog used to keep the flock safe and protected.

Both Great Danes and Rottweilers are ancient breeds that can be traced thousands of years ago. Both are believed to have originated from Germany.

The Rottweiler was officially recognized by the American Kennel Club (AKC) in 1931 as a working dog. and entered into the Working Group. In 1889, the Great Dane was recognized by the AKC and was entered into the Working Group.

Temperament and Personality of Weiner Dane

If you are seeking a loyal companion who looks fierce but is rarely dangerous, then the Weiler Dane is a perfect choice! This huge dog is gentle at heart. 

Sometimes, Weiler Danes can be stubborn and independent. Their high sensitivity can make them problematic if clear boundaries are not set. These dogs need early socialization and obedience training to become a well-behaved dog.

Weiner Danes typically share the following personalities:

  • Loyal: The Weiler Dane is extremely loyal to the family. Whatever happens in your life, this devoted dog will remain by your side. 
  • Courageous: The Weiler Dane has a courageous temperament. They will do anything to protect their family if they sense any danger. 
  • Playful: Weiler Danes are playful dogs and enjoy playing with their human companions. They must be taught to play nicely from puppyhood. 
  • Watchdogs: Weiler Danes are reliable watchdogs. They look intimidating and that makes them perfect watchdogs. 
  • Affectionate: A Weiler Dane is an affectionate companion. This gentle giant loves children and makes a wonderful addition to any family.  
  • Aggressive towards other dogs: Weiler Danes can be confrontational with other dogs. When raised with other pets, they usually grow up to get along well with them.

Size of Weiner Dane

Both male and female Weiler Dane dog breeds have an imposing size and weight. The female Weiler Danes have a height of up to 33 inches and an average weight of 145 to 165 pounds.

On the other hand, an average male Weiler Dane stands tall to reach 33 inches with a weight range of 145 to 175 pounds.

Major Health Concerns About Weiner Dane

Despite being a healthy dog, Weiler Danes have the potential to develop some genetic health issues.

Let’s get down to the common health problems that Weiler Danes can suffer from:

Canine Elbow Dysplasia 

This is a hereditary degenerative disease common to Weiler Danes. It l causes a developmental deformity of the elbows. The affected dog shows occasional or persistent forelimb lameness and pain. 

Canine Hip Dysplasia 

This is a degenerative condition that Weiler Danes develop as they grow. The affected dog tends to have a loose fit of the hip joint. Hip dysplasia is typically caused by hereditary factors, rapid weight gain, or excessive nutritional intake.

The symptoms include hip pain, lameness, limping, and difficulty in standing or jumping. 


Bloat is a fatal health condition affecting Weiler Danes. It is typically caused by a large deep chest, stress, anxiety, feeding a large single meal a day, over-exercising, or eating too quickly.

The symptoms include extreme lethargy, excess salivation, distended abdomen, pale gums, and restlessness.

CVI (Wobblers Syndrome) 

This is a disease that affects the neck vertebrae of Weiler Danes and could stretch its impact on the spinal cord. The symptoms include a wobbly gait, walking with heads down, weakness, trouble getting up, or acute paralysis in all the legs.

There is no known cause of this disease. Take your dog to the vet if you notice any of the above symptoms.


Hypothyroidism in Weiler Danes is caused by a disorder of the thyroid gland. The most common signs include excessive tiredness, depression, weight gain, excessive shedding, excessive dandruff, a dry or dull coat, and hyperpigmented skin.

This problem can be treated with medication and diet.

Dilated Cardiomyopathy (DCM)

This is a heart disease common in Weiler Danes. It affects the heart muscles making the ventricles lose the ability to contract normally. DCM is caused by genetic mutations, nutritional deficiency, feeding complete grain-free diets, and toxins.

The symptoms of DCM in Weiler Danes include loss of appetite, pale gums, increased heart rate, coughing, difficulty breathing, weakness, and fainting.


It is an inflammation of the joints that causes pain, discomfort, loss of stamina, and stiffness. Arthritis is usually due to the ongoing wear and tear and instability in the joints. It cannot be cured but can be managed in dogs.

If you feel your Weiler Dane has any of the above symptoms, you should speak to your vet. 

Weiner Dane Care

Let’s get down to the feeding, grooming, training, and exercise requirements of Weiler Danes:

Feeding your Weiner Dane

Complete nutrition and a healthy diet are vital, especially for a fast-growing giant like the Weiler Danes. This will keep your dog in good physical condition and full of energy.

The amount of food that Weiler Danes should eat varies with age, gender, and physical activity.

Weiner Dane AgeCups per day
1 – 3 months3 ½ – 4 cups
3 – 5 months4 – 5 ¼ cups
5 – 7 months5 – 6 cups
7 – 12 months5 – 7 ½ cups

Clean and fresh water should be made available to your Weiler Dane at all times.

Pet Parent Tip: Free-feeding is not recommended for your Weiler Dane. You may end up with an overweight dog. 

Training your Weiner Dane

Weiner Danes are moderately easy to train dogs. The ideal time to start training is when the Great Rottie pup is 8-12 weeks old.

Start training in a quiet area having minimum distractions. Gradually move on to more distracting areas. You should praise your Weiler Dane during training. It helps them understand your expectations and the differences between the things they should be doing and shouldn’t do.

Socialize your Weiler Dane as much as you can. Make sure your puppy gets to encounter all kinds of people, animals, and objects in different places. 

You need to be consistently firm and patient with your Weiler Dane.

If you are unable to devote much time, it’s better to enroll your Weiler Dane puppy in puppy classes. Your puppy will socialize, get obedience training, and learn basic manners.

Grooming needs of Weiner Dane

Weiner Danes are moderate shedders. Let’s have a look at their grooming needs:

  • Brushing: The Weiler Dane needs to be brushed once or twice a week. This will help to remove any extra fur. 
  • Bathing: They only require a bath once a month. Overbathing is not recommended for these dogs. Always use a good-quality canine shampoo and conditioner
  • Ear cleaning: Dirt and moisture can easily trap in Weiler Dane’s floppy ears. They should be cleaned weekly to prevent infections. Ears should smell good with no exceptional amount of wax.
  • Teeth cleaning: Brush your Weiler Dane’s teeth every few days to remove tartar buildup and plaque.
  • Nail trimming: Weiler Dane’s nails usually require monthly clipping or filing. It will keep your dog’s feet in good condition.

Look inside your dog’s mouth and check for sores, redness, or other signs of infection. Make grooming a positive experience filled with praises and rewards. Your careful weekly exam will help you spot potential health problems early.

Tools used for grooming your Great Dane:

  • Pin Brush
  • Medium-bristle Brush
  • Rubber Grooming Tool
  • Dog Clippers
  • Canine shampoo
  • Slicker Brush
  • Nail Clipper

Exercise requirements of Weiner Dane

Weiner Danes require moderate amounts of exercise daily. They need around 30 – 60 minutes of exercise per day.

You can meet their exercise requirements by taking them for a daily walk. They are not ready to go jogging until they are two years old. Weiner Danes also enjoy fetching games, frisbee toss, and tug of war.

You can also provide interactive toys and puzzle toys for their mental stimulation.

great dane rottweiler mix
Great Dane Rottweiler Mix

Final Thoughts 

Weiler Danes are obedient dogs that are affectionate and loving. For insecure places, they can be a great asset to provide protection. 

As a responsible dog parent, you are responsible for the care and well-being of your pet. You must give your Weiler Dane high-quality food, take care of its exercise and grooming needs, and take it for check-ups to a vet.

Hope you enjoyed reading the article! Have any questions about Weiler Danes? Shoot us a comment, and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

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