Walk Your English Bulldog Everyday: Do’s and Don’ts

So, how often can you walk an English Bulldog? English Bulldogs should be walked for at least 15-20 minutes a day, but no more than 40. This will allow them to get enough exercise and remain safe from harm.

walking your english bulldog
Walking Your English Bulldog

It’s important to remember that English bulldogs are a relatively inactive breed. For example, they don’t need the same amount of exercise as other breeds. But this doesn’t mean you should ignore your dog or neglect them in any way!

One of the best things a pet parent can do for their English Bulldog is to get them active at least once per day. This will allow both you and your doggie to bond and hopefully, get some fresh air while also getting some much-needed exercise.

English Bulldogs are one of the laziest breeds in the world. They often need encouragement to be active and not just lie around all day long, a problem that becomes more prevalent as they can become obese later on in life due to their lack of exercise.

But don’t worry! This breed is known for being able to adjust relatively easily when it comes down to it. Whether it’s playing outside or going out walking with you, they can adapt pretty quickly, especially if they have some interest in the new activity.

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English Bulldogs and Exercise

Maintaining proper muscle tone and reducing the risk of arthritis in English Bulldogs are just two benefits of exercise that you might not have thought about before.

Exercise also improves heart health by lowering cholesterol levels due to an increase in blood circulation throughout the body which can lead to lower blood pressure rates as well as a decrease in triglyceride levels (which leads to better cardiovascular function).

A dog’s diet plays an important role when considering obesity but so does exercise.

No one can understand what it’s like living with this dog breed until they live with one. We’ve seen first-hand how they can be stubborn when it comes to getting any type of movement going outside.

Do you know those motorized scooters at shopping centers like Walmart? Well, you can bet that if they were available for English Bulldogs, they’d probably always opt to ride one.

English bulldogs can’t be expected to do the same amount of work that other breeds might because their bodies just don’t have it in them–but even though this is true you should try and give your dog at least one walk per day for

You may be surprised, however, to find that your Bulldog needs a surprising amount of exercise to be content and have a good night’s sleep. But they’re typically not as active on their own accord and benefit from some encouragement from the human members of the family!

There is also an issue in finding anything remotely interesting for them – whether it’s exploring new territory or trying out something different at home such as running through sprinklers after days without rain.

But exercise releases energy, instead of venting it through chewing or destruction. This is especially true for puppies!

The Right Amount of Exercise For English Bulldogs

English Bulldogs have short legs, and elongated bodies, and their chests stick out more than other breeds of dog because they have practically no tail at all.

This can make them very clumsy in comparison to other types of canine breeds.

When starting out taking your English Bulldog for walks it’s important to start small – start-up slows with five minutes per day for two days before moving on to ten minutes a day thereafter (we don’t want them becoming overtired).

Increase the duration gradually until he/she gets accustomed enough between walks or outdoor time – around 15-30 minutes. Try to avoid taking your English Bulldog for walks longer than 30-40 minutes because they are prone to overheating and exhaustion.

Restricting walks to under 40 minutes helps to ensure your English Bulldog does not overexert themselves, during the hot summer months especially. In a humid environment, they can easily overheat and have labored breathing which is dangerous for their health.

Ideally, dogs should be exercised at an appropriate time of day that has cooler temperatures to avoid any potential complications or issues with overheating in general altogether.

Walking dogs is a great exercise for them but try limiting strenuous activity during 12-6 pm (the hottest hours) because dogs are most vulnerable during those times due to high temperatures.

If you have a backyard, make sure there is adequate shade for your English Bulldog to escape from the heat. If not then try and limit their time outside during those hours or invest in some cooling gear like an ice pack vest that can be worn by dogs when they are out of air conditioning (or if it’s too hot).

You don’t have to restrict your English Bulldog’s exercise time to just walking, free play and mentally stimulating activities are also a great way to keep your English Bulldog active.

Signs Your English Bulldog Is Tired

For both puppies and fully-grown English Bulldogs, it is important to monitor them throughout their walk so that you can ensure they aren’t getting too fatigued.

Excessive panting in particular could be a sign of fatigue on the dog’s part as well as lagging or refusing to continue walking may also indicate this condition.

English bulldog owners need to keep an eye out for signs of exhaustion during walks.

Exercise For English Bulldog Puppies

English Bulldog puppies need to build their strength and muscles, so they need to have some physical activity. When an English Bulldog pup is a growing puppy they should only be doing playtime with other pups or people wearing proper clothing until 3 months old.

After that point, let your pup walk around the house in short spurts of time up to about 4 months old; after this age start walking longer distances at around 50%.

It’s essential for all dogs- especially smaller breeds like the English bulldog -to get enough exercise when they’re still young because their bones are developing quickly.

two english bulldogs walking

Tips For Walking Your English Bulldog

If you’re a new pet parent to a Bulldog you may find yourself struggling at times, especially if your English Bulldog has a robust personality or is easily excited.

Start by walking your Bulldog on a leash. This will help you control their movements and keep them from pulling too hard or running off in the wrong direction, which can be dangerous for both of you.

If they’re not used to wearing one yet it may take some time before they are comfortable with this new sensation. But don’t give it up, this part takes consistency over some time.

Training your dog not to pull on walks may take a lot of patience, but it can be done. The trick is to make sure that they know to only move forward when the leash is slack. When you see and feel them pulling, stop moving and only proceed after they have stopped with you.

Reward them for correct behavior by giving out treats or praise; this should eventually teach them how things work! It will likely take many tries before succeeding here in due time their stubbornness will come around even if it takes some perseverance from those who are training them.

You can use treats as an incentive; if your dog “puts on the breaks” during a walk, place a treat in front of their face and give it to them when they move forward. If the techniques above don’t quite work out for you, consider walking your dog with other dogs so yours can follow.

No matter what you choose, remember to be patient and persistent.

But remember, don’t walk your English bulldog on a hot, humid day. This can be dangerous for them and you because they are more likely to overheat or dehydrate quickly in the heat of summertime weather.

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Don’t Forget About Playing With Your English Bulldog

Your English Bulldog may still want to play during the day on top of their walks. You can play in all sorts of ways with your doggie.

It could be as simple as having a tug of war with them, or simply kicking around their favorite ball so they can get some exercise throughout the day. A couple of playtimes will be enough for most English Bulldogs.

While your English Bulldog needs its daily walk and free playtime, it’s also important to provide other activities that will stimulate their brain.

In “Mental enrichment and mind stimulation for dogs,” you can learn about six different categories of mental enrichment – from choosing an appropriate diet to providing toys with treats hidden inside or puzzle games like Kongs stuffed with peanut butter.

Other ways to keep your Bulldog mentally stimulated can be as simple as playing hide and seek with your doggie. Hide treats in various places around your house or yard, then call them to you when they find one of their favorite snacks!

There are also puzzle and learning toys for dogs that offer a convenient way to exercise your Bulldog’s brain. Think of them as Sudoku or crossword puzzles but for dogs.

english bulldog walking tips
English Bulldog Walking Tips

Final Thoughts

Exercise also helps keep English Bulldog’s muscles strong enough to help prevent pain in their joints or tendons, which is a good idea for this breed especially since these dogs have problems exercising themselves even more than most breeds do!

Furthermore, providing mental stimulation will prevent boredom leading to destructive behavior; this way your pet won’t be destroying furniture while you’re at work all day long because he has nothing better to do.

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