English Bulldog Puggle Mix Information: Everything You Need to Know

If you take two breeds: a Bulldog and a Puggle, you will obviously get a Bull Puggle breed. It is becoming quite popular worldwide. Since it’s a mixed breed, Bull-Pug pups are not purebred. So are these dogs more like a Bulldog or a Puggle? Breeders cannot answer that question for certain. It really depends on the genetic code. If the pup is going to get more Bulldog genes, then it’s going to act like one. If it’s going to take after its Puggle parent-then this breed will be predominant. 

english bulldog puggle mix information
English Bulldog Puggle Mix Information

The Puggle breed itself consists of two different breeds: a Pug and a Beagle. Therefore, an English Bulldog Puggle Mix will have the characteristics of all three breeds. That is a Bulldog, a Beagle, and a flat-faced Pug. And, consequently, will have a mix of different temperaments and personalities.

Here is some English bulldog puggle mix information.

Temperament and Behavior

A Puggle Bulldog pup can exhibit a little of every three breeds’ behavior patterns mixed in the friendliness and curiosity of a Beagle, the overprotective nature of a Bulldog, and the fun spirit of a Pug. And with that, he will also get the less desirable (but easy to fix) traits like negligence, excessive barking, and howling (oh yes, Beagles are famous for that).  Also, an occasional aggressiveness towards its canine counterparts (if they are outsiders for our mixed-breed fella). 

Puggle Bulldogs adore children and are always up for a good playtime! They are curious enough to explore unfamiliar territory or activities while being extremely protective of their little human friends. 

They are very laid back and don’t get annoyed easily; their idea of a great time is to cuddle right next to the pet parent and catch some zzz’s while you are watching a movie.  

However, a male Bull-Pug pal can get extremely territorial while in the same household as the other canine male brothers. You should keep that in mind while you prepare the house for a new member of the family (if you have other male fur babies). If you notice any guarding issues from your Bulldog Puggle, address them immediately, don’t let them slip through the cracks.

Another issue you as a pet parent might need to pay attention to is the stubbornness of your mixed-breed baby. Very often you will notice your pup making decisions that seem to fit in a particular situation, without much regard to what you are trying to teach it. In this case, show your pup that following your directions comes with a prize ( favorite treats) and verbal praise as well. Therefore, a furry pal will put two and two together and will listen to you next go-round. But where did it all begin? What’s the history of your new beloved friend?


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The Origin Of An English Bulldog Puggle Mix

There is a theory that the Bulldog Puggle Mix originated in the United States when the Bulldogs and Puggles were crossbred and the mixed Bull-Pug breed became very popular around the 90s. However, it is still unknown when crossbreeding actually started. 

But what is certain is that the mixed breed has both Chinese (Pug) and English relatives (Bulldog). Talk about an explosive mixture! 

Bull-Puggle Training

As mentioned above, the Bull Puggle breed tends to be very stubborn at times. Training it is no easy task, although it is a very affectionate and friendly dog. It needs to understand the purpose of various commands you are trying to instill, as well as to know that it will be generously rewarded for doing the right thing. If a pet parent earns its trust and respect, then the furry companion will follow his/her lead. 

Sometimes, as was also mentioned previously, a Bull Puggle mix can be very protective of its “assets,” like food, toys, and even its human parents. This type of undesirable behavior needs to be nibbed in the bud. If a dog parent feels like he/she has reached a “dead end” with the training, then he/she should turn to a professional dog trainer to assist in the development of the right canine behavior patterns. 

english bulldog puggle mix
English Bulldog Puggle Mix

Taking Care Of Your Puggle Bulldog Mix Pup

  • Nutrition: before you give your Bull Puggle Mix pup any kind of food, you should always consult a veterinarian specialist to see what type of food he/she will recommend for your pal’s breed type.

Typically, vets highly advise giving out the Hills Science Diet dog food. The reason is that it has a lot of great nutrients like essential vitamins, minerals, and fiber to make sure your pup grows up to be very healthy as well as fit. Make sure not to overfeed your pooch, follow the vet’s directions as far as the feeding schedule is concerned. 

  • Health: as you already know, your mixed breed friend has 3 breeds coexisting in it.  Consequently, it might develop some of the same problems its ancestors had or even all of them. You just never know. Therefore, it is very important for you as a pet parent to take your pal for regular checkups every year to make sure everything looks normal. 

Some of the most common problems the Bull Puggle puppy may experience are hip dysplasia (short, stocky legs have very weak joints that break easily), cherry eye (that’s from the Pug ancestor, bulging eyes are to blame), various skin conditions (since its skin is very sensitive) as well as breathing problems (again, a Pug ancestor to blame because of its short, flat face). 

 To avoid future unnecessary vet costs, it is a good idea to get your pooch from a reputable breeder or a well-established animal shelter where all the mandatory tests are performed. This will ensure that your dog is going to be healthy both physically and mentally, ready to come home.

  • Exercise: A Bull Pug breed doesn’t necessarily need a lot of daily exercise. It likes to just lounge around next to its owner. But daily walks are extremely beneficial to keep your pup energetic, fit, and less prone to destructive behaviors. A bored dog is a recipe for disaster. 

Be sure to provide mental stimulation as well, like dog puzzles or Kong toys. Fill these with some peanut butter, cheese, or mashed potatoes, and your Bull Puggle fur baby will sit there for hours, trying to get every last scoop out.  


Are your eyes set on getting a Bull Puggle Mix pup? Do not hesitate: it is a very loyal, curious, and gentle dog that won’t leave your side and happily participate in all your favorite activities. 

Just remember to get it from a good breeder or a highly-regarded adoption facility to avoid many problems in the future (health and behavioral). Take good care of this precious little fella and it will return the favor. 

Happy bonding!

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