Why Is My Dog Only Calm Around Me? (9 Possible Reasons)

Dogs often become calm around you because of separation anxiety. If you leave them too often, they can be stressed and stay calm when you are with them. Some go quiet because they feel safer when you are around them. Dogs can become calmer as they get older or suffer from a health issue.

dog only calm around me
Why is My Dog Only Calm Around Me?

Dogs are not exactly the calmest creatures. So I got worried when I realized that my dog was acting calmer around me than others in the house. My worries made me research hard to find the answer to the question: why is my dog only calm around me?

There can be more reasons why a dog acts that way. If you want to know why, I recommend you go through the entire article.

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Why Is My Dog Only Calm Around Me?

Sometimes I wish animals could talk so that it would have been easier to understand how they feel or what they are going through. But since it cannot happen, we end up keeping track of their behaviors to understand the causes and how to fix them.

Dogs can become calmer around their owner or a particular person for various reasons. And here are some of the most common reasons why your dog is calm around you.

1. Separation Anxiety

It is not uncommon for dogs to suffer from separation anxiety. It happens mostly when the dog is too attached to its owner. So when the time comes for the owner to leave home, even for a few hours, the dog becomes agitated.

Some dogs go quiet due to anxiety when their owner’s departure time comes. That’s why such dogs become quiet and tend to stay closer to their owner.

2. The Dog Feels Safer

When your dog is calm around you, it means he/she feels safer when you are around. Dogs and their humans are forever friends.

So if they are calm when you are there, they want to let you know that they trust you. But you also need to ensure your dog is not doing this out of fear. Try giving your buddies some treats to make them feel better.

3. The Dog Is Getting Older

Old age is tough, even for dogs. You will notice that puppies or younger dogs are more active than older ones.

As dogs get older, they become less and less active due to not having the same energy. That’s why we see them staying calmer than usual and get worried.

4. Change In Diet

Some dog foods can increase fatigue, making the dog less active. That’s why they tend to be calm, especially after mealtimes.

You need to change the food and add a nutritious diet for each meal. You can also offer healthy dog treats to encourage them to follow the new diet.

5. Neuter/Spay

Spaying and neutering dogs are very effective in making them calmer. A spayed or neutered dog gradually stops coming to heat after a month or two. They eventually lose the urge to go out or look for other dogs’ company and prefer staying closer to their owners.

6. Boredom Or Tiredness

If it’s been a long day for your dog or if it did not have enough activities, it is probably tired or bored. It can happen more often than you think. But not having enough activities is not a good thing for the dog. So you need to make sure they stay more active by giving them toys or playing with them.

calm dog with owner on walk

7. Hot Weather

Since dogs are active most of the time, walking for too long or running around can dehydrate them sooner than usual. And the rise in the temperature can be why they are suddenly calmer and prefer to be left alone.

8. Illness

Calmness is not always a good or peaceful sign. If your dog is old or an active dog is suddenly quiet when you are around, you need to take the matter seriously. So if that is the case, you need to consult with a vet as soon as you notice the changes.

9. Training

Dogs can be well trained if you are patient with them and do things right. Even the most excited and jumpiest dog can act calm if you train them well. So maybe the dog is calm because it is just a well-trained animal. In that case, you already know the answer.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why does my dog follow me everywhere?

Your dog can follow you for various reasons. One of the reasons is that it is probably hungry or wants your attention. Dogs often follow their masters when they want to show something. It is a sign of trust and friendship.

Q. Why is my dog calm and not eating?

Dogs can be calm if they are bored, scared, tired, or just because they are old. There is not much to worry about unless you notice they are not eating either. That cannot be good because it can be a sign of illness. 

So if your dog is suddenly acting calmer than usual and not eating, it is best to take the dog to a vet.

Q. How do I keep my dog calm around strangers?

One of the solutions to keep an overexcited dog calm around strangers is to train them for that. You can use command words like “sit” or “stay” and reward them if they follow your words. If not, you can try distracting them with their favorite toys or treats. 

Q. Do dogs prefer calm people?

Animals often sense our energy and understand our body language through their instinct. So when a calm person approaches them or makes less eye contact, they do not see that person as a threat. That’s why dogs often choose to be around calm people.

dog only calm around me
Dog only calm around me

Final Verdict

Having your dog sitting or lying next to you calmly is peaceful. But if that is out of the dog’s usual behavior, it is pretty concerning and can be related to health issues.

So, as an owner, it is up to you to keep an eye on your dog’s behaviors and activities. In this way, you will notice sudden and gradual changes pretty quickly, and take the necessary steps.

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