Why Does My Dog “Flea Bite” Me? (and how to stop it!)

by Sonya | Last Updated:   October 5, 2021

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The main reason why your dog will flea bite you is the presence of fleas on their skin. Mouthing, also known in dogs as “flea biting”, is a very common behaviour with dogs. One of the most common behavioral disorders among dogs is flea biting.

If your dog isn’t showing any signs of fleas, then they could just be mouthing because they’re bored. Sometimes, a “flea bite” is part of your dog showing their affection towards their owner, or maybe they are just trying to groom.

Puppy mouthing their owners hand, also known as a flea bite

How Can I Stop Dog “Flea Biting Me?

The following methods can help you to tackle flea biting.

  • You can comb their fur regularly as it helps to prevent fleas from attracting their fur.
  • Try skin grooming your dog once a week by dry bathing.
  • Consistently clean the paws of your dog. Use pet-friendly wipes to remove dirt.
  • Try taking him out for a regular walk and involve him in some physical exercises.
  • Distract him from getting bored and keep him engaged.
  • Examine your dog on a regular basis to check if fleas are present or not.
  • You can also give him a chew toy to distract him from nibbling his fur.

What not to do

Remember that dogs interact with the world through their mouths so it’s not really fair to be upset with them for being natural adventurers! Try to divert the nibbling elsewhere if need be! 

  • Don’t pull your hands away: Sudden movements will trigger the dog’s natural prey drive. It will encourage your pup to chase after your fingers. It’s best in these types of situations to act calm and wait for your dog to back up. If it doesn’t let go, simply remove yourself from the room.
  • Don’t squish your dog’s face: It’s cute to play with your puppy’s little face but waving with your hands in front of your pup’s mouth will only encourage your dog to bite.
  • Do not yell at your dog: In situations of excitement and play, your dog might start mouthing or biting at your hands. Yelling and shouting at your dog never helps and will only make it confused and scared.
  • Do not hit your dog: Hitting your dog for love bites or mouthing will only make it bite you more during rough play. Punishment is a non-humane correction that the dog doesn’t understand. Pain through punishment will lead to fear and aggression towards you and other people.

What Happens if a Dog Flea Bites You?

Dog flea bites are scary and can have many common symptoms. If your dog flea bites you, your skin becomes itchy, sore, and can be painful.

After biting, you can have rashes in nearby infected areas or may develop hives. Also, scathing can further damage your skin and cause bacterial infection!

Can I Catch Fleas From My Dog?

Yes, you can catch fleas from your dog, quite easily actually. and stop the problem if dog flea bites once and for all.

Some common ways to remove fleas are;

  • Distract your dog and engage them in physical and mental activities. In this way, your dog doesn’t get bore and won’t start nibbling its fur.
  • There are several types of flea and tick prevention products for dogs on the market such as topicals, oral tablets, shampoos, and collars. You can use any of them to kill ticks and fleas.
  • When you groom your furry companion, check for ticks, allergies and rashes. Also, identify any signs of tick bites and infection. 
  • Regular vet visits are a key part of preventive care. Your vet will examine your dog for any signs of tick problems. He will help ensure that the preventive treatments you are using are working effectively.

Why do Dogs Nibble me With Their Front Teeth?

A dog’s mouth is their natural tool for exploring the world around them. Dogs love to get their front teeth into just about anything. 

Nibbling is a very common way dogs interact with other pets and animals, people, and pretty much everything else around them. It can be their favorite squeaky toys, a juicy steak, your favorite shirt, or just plain you. The reasons why your furry pal nibbles you include 

  • It is simply to show affection and to demonstrate that they trust you. 
  • If your dog is gently nibbling you with their front teeth, they are, in fact, grooming you. Grooming is a common behavior in dogs. They do it to show affection.
  • Nibbling can be a way dogs to communicate that they want to play. 
  • For puppies, reasons for nibbling are a little different. Often, their nibbling is a pesky teething behavior. So, nibbling is a way for them to soothe the pain. 

Why do Dogs Give Love Bites?

Receiving love bites from your dog is really cute. Think of it like an honor to receive this type of special dog mouthing affection.

The reasons for your dog’s love bites include affection, grooming, and play.

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Wrapping up 

Dogs are the most affectionate and loyal companions that never fail to become a beloved part of the family. Mouthing and flea biting can emerge out of boredom particularly if your dog is mostly doing it to get your attention.

Make sure your dog’s daily physical and mental needs are met. Also, your dog should have access to sufficient exercise.

As caring pet parents, it becomes your foremost responsibility to look after the needs of your dog in the best possible way.

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