Can Dachshunds Walk Long Distances?

If you are a Dachshund owner, you know what a joy these wonderful little canine companions are.  Even though they may be short-legged and small, they make wonderful family pets and loyal partners.  Most dog owners enjoy taking their canine companions for walks and hikes, and a reasonable question to consider is how far can a Dachsund walk.

can dachshunds walk long distances
Can Dachshunds Walk Long Distances?

Can Dachsunds walk long distances?  The answer is it depends on the age and health of your Dachshund.  Short-legged Dachsies obviously cannot walk as far as larger dogs with longer legs, but some can walk up to 5 or 7 miles in a day.  Senior dogs can probably take 30 minutes to stroll half a mile and may get tired after even going that far

Puppies obviously can’t walk as fast and as far and may be able to walk 1.5 miles per hour.  With this in mind, a puppy will probably only cover a half-mile per walk at most.  Healthy adults can probably walk at least 5 miles a day or more, provided they are in shape.

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Can Dachsunds Walk Long Distances?

When thinking about how far you can walk your Dachshund, it’s also important to take into consideration the size of your Dachsie.  There are two sizes of Dachsies, the Standard (weighing between 16 and 32 pounds), and the miniature (11 pounds or under). 

When considering how far your Dachshund can walk, it does make sense that the Miniature Dachshund is more likely to tire quickly and require a little less exercise than the Standard Dachshund.

Standards are bigger than Miniatures, so they can keep up with you on a walk a little more easily. However, it’s also important to note that Standard Dachsies also have those short little legs, and may not be able to keep up with a larger dog such as a Golden Retriever or a Husky. 

How Far Should I Walk My Dachshund?

A daily walk is an important part of caring for your Dacshie, and also a great way to release some pent-up energy and get his “wiggles out.”  A walk allows your canine companion to stimulate his mind with the sights, sounds, and smells of the neighborhood and the outdoors.  For standard size, adult Dachsunds, a 25 to 45-minute walk daily is recommended, and these walks can be just once a day, or two walks a day, depending on your schedule. 

It’s important to keep in mind that the typical human walks 2-3 miles per hour, however, we have much longer legs than Dachshunds, and we can sometimes move faster too. If your dog can keep up with this pace, then the distance you would be walking your dog every day is at least 1-2 miles.  Most Dachsies can walk as far as you want to go, as long as they are fit and healthy, and are used to the mileage. 

The answer to how far you should walk your Dachsie also depends on the age of your Dachsie. Senior dogs can probably take 30 minutes to stroll half a mile and may get tired after even going that farPuppies obviously can’t walk as fast and as far and may be able to walk 1.5 miles per hour.  With this in mind, a puppy will probably only cover a half-mile per walk at most.  Healthy adults can probably walk at least 5 miles a day or more, provided they are in shape.

Dachshunds and Exercise

Bred for hunting, Dachshunds are naturally curious and high-energy.  So they require a least an hour a day of exercise and activity to keep them healthy and to prevent boredom which can lead to behavior issues.  As a Dachsie owner, you can exercise your canine buddy in the following ways: Daily walks, high-energy playtime, and mental enrichment.

Daily walks

The recommended length of daily walks depends on the age of your Dachshund.  For example, a puppy is still growing, so it’s important not to overdo it with youngsters as they can suffer strain on their developing joints and ligaments.

If you have a puppy, you can gradually increase the amount of exercise until he is 12 months old and his bones and muscles are fully developed.  Also, senior dogs 7 or older do not need as much exercise, but they do require sufficient exercise to maintain a healthy weight. 

Regular exercise is particularly important given that Dachsies are prone to back issues, especially Intervertebral Disc Disease (IVDD).  IVDD in dogs is a syndrome where the cushioned discs between the vertebrae of the spinal column, bulge and become displaced from spinal cord space. This is also known as a herniated or slipped disc. 

Studies have shown that regular exercise helps Dachshunds to maintain a healthy weight, and reduce the chances of developing IVDD.

High energy play

In addition to the daily walk, you should provide your Dachshund with other activities that can prevent boredom and keep them entertained. One of the leading causes of behavior problems in dogs is a result of boredom, and the best kinds of activity and exercise to keep your Dachshund occupied are activities that match their natural prey instincts.

Some activities include a game of fetch or a game of “digging” where you hide treats under a pillow and challenge your Dachsie to dig and find the treat.

Mental Stimulation and enrichment

Almost every dog likes toys, and Dachshunds are no different.  When thinking about ways to keep your Dachsie mentally stimulated and entertained, try to select activities and toys that cater to their natural prey instincts.  For example, try offering a Kong-like toy stuffed with tasty treats, puzzles, chew bones, and treat mazes.


How Can I Tell if my Dachsund is Over Exercised?

Some owners may wonder if it’s possible to over-exercise their Dachsies, and the answer is yes. Over-exercising any dog can have negative consequences such as tendon, muscle, and joint injury, as well as overheating and heatstroke. A dog owner needs to recognize signs of overexertion. Below are listed some signs of over-exercise:

  • Lethargy and fatigue
  • Panting excessively after exercise
  • Breathing difficulties
  • Muscular pain and stiff joints
  • Loss of appetite
  • Confusion

These are just a few symptoms that may signal that your Dachsie has overdone it.  If you see any of the above signs and symptoms in your dog, contact your veterinarian as soon as possible.  Remember, Dachsies were bred for sniffing out badgers and other pests, and not for long-distance walking or running.

Should I Run With My Dachshund?

If you like to jog and run, Dachshunds don’t make it to the best running partners. Because of their breeding, Dachsunds are built for short and explosive bursts of energy and don’t possess the stamina for long-distance running or jogging. And because they have such short legs, they can tire out very quickly.  Also, keep in mind that running is a fairly high-impact kind of exercise, and it has the potential to put considerable strain on the back and leg joints. 

dachshund dog walking
Dachshund dog walking

Final Thoughts

If you’re wondering if Dachsunds can walk long distances, the answer depends on the age of your Dachsie, and how comfortable he is keeping up with you on long walks.  Keep in mind that it’s important to allow your Dachshund to build up distance and stamina over time and that given their small legs and size, they will not be able to walk as far or as fast as a bigger dog breed with longer legs.

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