Can You Heat Up Ollie Dog Food?

Ollie dog food is a fresh food option offered by a subscription delivery service.  This dog food is made from human-grade ingredients and packaged in single serving sizes to make it easy for you to serve. Pre-packaged, fresh dog food is a relatively new concept, so many dog owners have questions about how to best feed it to their dogs.

The most popular questions regarding Ollie dog food surround how to feed it, specifically, whether or not you can heat up Ollie dog food.  The manufacturer recommends that you do not heat up the food through cooking as doing so will reduce the nutritional value of the food.  If you feel that it is necessary to feed the food warm, heat it up by placing your dog’s dish in a hot water bath to warm the food gradually.

Let’s take a look at some of the other questions surrounding Ollie’s dog food and feeding your fresh dog food in general.

How to store leftover Ollie dog food?

Ollie dog food provides reusable plastic containers with reusable lids with all deliveries of their food.  These containers are meant to store leftovers.

Each packet of Ollie dog food can remain refrigerated for up to five days after opening.  They can remain unopened in the fridge for up to 14 days and stored in the freezer for up to 6 months.

What is special about Ollie and fresh dog food?

Ollie is a brand of fresh dog food that provides delivery to your door on a subscription basis.  The focus of Ollie food is to provide your dog with quality, fresh food with minimal processing while still maximizing the benefits to your dog’s health.

Proponents of feeding fresh food say that it provides a greater number of nutrients to your dog than dry kibble, which is highly processed in a factory before it’s fed.  Whether fresh dog food is actually “better” for your dog is undetermined. However, dogs who have food sensitivities or stomach issues seem to do better on fresh food, such as Ollie.

What’s in Ollie dog food?

Ollie has both a grain-free and a grain-inclusive recipe for their food, depending on your preference.

Real meat is the primary ingredient in Ollie dog food, including whole meats and organ meats. The second ingredients are vegetables, and there are no fillers or byproducts contained in the recipe. According to Ollie, all of their dog food recipes are designed by veterinarians, with minimal processing, using human-grade ingredients.

Cost of fresh food vs. kibble

The exact cost of food for your dog will depend on your dog’s size and individual needs. However, the comparison between fresh food and kibble is still worth looking at.  The range in cost for Ollie fresh food is from $3.50 per day for an approximately ten lb. dog to about $11.00 per day for an 80 lb. dog.

The cost alone may place fresh feeding outside the budget of many pet parents.  One thing to take into consideration is that a healthier diet could mean fewer trips to the vet, which may offset some of the costs especially if you have an ailing dog who doesn’t cope well with a processed diet.

Pros and Cons of fresh food


  • Higher quality food
  • May alleviate some digestive or allergy issues, improves digestion in most dogs.
  • Less stinky waste
  • It doesn’t require special handling like raw food but still provides some of the extra nutritional benefits
  • Pre-portioned packages for ease of feeding
  • Delivered to your door, no more hauling around heavy bags of dog food
  • It can be easily used on LickMats or inside Kong toys


  • Expensive for long term feeding
  • Not compatible with many puzzle feeders
  • More work than feeding regular dog kibble, although comparable to feeding wet dog food
  • Not portable for on the go feeding as all food requires refrigeration or freezing
  • It doesn’t work for training rewards

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Related Questions

Is Ollie dog food raw?

No, Ollie dog food is not the same as raw food.  It is cooked with an emphasis on minimizing processing the maintain the nutritional content of the food.

Is Ollie good for my dog?

Yes!  Ollie food is made with high-quality human-grade ingredients, including meat, fruit, and veggies.  The percentage of protein in Ollie food is quite high, at 35% to 44% depending on the recipe.

Is Ollie food worth the extra cost?

The answer to this depends on your individual situation and your budget.  Long-term, Ollie can cost anywhere from $3-$11 per day to feed your dog, depending on his size.  However, some dogs have digestive issues or food sensitivities that can be alleviated by feeding fresh food.  This may save a lot of trips to the vet if your dog has these issues.

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