Can Poodles Eat Fish? Read This First!

Just like we humans can experience some very serious consequences of eating unsuitable food, poodles and any other dog breed can also. Many commercial dog food formulations contain fish (see Amazon) or fish products, but that doesn’t mean that you should give your poodle any fish.

can poodles eat fish
Can Poodles Eat Fish?

Some fish are better than others, and you always must observe some basic rules when feeding your dogs.

If you are wondering if can poodles eat fish, the short answer is yes. Fish is an excellent source of protein and fatty acids, and dogs are very attracted to its smell, many specialty foods for dogs with allergies are fish-based.

If you plan to prepare food for your poodle there are some things you should know about the fish-based diet. Of course, as is the case whenever you wish to change your poodle’s diet, you should consult with a vet or a nutritionist whether it fulfills your dog’s nutritional needs.

Best Fish for Your Poodle

Fish is an excellent source of protein for your puppy. It is easily digestible and contains relatively high amounts of omega-3 fatty acids which are known to be an important nutrient for fighting various types of inflammations.

The best types of fish for your poodle are the ones that have a short lifespan. Fish naturally accumulate mercury which is present in the waters they live in. While they can tolerate it very well, the longer they live the higher the accumulated amount in them is.

This accumulation makes long-lived fish like sharks, a possible source of heavy metal poisoning in dogs. Whitefish, salmon, cod, herrings, and similar fish that are harvested relatively young, don’t contain mercury levels that are dangerous for your poodle.

Arguably the best fish for your dog are sardines. These small fish have all the benefits of other larger kinds but also have a very soft skeletal structure that provides calcium to your dog.

Risk of Fish

If properly introduced into the diet of your dog, fish is a very beneficial source of both macro and micronutrients. When you introduce it into your poodle’s diet, you should follow the general rule of the introduction of new types of food. If your dog has never before eaten fish and is in good health, you should start with a gradual introduction.

Every day small parcels of fish are a good way to make sure that your dog is not suffering from undiagnosed food sensitivity to fish. You should never serve your dog fried fish, as cooking oil and seasonings you use for preparing it for yourself can cause upset stomach and diarrhea.

Additionally, for the same reasons, you should avoid giving your dog fish canned in oil. If you are looking for canned fish, the best choice is some brand packed in water without added salt. The three biggest risks of fish for dogs are bones, raw fish meat, and too much fish.


Feeding your poodle fishbones is as safe as eating them yourself, in other words not safe at all. They present the danger of mechanically injuring their intestines and stomach, which can have very dangerous consequences.

In case you are feeding your dog a fish-based diet because of intestinal problems, such as inflammation of the small intestine, potential physical injury of its lining can only aggravate the existing problem.

Fishbones can also get lodged in a dog’s throat or mouth, whereas being a foreign object can lead to the formation of puss-filled abscesses which can make your dog unable to properly chew or swallow food or water.

Fish you are planning to feed your dog, especially if it was caught by you, should be properly cleaned, deboned, and filleted before cooking it. The only fish whose bones are safe to be eaten by your poodle is sardine, they are small and soft, thus can’t injure it.

Raw fish

Just like raw meat presents a potential source of parasites, raw fish also can be a risk for your poodle. Fish skin and scales are very often colonized by various microorganisms and parasites. Very often they don’t present a direct danger for your dog, but if they are infected.

One of the most common types of parasitic food poisoning is known as salmon poisoning. Salmons, and other anadromous fish, are very often infected by the parasite Nanophyetus salmincola. This harmless parasite can be infected with Neorickettsia helminthoeca.

N. helminthoeca causes a gastrointestinal and systemic infection that can be fatal for dogs. This disease is deadly in nearly 90% of cases if left untreated, but it can be successfully treated with antibiotics.

Too much fish

Fish in moderation is good for your poodle and is often a basis for a well-balanced diet. But too much of anything can actually be bad for your dog, especially because fish in itself is not a complete food source.

Fish is rich in some micronutrients but poor in others, and you should consult a veterinary nutritionist on balancing your dog’s diet if it is based on fish. Fish is also relatively low caloric, so your dog must be provided with an additional source of calories on a daily basis.

Another issue that can arise from feeding your poodle nothing besides fish is related to bland diets that lack balance and diversity. Unless your dog has issues with nutrient absorption or other gastrointestinal issues there is a risk of them due to a prolonged bland diet.

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owner feeding poodle dog with fish
Owner feeding Poodle dog with fish

Related Questions

Is fish good for poodles?

Fish is an excellent source of protein for your poodle and is part of many specialized food formulations for dogs with food allergies and intestinal problems. It is also a good source of fatty acids that have beneficial effects on inflammations.

Can poodles get food poisoning from fish?

Any raw meat or raw fish can be a source of parasites that cause food poisoning. One of the most common is the bacteria Neorickettsia helminthoeca which can be present in salmon and other anadromous fish.

What type of fish is bad for poodles?

Any raw fish can be dangerous for your poodle because it can be a source of parasites. But fish that are hunted when they are several years old, such as sharks, tuna, swordfish, etc. present danger due to high levels of accumulated mercury in their muscles and should be avoided.

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